Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Local Paper Joins Cedar Posts Call For Harry Jones to Step Down

For months Cedar Posts has called on the Mecklenburg of County Commissioners to fire Harry Jones. Yesterday the "local paper"finally joined the chorus of concerned citizens and bloggers like Jeff Taylor.

You can read the Observer's Editorial Board's statement here.

Buried in the Observer's on line edition the editorial says in direct terms it is time for Harry Jones to go.

The paper citing his inadequate oversight of the Department of Social Services and the Giving Tree program embezzlement scandal and his forwarding of a critical e-mail from a resident to the man's employer, Bank of America.

The paper also noted his intemperate e-mail critical of library leaders, saying he had written it "based on emotion" and mow, inadequate oversight of mental health contractor Mecklenburg Open Door and Crockett's resulting departure.

What the paper fails to mention is the a pattern of deception, lies and general climate of intimidation and fear that has spread across all departments within Mecklenburg County. Speak to any number of county employees and you will learn of whistle blowers who found themselves black listed, demoted and threatened by Harry Jones.

It's time for the public to keep the pressure on by emailing Jennifer Roberts

Her email addy is:

All she needs to read is:

Jones must go!

Kevin Siers calls out the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners


Anonymous said...

Love this, Cedar!!

Question is, will anyone listen?

They haven't so far!!

And the ethically challenged still "rule"!

Michael said...

Love to see the Paper Of Record file a Freedom of Information Act request to see what Ms. Roberts email inbox looks like since this freak show took place.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Vicki Foster's "interview" tonight?

Please do not put her on the news, she just
isn't a good spokesperson! With not wif, etc.

The D.A. has been in office for 45days, can you say that has really "impacted" crime?

From what I am told, Crimestoppers has paid out ONE
$5,000 payment in the last year!

And Homicide really should be kicking all kinds of butt as they get the lion's share of resources and Detectives!!!

Can you really just make stuff up?

Will Ms Foster be on tv when crime spikes, as it surely will?!

I guess the Drones, The Regular Worker Bees, the Peons, The Serfs really don't do anything to impact crime.

I thought rodney said when he came to Charlotte that he was all about the Officer and Patrol!

Not so much, it seems!

Anonymous said...

Cedar OMG do you really think you were the only one calling for Harry Jones to step down?

Come on' man give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Harry said "he is not going to resign, and has no plans to retire"....then there is only one responsible thing left, Ms Roberts needs to just fire him, plain and simple.

He does not have the trust of the people, he has had too many strikes, he's out.

And in a VIDEO message? OMG, can you be any more arrogant or pretentious????

This guy needs to to be told to resign, or be fired.

He is a joke, he has failed miserably at his "job", talk about failure to supervise!!! What a loser!!!

He makes Charlotte look foolish, he and Curt Walton are the Clowns of the Queen City, oh, and Orr, can't leave him out.

What a threesome!

Anonymous said...

Dirty Harry says "he just wants to put this behind us".

Isn't that what he ALWAYS says when he screws up royally as he continuously does over and over and over again!!!

When is someone going to fire his arrogant, spiteful, vindictive, egocentric ass? Really??!!!

Our City/County government is seriously like a skit on Saturday Night Live... And that's not a good thing!