Thursday, January 20, 2011

Siers on Charlotte's Nut Case Nantambu his Plans for a NAACP Boycott of Charlotte

Cedar's Take: If we would take all the talk and energy that has been expended on this pointless controversy we might actually be able to fix some of the real problems in our community. Like how to afford our libraries, fund our parks and address why waste from the City of Charlotte and Duke Energy has turned the Catawba into a toxic cesspool.

The act of promoting a "Boycott" against one targeted company for some sort of travesty is one thing but to promote a "Boycott" of an entire city is an attack on every citizen and is nothing short of economic terrorism that seldom has the desired effect.

Kojo Nantambu, president of the Charlotte NAACP is the Pastor Fred Phelps of Charlotte, targeting the innocent to get the attention of the powerful.


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JAT said...

Wang Han must not be a Kojo fan either.

(I said Wang..)

Cedar Posts said...

Hard to tell about some overseas people. I have this Russian girl as a twitter follower who tweets 24/7 but rarely in english.

Everyonce and a while she'll ping me and comment in english. So ramdom thought.

Kojo might get some traction, but it can't be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Cedar the NAACP is about as relevant as the KKK some people think its a big deal and others see the truth they are both relics of the past.

Time to move on!

Anonymous said...

I think Sier's is pretty much on target.

I say it you want a Boycott how long to you think black folks would last if we said boycott all black businesses? How upset people would become.

Well you do you think works at all of these events? Its would have the same result.

Anonymous said...

Another racist rant by Cedar Posts, like a white guy living in South Charlotte knows anything about the real Charlotte.

You live behind the gates with your private police and drive your fancey Medcedes. Hanging out with all your police friends, well I tell you Mr. Cedar Post you should walk in my shoes, I've never broken a law in my life, but I'm always looking over my shoulder for the popo. He'd just as soon shoot me in the back and only because I'm black.

Just saying no offense implied.

Anonymous said...

TO: ANON 3:57 PM

You are so full of BS. Kojo is about Kojo and could care less about the so called people he reprsents.

MLK stood for equality not special treatment. Kojo does not represent anyone I know including myself.

You may now crawl back into your cave world of "give me or I'll take it" are a victim of you and nobody else. Over half of the police force is black so is the Chief, if you fear anyone I highly suggest you look at yourself or the people you associate with.

t said...

My daughter learned more about Dr King on make-up-Monday than she would have staying out. I was VERY impressed!

NAACP failure to see past its racist knee jerk had a teaching opportunity pass them by.

Anonymous said...

Did you see where Vicki Foster and the new Governor of Alabama have a LOT in common?
Only difference is his remarks actually made headlines.
And Foster's were hushed up.
They both said the same things.... If you don't believe the same things I believe, you are not worth protecting or you are not my "brother or sister".
Funny how she is on tape saying this yet she never apologized and still has a "job"!

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 8:47 PM

I saw that yesterday, hahahaha