Friday, February 11, 2011

Siers on Harry Jones

I think Kevin has it dead on in yesterday's cartoon.

Do you smell something burning?

We'll have to wait until next weeks "closed door" Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners meeting to see what becomes of Uncle Harry.

I'd like to think he's stepped over the line for the last time and he'll be told to clean out his office. But I doubt the sweet bonus he gave Crockett, and then lied about is enough.

No I think it will take something much bigger......

But if you think Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts will take Harry Jones to task guess again here is part of her statememnt released on Tuesday:

"I believe the decision to pay the negotiated amount of additional vacation and sick leave was appropriately made to protect Mecklenburg County's legal interest and allow the County Manager to effect an immediate change in the leadership of Area Mental Health,"

You can read her full statement here.


Anonymous said...

How many times can this man lie and get away with it?

Probably about as many times as Jerry Orr?

What does Jones have on the Board that allows him yo keep his job?

Boy, does Charlotte have corruption at EVERY level of government or what? Every department.....

Michael said...

"No I think it will take something much bigger......"

Honestly, I think they could find this guy pointing a smoking gun down at a dead body and Jenny would still talk about "communication failure."

Anonymous said...

I fear you are correct!!

Anonymous said...

Harry Jones don't mess with the WIZ!

Anonymous said...

Where's conservative Bill James on this deal? He doesn't have a problem shooting his mouth off about other issues. Bill James is as gutless a fink as tyhe rest of them when it comes to our boy Harry Jones.

Anonymous said...

Bill James is a gutless coward, always has been always will be. Maybe Mr. Jones has a photo of Bill James with a dick in his mouth

Anonymous said...

If you want to know where Bill James is in all this, follow him on Twitter. I don't like this guy, but this was an interesting tweet: meckcommish Bill James
Pols & retirement - Pundit House: Harry provides Pendergraphs retirement details How about Vilma & George #meckbocc