Monday, December 13, 2010

News from the "Local Paper"

Sometimes what pops up at the "Local Paper" on line addition is just dumb. But it's always fun dumb.

A few weeks ago the paper reported that someone was "killed dead" a few days later there a car accident that was reported as "...the women accidentally drove off the road to have the accident."

Here's today's gem:

Police are looking for a man in a ski mask who they say carjacked a woman and sexually assaulted her in northeast Charlotte.

The assault was reported just after 9 p.m.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Capt. William Boger said officers had only a vague description of the man -- a white man, of average build, wearing a ski mask and armed with a knife -- but believe he fled on foot.

Boger said the woman thought she was having car trouble on East W.T. Harris Boulevard. She pulled over to take a look, and that's when she saw the man with the ski mask and the knife, Boger said.

The man forced her to an area near Rocky River Road and sexually assaulted her, then locked her in the trunk of her car, Boger said.

Anyone with information on the crime or the man's whereabouts should call 911.


Anonymous said...

She "thought she was having car trouble"

How do you think you are having car trouble?

Something just doesn't make sense here.

What do you bet its another faked police report.

Anonymous said...

9:18 I am so with ya! Sound fishy to me.