Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Friday Night Fight at a Charlotte High School Basketball Game

Matthews resident Ernest Owens thought a High School basketball game would be a good time to take a swing at a CMPD school resource officer.

Ernest Owens

Not too smart, as the 30 year old Owens was arrested charged with resisting a public officer, disorderly conduct and assault on a government official.

The entire fracas happened at the Butler vs. East Meck game.

As you can see from the video, Owen's wife/girlfriend also jumped into the fray as did his daughter, swinging wildly hitting the officer several times.

Above a screen grab from the NewsChannel 36 Video shows Owens, his common law wife and daughter swinging and striking two CMPD Officers.

News Channel 36 is reporting that the argument started when the resource officer asked the man's daughter to move from the East Meck side of the gym back to the Butler side. It's a common practice that students from different schools sit separately at high school games.

Cedar Posts would expect upon review of the video that the wife and daughter are are also arrested and charged. But since Owens was released on nothing more than a promise to appear you can expect he gets nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and his wife and spawn go on about life thinking is ok to bitch slap uniforms.

Update Sunday January 30, 2011: According to "The Local Paper" Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools athletics director Vicki Hamilton said school officials will wait until Monday to decide on what action to take following Friday's incident during the Butler at East Mecklenburg basketball doubleheader.

Following a blowout win by Butler's girls, a parent of a Butler High starter was arrested after getting into a fight with a school resource officer.

Hamilton said with school being out and the police report (as of early Saturday) not having been written, it would be hard to sort through all the information necessary to deal with the situation.

Cedar's continued take: Unless CMS is blind the result should be swift and the starter for Butler should be gone, not just from the team but from the school. Had this happened at CDS, CLS or Charlotte Cathloic she would have been expelled before the boys basketball game was over. Why should we expect anything less!


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what is wrong with CMS!!!!

Anonymous said...

You would expect all three are arrested charged and the daughter expelled FOREVER!

But that would be racist so we could have that could we?

SO how about this...end CMS High School sports. Save the taxpayers millions and teach these inbred idiots some maners.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing that a simple request of move to the other side of the gym leads to a moron swinging at an officer. I hope the judge does not let this one go away with a slap on the wrist. All three should be banned from CMS and no deferred prosecution or probation. Time for Andrew to show those muscles he flexed when he was campaigning. Give them active time instead of the alternative. Step up Andrew and show other idiot parents like this that they will spend some time for this.

Anonymous said...

Cedar again you go beyond the local media and dig up the perps name. Kudos to you!

Good work.

Anonymous said...

Four uniforms to get the guy to comply? They should have tazed his ass!

Notice how the wife just walks out like she had nothing to do with it?

If CMPD doesn't bring in those two Mofo (w)itches they are just saying its ok to give us a beat down.

Anonymous said...

I simply can't understand this! For decades we've thrown money at the likes of these monkeys and this is how they behave? Unbelievable. You'd think after all the billions we've given them in free housing, free health care, Food Stamps, education, free lunch, Bright Beginings, hiring quotas (free jobs - with all the work picked out and still get paid on Friday), etc., that this would be the most sophisticated race on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice the off-spring cheering them on from the stands? Geesh...

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Owens will end up being called the victim in this case. Funny how Charlotte likes to turn the perp into a victim...It is getting very old.

CMS is filled with racism, but in all honesty it is coming mainly from the black side. For those who still live in slavery, please step forward to 2011!

Tired of always giving to those who just want more and do nothing to get it!

The kids behavior was appalling too...but look at who raised them!

FOLKS this is not Africa and you are not a tribe, please act like responsible, thinking, logical adults esp when raising your kids... apparently that is too much to ask these days. Too many like living by jungle rules!

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts you are a racist!

Anonymous said...

To ANON 1:08 PM

Can't help wondering which race "group" you belong to? NAACP, The New (same old) Black Panthers?

Funny how it is ok for blacks to belong to a race specific group but not whites, talk about racists?

Anonymous said...

Some people can act just like animals. That bastard act like he was on drugs. Even when they had him on the ground he was still breaking loose. Yuck! Animals.

Anonymous said...

Some people can act just like animals. That bastard act like he was on drugs. Even when they had him on the ground he was still breaking loose. Yuck! Animals.

Anonymous said...

....And the bastard who said this is not Africa. The people in Africa don't act like this. Whats up with the White boy who shot up Arizona. What the hell is wrong with White folks? Send them bastards somewhere too. White folks is not raising their children right. It has nothing to do with Africa.

Anonymous said...

chimpin' out

Anonymous said...

Monkey See . Monkey Do

Anonymous said...

Cedar I hear that the daughter was at East Meck and they threw her off the team for drugs, somehow she transferred to Butler. How about they transfer her Raleigh?

You hit a uniform and I say you go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Hello CMS how about you not only drop Junior High sports but High School Sports?

If a High School can raise the money from the player's parents and alumi then maybe they can have a team, no money no coach, no equiptment, no field of well cared for turf no nice clean hardwood floors.

I refuse to send my kids to CMS just for that reason. I work and my wife of 22 years works as well so our kids can stay away from trash like Owens and his POS daughter.

Its not a race thing at all, its a class thing. Providence Day School has a student enrollment with nearly 100 black students not one of them would pull such BS and if they did they would be on the street and the parents out some major change.

I pay for my daughter to play varsity level sports maybe if Owens had to pay he and his trash would show some respect.

Throw the bums out once and only once.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually getting pretty ticked there haven't been any additional arrests made yet. This is a no brainer. Lock the dad up, lock the mom up, lock the daughter up. You assault an officer, you go to jail.

Instead, with these delays, all they are doing is showing that it's okay to hit a police officer.

Anonymous said...

If they aren't all locked up it will make a joke of CMPD and prove Rodney Monroe is a racist pig giving special consideration to his kind.

Wake Up Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

attention- January 30, 2011 2:21 PM

And you arent seeing a trend these days?? The white kid in Arizona was a known excuse for him...whats yours and your people's??