Saturday, April 2, 2011

CMPD Says Airport is a "Gay Pick-Up Spot"

The Local Paper is reporting that the Airport Overlook on Old Dowd Road is a "MALE SEX HOOKUP SPOT~!".

Whoa..... This is some news! Right?

Not really.....

According to the paper "The overlook near Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is now under police surveillance after they received reports of people engaging in sex acts while families are nearby." You can read the rest of the details from the local paper here.

I thought Jerry Orr had the entire airport under the eyes of thousands of cameras?

Not really.....

And sadly its not news either in fact Tara Servatius did a front pager back in 2002 for Creative Loafing which is here...

From The Creative Loafing story: "Orr says the airport police, which have jurisdiction over the overlook, are understaffed and too consumed with post-September 11 security issues to address the problem. The airport's 26 uniformed officers are responsible for patrolling the entire 6,000 acres over which the airport sprawls.

"They spend most of their time doing FAA security functions," says Orr. Orr says that he would be willing to work with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police to solve the problem. Officers say that the department's vice unit has conducted sting operations there in the past, but that the problem always returns."

But its the only place in Charlotte and only a handful of sicko perverts go there right?

Not really....

A web site called lists Charlotte's top twenty gay hook up spots and the Old Dowd Road Overlook doesn't even make the top 10.

Am I surprised?

Not really....

And it shouldn't surprise you that the site also says "the Concourse A toilet has four stalls the last two are good for activity and offer good recovery time. The Concourse B restroom has two stalls, one of which offers an excellent view of the urinals." Wonder if Jerry Orr has this handled as well.

Not really.....

Other places listed are the Omni Hotel, Dowd YMCA, Harris Teeter at the Arboretum?, and James Boyce Park.

In February, police charged Pastor Clinton Feemster after they say he solicited a sex act from an undercover male detective at the overlook.

Pastor Feemster.

But this sort of X-Rated Homosexual garbage goes on only during the darkest hours of the night right?

Not really....

The police report says the incident with Feemster happened shortly after 4 p.m. in the afternoon and families were at the overlook.

So it must be ok for a couple of "rump rangers" to do the brokeback mountain rodeo when it's not family time?

Not really.....

It is against the law not to "get a room" and it doesn't matter if your are gay or straight.

Again according to the paper Police aren’t saying how long the overlook has been or will be monitored.

Oh really....

Read between the lines here. It is not now nor has it ever be under any type of police or TSA monitoring just a once an hour drive by.

Cedar's Take: It seems to me that Jerry Orr and the Charlotte City Council spend a lot of time dealing with things that are low on the list of items that concern Charlotte Citizens. If we can't secure the perimeter of the airport or patrol the Old Dowd Overlook, why are we wasting time and money to "tighten up" the taxi cabs?

If Concourse "A" is on a top 20 list of some gay web site, why are spending millions on de-icing equipment and expanding the parking deck?

Isn't it time we start with the basics? My dad often said "First start with your socks". I'm not sure if he was quoting Bazooka Joe or a famous college basketball coach.

But the thought is straight forward enough, start with the basics.

So how about some member of Charlotte's City Council make a motion that all the sites listed on the web site, are put on a watch list. And how about we ask Chief Monroe to ensure that CMPD will arrest anyone male or female, gay or straight found at these sites trying to do the nasty, and put out a presser each and every time they do.

And lets not just put the pressure on Old Dowd Airport Overlook, and drive these perverts to Freedom Park. Enforce law everywhere until these gay men start showing some sensible behavior.

Maybe we can put an end to this before some toe tapping politician gets caught in a airport stall.


Anonymous said...

I see Mr. Cedar Posts is gay bashing again.

Anonymous said...

Cedar thank you for digging up the details, the Observer's coverage isn't any better than a 5th grader could put together.

What I watched on News36 and WSOC wasn't much better.

But honestly I am suprised and shocked. Boyce Park is a place I go with my kids all the time and I guess I did notice the older men just sitting in cars, but it never occured to me.


Anonymous said...

TO ANON 4:20pm: He is not gay-bashing, it is just that MOST Americans are not into seeing two men going at it! GET A ROOM or is that too inconvenient for you folks?

OnCrime said...

It doesn't matter if the sexual acts are happening between men/men, men/women or women/women... it is disgusting, nasty and ILLEGAL to do in public!

Anonymous said...

CMPD has lots of gay officers on Patrol. Maybe thats why nothing gets really "done" to eradicate the problem.

Anonymous said...

Freaks, if you read some of the comments on the site Cedar linked you get the idea Charlotte is surrounded by freaks.

I say start confronting these bastards and run these faggots out of our parks and public rest rooms.

Marc said...

Funny how this story usually comes up every Spring.