Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Odds and Ends

CMPD Officer Crashes SUV - The local paper is reporting "A 43-year-old nurse was seriously injured Monday when her minivan was struck by a police SUV speeding to the scene of a foot chase without its lights and siren activated."

Photo By: Jeff Siner The Local Paper

The paper goes on to say: "The crash was similar to a 2009 wreck involving a speeding officer responding to a call for assistance.

Last April, former CMPD Officer Martray Proctor was sentenced to three years' probation after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter for a wreck that killed a woman as he sped to back up a fellow officer.

Shatona Robinson, 20, died at the scene of the crash in northern Charlotte in March 2009."

Cedar Posts take: I'm pretty hard on CMPD when it comes to screw-ups, but in this case the "Local Paper" comparing yesterday's traffic accident to the March 2009 death of Shatona Robinson is just all kinds of wrong.

I don't know Cory Milbourn, but what I've been told is that he is a top shelf guy, who is always ready to help and that this was nothing more than an accident.

Milbourn's K-9 Remo was not injured and the woman was speaking to reporters from her CMC hospital bed.

Bill James - Back in the day North Carolina had Jesse Helms, the extreme Republican Senator from North Carolina who was outspoken and would no doubt have sided with Bill James.

But times have changed and calling homosexuals "sexual predators" is just plain stupid.

Commissioner James is entitled to his opinions regarding the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy but stepping outside the bounds of sane and intelligent debate, a hallmark of some ultra conservatives like Jesse Helms and Pat Robertson, does little to promote a tolerant society.

At the same time giving Mr. James a platform and national attention by making an issue out of an email stating something stupid is insane.

As a citizen and tax payer of Mecklenburg County I'd like to know why in the world are we having a discussion about "DADT"? Why would Jennifer Roberts even consider sending a letter thanking anyone for supporting the repeal of "DADT"? It has nothing to do with Mecklenburg County as we don't have a dog in that hunt.

Ms. Roberts self serving notion along with Mr. James' help will end up costing tax payers about $140,000.00 give or take a couple $100.00 once all the time spent on this needless conflict is calculated.

By throwing gas on the fire, Roberts and Cogdell who drafted a resolution now on the agenda for tonight's board meeting.

Clearly the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners are out of control and I can't think of a better reason for City/County consolidation than Jennifer Roberts and Bill James.

And then there's Kevin Siers editorial cartoon:

Nothing like adding to the stereotypical "Old Dixie" vision of the South.

And the timing couldn't be better for those opposed to DNC 2012.

Garrett Alexander - Mecklenburg County's Tax Assessor went over the County's revaluation process with Charlotte City Council members yesterday.

Alexander's pronouncement; "Just because the value of your home increases doesn't mean your taxes will go up. The tax rate will be determined much later". Translation - bend over!

Alexander went on to say he expects the county to review 8,000 formal appeals compared with 3,600 in 2003.

Cedar Post's Take: Garrett Alexander is an idiot. The city's growth alone would give you an increase of 1000 appeals. Given the economy, I'd make a wild guess and say 20,000 or more. I'd expect a tsunami of appeals if I were Mr. Alexander. Bet you he doesn't live in Mecklenburg County. Any takers?

Bomb Scare at Greystone Restaurant - "Offender leaves tracking device at restaurant, sparks bomb scare" announced WBTV News this morning.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Bomb Squad officers were called out in the early morning hours on Monday to check out a suspicious device found at a restaurant in the South End area of Charlotte.

CMPD closed down South Boulevard around 1:30 a.m. Monday after employees from the Greystone restaurant found something they couldn't identify.

The "Not" Bomb

First officers on scene said it looked like a cross between a GPS and a radar detector, but it was when it started beeping that they retreated across the street and called for help.

Members of the Charlotte Fire Department as well as the bomb squad were called to try to defuse the device. The CMPD said the unknown black box was taken apart, and determined to be harmless.

Harmless indeed Jeff Taylor's The Meck Deck points out that the device is actually a transponder/receiver to "track" parolees and probationers.

Cedar Post's Take: Just goes to show you how even creditable news organizations and people can get it wrong. The "beeping" by the way and the low battery indicator. And a little practical advise about terrorists and bombs, most IED's are crude devices. Duct tape, cell phone, metal pipes, wires, in a shoe box. If you see something like that run! Because they don't beep before they blow.


Anonymous said...

Well at least they found the officer was at fault! But he'll not face much in the way of charges or discipline.

They still never said a thing about the dog, if he was OK or not, or did they even bother to have him checked out?

And for BOCC, Roberts and James are one in the same just on opposite extremes!

Anonymous said...

It may be an accident, but what has been reported indicates that it is an accident due to negligence arising out of driving at a high rate of speed through an intersection and failure to yield right of way. In other words, it is an accident causing serious injury that is entirely the fault of the officer. He should indeed face personal consequences for that action.

The simple fact is that CMPD officers commonly drive at speeds in excess of the speed limit WITHOUT lights and siren. When I mention this to officers the common response is that the officer might be responding to an emergency. As this accident points out clearly, IT DOESN'T MATTER. Even though he was responding to a legitimate call, he wrongfully injured the woman, risking her life. The fact that he was involved in something more compelling that getting to lunch doesn't mitigate that.

This will stop when CMPD officers learn through experience that they are not above the traffic laws. And that will probably happen when pigs fly.

Anonymous said...

Normally I'd expect Cedar to be all over the cop for wreckless driving and so on.

But in this case he's siding with the cop.

I drive that section of Monroe/7th Street and the traffic moves along at 45 or better all the time.

If its 35 east of the old fire training location at 5th Street I'd be surprised. Briar Creek is somewhat of a blind intersection and it sounds like the women wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Reading the disturber its sounds like she is near death then at the very end of the story is says the reporter talked to the woman as the hospital and she didn't want to comment.

I'll side with Cedar on this one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:25, take a look around you. I'd say 95% of drivers go 10MPH over the speed limit or more. There is a reason why most cops won't pull you over for speeding until you're going 15MPH over the limit.

And if the public really wants to get on police officers for going a single mile per hour over the limit, just stand by, because I have to say that if I get written up for going 1MPH over the limit, than every single other driver who is going 1MPH over or more will start getting tickets. Be careful what you wish for.

And Cedar, you're right. The Observer comparing this accident to the Proctor one is like comparing apples and oranges. And he shouldn't face charges for this accident, any more than most of the other drivers out there get charged for their accidents. An accident is an accident.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine them peeking over a booth, suddenly the thing starts beeping and lights up so they start yelling and running out of the place.

Then the big let down, No Boom.

Anonymous said...

Bill James knows just what he is doing. If he doesn't think he's getting enough attention he just fires off and email.

The democrates are a bunch of "jack wagons" for falling for his MO.

If they would just let him spout off or not give him something to bark about no one would notice.

Instead they call attention to James and he get what he really wants.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Observer, cough cough I mean "Local Paper" has already convicted the cop.

But no where does it say he ran a red light.

I'd guess that the woman was turning up Monroe to head towards uptown.

It there a traffic light at that intersection?

Anonymous said...

Cory was only going 10mph over the speed limit...not 50+ like Proctor. Bottom line is, this woman will probably receive a 6 figure payout from the city because she was also breaking the law by not wearing her seatbelt. If she had been wearing her seatbelt, this would have been a minor accident, maybe enough to get fire and medic out there to check everyone out and leave without transporting everyone, the female would have got her car fixed on the city's bill, and Cory would receive a preventable accident ding, do his 4-hour smith system class and move on. But because she was breaking the law and not wearing her seatbelt, she was ejected from the vehicle and now this is all a big hoopla and everyone will get hit hard because of it.

Anonymous said...

Martray Proctor lied about his accident, Milbourne didnt. He is a stand up guy. K9 Remo was taken to the vet asap and checked over completely and thankfully is uninjured. The city has a huge investment in this animal, and he is as much an officer as any human. Makes no sense to even think they wouldnt care for the dog following an accident. unfortunately, accidents occur and the fact that the other driver wasnt wearing a belt only highlights the inherent dangerous nature in driving a car, whether its a police car or not. Don't be so quick to get up on a high horse and pass judgement. Officer Milbourne is a dedicated, professional, and hard working officer and deserves a little respect.