Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CMPD Adds a Bloodhound to K-9 Unit

CMPD is adding adding a bloodhound to the department. According to a report by WSOC Eyewitness News the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department currently has 14 dogs. They are all German Shepherds or Malawas, a breed similar in appearance and temperament to a Shepherd.

But a bloodhound is a purpose breed, with a far more powerful nose than a Shepherd and famed for its ability to follow a scent hours or even days old over great distances. Its extraordinarily keen nose is combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct is well matched to missing person cases.

The new dog's handler and partner will be CMPD officer Steve Arnold who has been with the K-9 Unit for three weeks learning on how to work with the dog and trainers before he begins to work with and the dog.

Arnold will leave next week to meet the bloodhound in Scotland Neck, a town an hour north of Raleigh. He'll stay there and train with the dog for at least six weeks.

The new dog's sex is still unknown, and the unit is still narrowing down a list of potential names for the $8,500.00 dog.

Cedar thinks Ol' Red is a fine name as is Blake Shelton's song.

WSOC TV's complete report and video is here.


Anonymous said...

Nothing new. CMPD had one before. The Sheriff has had one for years. $8500? There are many organizations around the county that GIVES bloodhounds to the police. Way to be good stewards of tax money.

Anonymous said...

they had them before then a certain deputy chief said there was no need for them but don't worry the double speak shows it is ok now and the past does not matter no mistake was made just worry about the now

Anonymous said...

Great to see the smart call to provide this valuable K 9 to CMPD and our communty