Monday, January 31, 2011

Ernest Owens and Family Basketbrawl Night at East Mecklenburg High School

As you have already witnessed via the above News Channel 36 video Matthews resident Ernest Owens, daughter Aliyah Kilpatrick nicknamed "The Beast" and common law wife Tanja Kilpatrick came out to Friday Night's Butler at East Meck High School basketball game and decided to give a couple CMPD officers a little beat down and a couple of well placed bitch slaps.

Dyshay Aliyah Kilpatrick

Ernest Owens

Not too smart, as the 30 year old Owens was arrested charged with resisting a public officer, disorderly conduct and assault on a government official. No surprise there, but wait, as of this morning Aliyah Kilpatrick and her mother Daughter were still on the loose.

You will notice towards the end of the video Owens is on the floor as Tanja Kilpatrick calmly walks out the door.

A check of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office shows no warrants begin issued for Aliyah Kilpatrick or her mother Tanja Kilpatrick, and at this point it is doubtful at this point that charges will be brought.

Above a screen grab from the NewsChannel 36 Video shows Owens, his common law wife Tanja Kilpatrick and daughter Aliyah Kilpatrick swinging and striking two CMPD Officers.

Nothing out of CMS either, you would expect the daughter a starter on the Butler girls basketball team to be kicked off the team and expelled from the school, but that is doubtful as well.

But it sure wakes you wonder why all three were not arrested on the spot.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you should send an email to Butler Principal Will Leach demanding that he remove Miss Ownes from the girls basketball team and the school.

His email address:

Anonymous said...

They are friends of RoMo's nothing will happen to them. End of story Cedar move on.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I can't imagine what the girl's issue was the Bull Dogs had won the game something like 83-20.

The coach should be given walking papers as well. They could have just run the clock down.

There is a much bigger issue here than just a couple of Mo-Fo's causing trouble.

I have know idea why they didn't beat the crap out of the guy once they got him to the parking lot.