Friday, February 25, 2011

US Airways to Aquire Alaksa Airlines and Hawiian Airlines?

This news from an excellent source, but of course this is a blog so if you just bought 1000 shares of ALK or HA based on this rumor, stocks that recently traded at around a high of $65.00 and $6.89 respectively and it closes at 1/2 that amount because of the ever increasing price of oil don't blame me.

Cedar's Take: If its true that will be nice for those who travel to the big island and Sarah Palin's backyard. And Alaska has such cool ass paint schemes.

But airline stocks have been void of real value ever since deregulation, nothing more than dot com stocks with wings.

Update: Alaska Air Group stock gained $1.06 or up 1.82% closing just under 60 at $59.22 Still a good ways from its high of $65 back on February 16, 2011. Just average trading volume for a stock rumored to be on the verge of making a deal with US Airways. Interestingly enough US Airways saw strong volume and a 1.66% gain.

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