Tuesday, March 1, 2011

City Manager Admits Security Fail at CDIA

Monday night's last minute agenda item add, was Delvonte Tisdale's breach of
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport security.

City Manager Curt Walton and CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe spoke to Council and suggested that the airport would increase the number of airport police, and make "structural improvements" to airport fencing.

Months ago Cedar Posts pointed out the shocking number of penetrable areas in the airport fencing were Tisdale could have gained access to the US Airways Boston bound flight.

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During Monday night's review of the Tisdale case, CDIA Aviation Manager Jerry Orr was noticeably absent. Orr had previously stated in so many or so few words that there was no problem in airport security.

Adding to Orr's classic dodge and weave was City Manager Curt Walton and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe's statement that the summary of the investigation, could not be released because it was classified by the federal government and only those of the highest levels of city county government with a "need to know" could read the report.

Charlotte City Council members assumed their standard "Potted Plant" posture as not one council member asked a question.

According to the "Local Paper":

In an interview with reporters after the presentation, Monroe said CMPD knew where and how Tisdale entered the airport, though he declined to elaborate. When asked whether Tisdale might have had help from an airport employee, Monroe declined to comment.

So apparently ends, (except for lawsuits of course) another embarrassing chapter in the history of Charlotte/Mecklenburg government.

Cedar's Take: I'm not a genius, just average smarts and it took me about 60 minutes to figure out everything that the City of Charlotte spend nearly 3 months and 1000's of man hours on to perpare a two page, nobody can read document. And that is absurd. More so that not one member of city council asked why or how this white wash of the facts became classified, the entire event on Monday night was a sham. Wake Up Andy Dulin


Anonymous said...

And explain to me again how this Family is sueing Charlotte Douglas ?? Was it not their son who broke security and jumped on a plane? How can they get to file a lawsuit, does that just not seem stupid or am I missing something here?

JAT said...

Anon -- It is called joint and several liability. If the airport was 1% responsible for what happen -- it can be sued for that part.

Now as to this "classified" BS -- an actual federal agency has to do that -- not Curt, Jerry, and RoMo on the fly.

Anonymous said...

Correct, did the TSA designate it as
"classified"? I haven't heard that.

But, as usual, Curt, Jerry, RoMo and Harry just make up stuff as they go along. This time they are protecting their "partner in crime", Jerry. Typical for Charlotte and County government these days. Cover up and, as they like to say, "move on"......no need to really KNOW anything, right? Yessireeee, it's all been taken care of, no problemo.Don't you citizens that we are supposed to be protecting worry your pretty little heads about any of this 'ole
"gummint stuff"! We got it, we'll just continue to pay out the lawsuits and waste your money, really, no problem, it's easy!

When are the citizens going to get good and tired of this crap?


Anonymous said...

We should be suing the family and Orr for their son wasting so much of our resources and Orr's lack of accountability, but in today's world nobody is ever responsible for doing their job!

Anonymous said...

Cedar, yet ANOTHER security breach at the Airport....

And ONCE AGAIN, Jerry Orr in all his "verbal eloquence" dismisses it as no big deal.

What a freaking incompetent jackass he is. He reached his level of incompetence a LONG time ago.

He is way too stupid and long in the tooth to be a dog catcher, much less running an operation the size of the airport.

When will the citizens wake up and DEMAND competence, transparency and a semblance of a brain from Orr, Harry Jones, and Rodney Monroe?

Add to that the County Commissioners and City Council....they have the collective intelligence and expertise of a bag of rocks.

Anonymous said...

if the person who left comments on another story RE: CMPD/Monroe/Walton/CityCouncil/McCarley/Foxx activities and related FBI and SBI investigations please leave information on that here? Please leave links to any settlements reached already due to CMPD conduct. Too terrified to call myself. What is the FBI or SBI investigating? Is there an official SOP stating the lowering of recruitment standards for police? Please help.