Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends

The Charlotte Douglas International Orrport - Talk about odd, seems a ramp worker for US Airways subsidiary Piedmont Airlines, jumped a fence at one of the airport's employee entrances - instead of going through a turnstile.

Meadows, 38, told security officers that he'd forgotten his security identification badge and decided to jump the fence - through three strands of barbed wire - after giving a bag to Piedmont ramp co-worker Willie Bullock of Charlotte to carry through the turnstile, the incident report said.

Meadows apparently climbed onto a garbage can and scaled the fence, airport spokeswoman Haley Gentry said Sunday.

Immediately Airport security contacted the federal Transportation Security Administration, the FBI and the Federal Air Marshal Service who are investigating the incident.

Cedar Posts is wondering why the "Orrport" didn't give the same level of attention to the Tisdale fence jumping?

US Airways Opps - Back on February 1, 2011 a US Airways Boeing 767-200 registration N251AY operating as flight 1587 from Philadelphia, PHL to Charlotte, CLT, was landing on Charlotte's runway 23 when a cowling separated from the aircraft.

N251AY Touching Down at CLT October of 2010

The airplane rolled out safely, vacated the runway via taxiways F and M and taxied to the apron. After turning off the runway the crew reported they had lost parts of one of their cowlings, and a passenger also reported seeing a piece separating right on touch down which supposedly came to rest near the intersection of runways 23 and 18L.

About 2 minutes after landing of flight 1587 an aircraft taxiing towards runway 18L reported some foreign object blocking their taxi route to the runway.

Waka Waka Shooters May Make Bail - 3 of the shooters are in court this afternoon. Cedar hears that the DA's office will ask for higher bail amounts. The other 3 will have a bail hearing on Tuesday. Updated and Corrected at 1:14 PM

Charlotte Makes Another "Top Ten" List - Charlotte comes in at number 6 for having the best neighborhood in the USA to have your car stolen.

According to the list released by Neighborhood Scout Reports, Charlotte's First Ward shows up just behind Las Vegas' D Street neighborhood and ahead of Commerce California's Astor Avenue neighborhood. The ranking puts the chances of having your ride stolen at 1 in 10 in a 12 month period.

The complete list is here and the details and stats for Charlotte's First Ward is here.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if RoMo is going to call a presser uptoon for this one?

Wonder why the Disturber and the local buzz media haven't covered this?

Anonymous said...

And the freakshow continues.....

"Orr and Jones".... Now playing under the Bigtop of Charlotte, NC!! Where ineptitude, corruption and No accountability and No oversight Rule!!! Get your tickets and watch the daily sideshow!!!! All taxpayers admitted for free, see your officials do their "slight of hand"!! They make "things" dissappear right before your eyes!!'

Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...

Should Turnstile gate system be placed at airport?

Ayesha Raza said...

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