Thursday, April 21, 2011

Andy Dulin Again Sides With Developer This Time Cresent Resources

At Monday's City Council meeting, council members will decide the fate of one of the last undeveloped properties in the SouthPark area.

Bulldozers are taking aim at the 7.6-acre site owned by Crescent Resources, and next to Crescent's Piedmont Town Center.

Zoning Map is here

Council member Andy Dulin who's never seen a development idea he didn't like or a developer he wasn't happy for get under the sheets told the "Local Paper":

He's walked the controversial property multiple times with Crescent developers, Piedmont Town Center residents and residents of Wintercrest Lane, and believes the developer's plans are reasonable.

"At 75 feet, there's a lot of buffer," said Dulin. "And the fact is, that property cannot stay undeveloped for eternity. In this economy, we've now got a plan that I think works."

I'm sorry but Mr. Dulin it's been undeveloped for "eternity" all ready and it was zoned an eternity ago, so why change it? Don't make us look under the sheets!

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Anonymous said...

Come on. Leave Andy alone. Why do you hate pro-business Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a pretentious joke and everyone knows it....he truly believes he is a big fish.

Anonymous said...

Some communities have their Vilma Leake or George Dunlap, others have Andy Dulin. They all have the same level of talent. If only Andy would wear a flower on his lapel you would have a complete package.

Anonymous said...

Andy Dulin could there be a less suitable representative for SouthPark residents?

Everyone knows his ass is owned by the developers.

What an F-ing maggot!

Anonymous said...

Cedar why are you targeting Dulin? The other as you call them "POTTED PLANTS" are just as bad. Peacock may be the worst.

Anonymous said...

Crescent owns the land and they want to build on it. Neighbors don't own the land but want to enjoy the benefit of a forest that somebody else pays for. Dulin is merely supporting the property owners right to legally develop their land. Why is this controversial?

Anonymous said...

Because the property is zoned for single family not mixed used condos and fast food.

When Cresent bought the property they knew it was zoned for single family but knew the Dulin and Peacock would back the idea and the fix was in.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly your irrational hatred of Andy Dulin and othe good GOP city council members makes me question your intentions and your intelligence.

Sorry, but I will not be coming back to this site....

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25
You don' t have to announce it...just leave quietly and don't slam the door.

Anonymous said...

"irrational hatred of Andy Dulin and other good GOP city council members" really?

In case you do come back and trolls like you always do, how about giving us an expample of "good" GOP members?

Dulin, Peacock and Cooksey? Please if this is good I'd hate to see your idea of just fair or below average.

I hope Cedar paints a big target on Dulin, he's done nothing but promote the brand Andy Dulin.

He's told everyone he's looking on to bigger things and to do that you have to choose your friends wisely.

No way would Dulin ever stand up to the deep pockets he needs to run for State Office.

Anonymous said...

Dulin sucks and so do most of the others on this useless and wasteful board! They represent THEMSELVES NOT the taxpayers in EVERY DECISION they make! Both parties lie and cheat.