Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is Andy Dulin is Developer's Yes Man?

You betcha!

WBTV reports the following:

Residents in the SouthPark area of Charlotte, who were fighting a developer over a large tree-filled lot, have lost the battle.

On Monday night, Charlotte leaders unanimously voted to let a developer cut down trees in SouthPark.

Crescent Resources wants to take down the trees off Fairview Road so it can build a new 350-unit high rise apartment building.

Many neighbors were against the project...saying it would destroy one of the last green spaces left in the SouthPark area.

Neighbors were not against the development, but wanted to find a compromise that would have kept the bulk of the trees.

Cedar Posts thinking is that the vote was not unanimous with Mayor Foxx and Jason Burgess voting against. Correction: Susan Stabley who attends most of these meetings advises that the vote to approve was indeed unanimous, Foxx and Burgess voted against the McD's drive thur at Quail Corners.

In the past the city council had sided with residents and the developer had agreed to keep the buffer of trees in place as recently as 2004 when Crescent and Lincoln Harris promised not to clear-cut the trees. In exchange, neighbors agreed not to oppose Piedmont Town Center when it was originally developed.

Then in 2008, Crescent Resources and Lincoln Harris tried to have the property site plan amended, the changes calling for the mature woods to be removed for a retention pond. The request was killed when Crescent and Lincoln gave into neighbors demands that the project save the trees. Council voted to deney the change.

See Susan Stabley's most recent post here and the one from 2008 here.

But leave it to Charlotte City Council's court jester to twist the facts and cloud the issues.

On Sunday Andy Dulin tweeted a reply to a Letter to the Editor in the Sunday Paper, saying:

The Observer Forum: Letters to the Editor Read down 4 the @adulin mention. 90% of this site is gravel already. #cltcc

As you can see from the aerial photo the site is at least 50% old growth forest.

Then Monday afternoon Andy Dulin tweeted the following to Susan Stabley:

@adulin Andy Dulin @CBJgreennews Susan, have you really looked at those trees? I just went back to make triple sure. Its low and a Poison Ivy patch. #cltcc

Does this look like "Poison Ivy" to you?

Cedar's take away:

First a promise from City Council or Developers means absolutely zip, zero, zilch. Once the camel gets his head in the tent the rest is soon to follow. Once the property was re-zoned all the developer had to do was ask for a site plan amendment.

Beside Andy Dulin's straight out mis-truths and lies, he lead the charge making the motion to approval both the Crescent and Crossland zoning requests.

Andy Dulin whose your daddy?


Anonymous said...

And Howdy The Dulin continues to be a LOBBYIST for the developers and real estate interests in Charlotte.
He is just feathering his nest and banking up on favors for when he is voted, hopefully, out of office.
That would be his ONLY minimal skill: SELF PROMOTION!

Anonymous said...

Dulin sure was excited and talked up a storm Monday night, all kinds of bull shit and warm fuzzyness for Crescent and Crossland.

Wonder what he'll do when this type of zoning request is in someone else's backyard?

Anonymous said...

Dulins's Mom used to lie to her pimp to. "no boss I made no money tonight, I swear." The apple falls not far from the tree

Anonymous said...

Crescent is such a good run company and upstanding in the community, how could they do anything wrong?

Anonymous said...

I remember when the United States had property rights. Crosland OWNS those trees and the latte-sipping snoots in Carmel and SouthPark should pool their own money and buy the damn property.

Anonymous said...

Andy Dulin is a joke. Can you believe he wants to be a member of Congress? The man has no visable means of support. His mommy & daddy bought for him a hamburger franchise which he promply ran into the ground. to this day he lives off his mommy & daddy's money. Says he's a real estate broker. Ask the folks that work for the firm he says he represents & they will tell you he hasn't earned a dime. What a fake.