Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Odds and Ends

Andy Dulin in Developer's Pockets? - You Betcha!

Early this week Andy Dulin (@ADulin) hit twitter with a couple of messages saying that the "Local Paper's" story on the Quail Corners Shopping Center re-zoning request portrayed him unfairly.

At issue is the rezoning that would allow a fast-food restaurant at Quail Corners shopping center on Park Road. Crosland says that without the fast-food re-zoning they can't give the Quail Corners a much needed face lift. Neighbors say no way and that a decades old agreement promised no fast food restaurant.

According to the paper "Crosland executives, attorneys from its law firm, K&L Gates, and the political action committee of the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition founded by Crosland donated at least $30,050 to the winning candidates during and after the 2009 city elections. "

In 2007 City Council voted 9-2 to rezone three acres in Dulin's district despite a city staff objection. It allowed a 10-story condo tower near single-family homes.

The rezoning was pushed by developer Afshin Ghazi, who is a generous campaign donor. He and his business associates had given more than $10,000 total to six of the council members who voted for the project, and Ghazi held a fundraiser for Republican Andy Dulin.

Dulin represents the Quail Corners area, accepted $4,050 from Crosland, K&L Gates and REBIC, which is 7 percent of his total for the last campaign.

Dulin says he hasn't decided how he'll vote. He said Crosland hasn't lobbied him.

"None. Zero. Not a single sentence, not a word of you owe us," Dulin told the "Local Paper". "As a matter of fact, I had breakfast with Peter B. Pappas (Crosland's lead on the project) on a separate subject, and it didn't come up."

Cedar's Take: Bullshit, I know Peter Pappas and it didn't have to come up.

But Dulin isn't the only one on the take, after the January 24 zoning hearing, council member Edwin Peacock told a group opposing the change that "council members know the developers and the attorneys well, and that they had good will with the city."

Peacock said he was trying to relay the message that Crosland and K&L Gates have a long history with the city. Peacock, whose 2009 campaign took in $3,150 from REBIC's PAC, Crosland executives and K&L Gates attorneys.

Cedar's Take Two: Least we forget the Quail Hollow Village at Seven Eagles across the street that remains an over grown weed covered field with a 3 acre stagnant pond. Thanks to Charlotte City Council and Harris Land Company.

City Attorney Offers to Settle Less Than 48 Hours After Jackson Victim Suit Filed. According to sources Charlotte City Attorney has offered to settle the latest law suit at whatever level is fair and makes sense for all parties involved.

Sources tell Cedar Posts the offer on the table is only $18,000.00.

The Local Paper's Editorial Board says going to trial would benefit the public you can read the entire editorial here.

Cedar's Take: RoMo again escapes.

Jennifer Roberts Proposes Massive Tax Hike - Despite the fact that North Carolina state law requires that county's adopt revenue neutral tax rates following a property revaluation Mecklenburg County Chair Jennifer Roberts is proposing a neutral tax rate which would generate a massive tax increase.

In 2003 the General Assembly added subsection (e) to North Carolina General Statute (hereinafter G.S.) 159-11, which requires each taxing unit (County and City) to publish a revenue-neutral property tax rate (“revenue-neutral rate”) as part of its budget for the fiscal year following the revaluation of its real property. You can read about revenue-neutral and how is should be addressed here.

Do you remember Mecklenburg County Assessor Garrett Alexander saying "just because your home has increased in value doesn't mean you'll see a tax increase"? Well guess what?

Cedar's Take: You're getting a tax increase.

School Board Member Stands By Statement - CMS School Board Member Rhonda Lennon sent a rather dismissive and rude series of emails to a CMS parent, which Cedar Posts linked to here on Monday.

Yesterday Lennon agreed to talk with News Channel 36 saying that "she's gotten some heat, but she's spoken to others who agree with her message and she stands by what she said. "Probably the only thing I would have said differently would be that I do think that children need to find something other than sports to motivate them. We're here for academic success. That's our job," she said."

Cedar's Take: I find it hard to believe anyone would agree with her tone. You can read the emails here on Jeff Taylor's Meck Deck Blog.

CMPD Report on Tisdale Death - According to sources Chief Monroe's investigation of Delvonte Tisdale's death and the breech of security at Charlotte Douglas International Airport is complete. In the report delivered to aviation director Jerry Orr, CMPD investigators turn up numerous places Tisdale could have breached the fence otherwise the document turns up nothing new, citing inconclusive evidence and no firm theories.

The report notes that the railroad tracks on the north side of the airport make a straight run to Tisdale's home. At the airport the tracks are less than 100 yards from the fence on the north end of runway 18L/36R, the runway that the Boston bound flight departed from on the night of Tisdale's death. The exact place that Cedar Posts suggested was the point entry for Delvonte Tisdale.

The report has not been made public.

TSA and Homeland Security will meet today to discuss the Tisdale case and other security breeches.

Cheris Hodges pens a detailed review of what we know at Creative Loafing which is here and the local paper takes Aviation Director Jerry Orr to task here.


Anonymous said...

Our city & county are going to hell in a handbasket. These sleepy citizens better wake up and vote these mental midgets OUT OF OFFICE; their wallets are being pilfered through while they sleep!

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a douche....end of story. We have such a bunch of losers...Jones, Monroe, Orr, all of City Council, all of County Commisioners and the list goes on and on!

"Many of the allegations are not true"...
how is that for covering your ass, Mac?
"Many"... Not ALL.... Hmmmmmm...

Darn right this needs to go to trial.. Doesn't Monroe want to clear his name in open court?

And just remember, this is not the end of women on the list that were assaulted.... If these settle expect more suits threatening to go to trial and getting "settlements", i.e.,"payoffs" to result.

Once again, doesn't Rodney want the chance to clear his name in court?

What a freaking cover up...cover ups seem systemic in Charlotte....we don't even raise an eyebrow at corruption zny more it's become so commonplace here,

Wonder what tricks rodney will pull for his "friends" at the CIAA this year?

Anonymous said...

You know Dulin is padding his pockets with Crosland cash, but he is going to make a big ass error if he votes in favor of re-zoning.

Now even if he doesn't vote is favor of it and if it's approval anyway he's going to get the blame since he took the cash and he didn't object to the deal from the start.

Anonymous said...

So Roberts is as stupid as she is fudgly? Why if the state law requires revenue-neutral taxes is she talking about a property tax hike?

Better question who are the idiots who voted for her?

Anonymous said...

You can't help but wonder why the City Council would want to extend their terms and County Commissioners would want to raise taxes in a year that everyone is facing costs of living and reduced wages.

Ask anyone who has a job when the last time they were offered overtime?

Most a lucky if they are working on a full forty.

Anonymous said...

I love the way the CO calls you and Meck Deck out there Cedar! Seems you two are real reporters....they can't ever seem to get the facts like you two.....

Cedar Posts said...

Anonymous 6:47 I can't speak for Jeff Taylor - The Meck Deck, but anytime the Observer says "Blog" they seem to say it with a great deal of distain.

Often The Meck Deck and Cedar Posts are days ahead of the "Local Paper" yet they seldom give credit when we provide the basis for their stories.

The last time they did give a little hat tip to Cedar Posts they noted it only as a "Local Blog".

So I'm returning the favor everything I point to the "Local Paper"

But thanks for the kudos!

Anonymous said...

Build the McDonald's on Lake Dee Dee: two problems solved at once.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:10 - last time I checked this was still America and property rights can't be denied without due process.

Don't have a dog in the Quail Hollow fight but to me it looks like rich asshole residents vs. rich asshole developers and I'm going with the developers 'cause it's their names on the deeds & tax bills.

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE get the police report for the "security" guard that shot someone?

What security company does he work for? And why wasn't he arrested? And was he licensed in NC?

And is this "security" company in ANY way related to Vicki Foster and her and her "boyfriend's" security company?????

We need answers to these questions!

Is this just ANOTHER cover up at CMPD protecting Vicki Foster??

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Cedar Posts, but he is dead on about Andy Dulin.

Dulin, Cooksey and Peacock were set to bow to developers and approve the re-zoning for the low income housing in Ballantyne.

Of course low income housing on 521 in one of Charlotte's high end neigborhoods made zero sense, but they were all voting in favor of the big money.

So now comes Crosland with super big money, another insane idea but one Dulin has to say yes to.

He's in a tought spot, say yes and the tax payers will string him up, say no and the big money says your not one of us.

Dulin is a part time real estate broker he is nothing more than a one of them wanna be, he'll do anything to pretend he's one of the big dogs.

Look for this to go down with a yes for fast food at Quail Corners, some back office dealings will make sure Dulin can vote no with Peacock and Cooksey saying yes.