Friday, April 1, 2011

Idiot Tweet of the Week!

April Fool's Edition

Leave it to Charlotte City Council's Andy Dulin to give Cedar Posts the lead in for April Fool's Day via twitter.

@adulin "City Council OKs affordable housing policy - I did not need to vote NO on this. The market will do that for me. #cltcc"

The local paper's take on this is here.

So lemme* get this straight Dulin votes "YES" because he didn't need to vote NO? Hummmm interesting thinking Andy. With votes like this you are clearly "April's Fool"!

*Lemme is not really a word, just used in this case for color and clarity of how stoopid things have become in Charlotte. All so stoopid is not a word, but I dated a girl that once emailed me a made up word "allasudden" ten years later it still makes me laugh.

Speaking of "allasudden" and "stoopid", "lemme" ask a question of computer and "html" geeks, why is bold - "strong" and italics - "em" in html? Why isn't bold shortened to "bd"?


Anonymous said...

Dulin....What an idiot.....

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...

Cedar I thought you were crazy when I read this post so I checked it out.

Damn Dulin did vote YES!

What a freaking MORON! Doesn't he hear anything the people in his district say?

Michael said...

on the bold/italics question:

older HTML tags for these used to be "b" and "i" and can still be in the comments of blogspot for example

but then some more highly edu-ma-kated folk came along and decided to change/standardize which resulted in multiple tags that do the same they push for the "standard" tags, but the old ones still work (sometimes in some places)

no foolin', CP

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really take this egotistic fool seriously?

Like everyone else in Charlotte politics and municipal jobs, he is in it to screw the system and benefit however he personally can.

Andy Doody, The Puppet!

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a joke and not a very funny one at that. While some of Charlotte politcal left wing nuts like Leake and Cannon are way out there, Dulin is by far the most useless idiot who claims to be a Republican.

Please someone step up and unseat this fool.