Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tweet of the Week! Joe Biden

Re-Tweeted by @kokomodianne Dianne Gallagher and 1000's of others: BREAKING - American VP inadvertently speaks truth: "Egypt doesn’t have control of its people the way we do here" — Joe Biden

Cedar Says: As you might have suspected it was a "fake" quote but, The Vice President is well known for putting his foot in his mouth did say “I would not refer to him as a dictator” when asked about Egyptian President Murbarak by Jim Lehrer on the PBS News Hour a transcript is here.

Back in the day "the spin" could get out in front of gaffes someone like Biden might say, but in "TwitterWorld" things move so fast that often you are quoted before you speak.

Are you listening Mr. Vice President?


Anonymous said...

hey- that tweet didn't come from kokomodianne. She RT'ed a popular Arab journalist, 1000s of others did as well. Don't give her credit for that "tweet of the week." She only pushed clicked an icon- nothing impressive.

Cedar Posts said...

Anonymous 6:44 Good Point I'll adjust the copy.