Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unlike Snooki... You Are An Epic Fail

I tweeted my displeasure in noting that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's book titled "A Shore Thing" had made the New York Times best sellers list, proving my theory that any idiot can write a book and get it published, as well as my parallel theory that the world is full of idiots who will buy books about idiots.

It didn't take long before a "hate" tweet popped up:

@SnookiPromo Snooki Fans:@CedarPosts whoah another snooki hater ? are u mad that you dont have her success ? your an epic fail.

So being a good sport I re-tweeted the nasty gram.

That got a tweet from Jeff Taylor who added:

@MeckDeck Jeff A. Taylor: @SnookiPromo @CedarPosts "your an epic fail" gonna trademark that make a bazillion dollars. I am.

So was born the Snooki "You're a Epic Fail" t-shirt:

$18.95 and its yours, plus taxes shipping and handling.

And the lawyers from MTV are calling in ...3...2...1


JAT said...

Ah, but what made the snooki defender priceless was the "your" instead of "you're" -- which I took to mean they didn't know the difference.

Cedar said...

The entire tweet is the best. Perhaps I should use the orginal "your an epic fail".

I was also thinking spray-on orange for the t-shirt color

ThaQueenCity said...

I LOVE IT! And I agree she is a total failure...thank GOD my daughter thinks so too! the whole group is just as bad as all those "Real (phony/spooled) Housewives"

Who watches that crap and why? Same with the Kardashians....