Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Annual CMPD Awards Ceremony

Tomorrow Wednesday, May 18, 2011, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will host the Annual CMPD Awards Ceremony to commemorate Police Week.

More than 260 awards will be distributed at this year’s ceremony.

Recipients include CMPD officers and civilian employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Several members of the community will also be recognized for their willingness to get involved and assist in improving the quality of life in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Please join us in honoring these recipients tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at the Police Training Academy located at 1770 Shopton Road.

Bravo Zulu to all those honored.


Anonymous said...

You disabled comments on the "Memorial" Blog you posted.
So , if an Officer, who carries a gun, accidentally discharges that gun while cleaning it at home after a day of duty, and is killed.....would that be considered "line of duty"?
Tragic, but I don't think "line of duty".... and it does matter.
Because just maybe it s disrespectful to the men and women who have died in the actual line of duty.

Cedar Posts said...

3:02 Sorry about blocking the comments on the Memorial post.

It got out of hand with some personal attacks on a officer's teen daughter.

I'm somewhat in agreement with you on the "line of duty" question.

Everyone dies, so that alone can't be the bench mark.

Tripping over your own shoe laces after a double shift, hitting your head on a concrete parking lot bumper and dying might rate a hero's funeral, but it's not the same as being gunned down on the highway during a felony traffic stop.

When does the line of duty end? Most of us and I suspect CMPD officers as well, work our jobs even when we are not on the clock.

Thankfully in Charlotte this question doesn't come up all that often.

Fred Thornton's death I think pushed the limit.

I know that some departments have clear guidelines, that would have considered Thorton's death a tragic accident and nothing more.

The wife of an officer with NYPD was denied benefits because he was killed in Iraq while on reserve duty.

BTW Fred Thorton's wife was given an award for valor at today's Ceremony.

Do you agree with that honor?

Anonymous said...

No, absolutely not.

If she deserves that honor, then every wife of a member of Cmpd deserves it, while their husbands are risking their lives every day serving and protecting.

His death, IMHO, was NOT LOD!!

Anonymous said...

Just another of Rodney's really bad decisions that sets a precedent that Charlotte will be paying for for years.

He has so totally f$&@$& up Cmpd......in a million different ways.

Anonymous said...

Actually Fred Thornton's wife received HIS gold cross. Unless I missed something, she did not receive any award for herself.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is in the line of duty. He was was working on CMPD equipment not his lawn mower. Just because you are not answering calls and at the office does not mean your not working. It was a tragic accident but it all stemmed from a call out that he had prior.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Thorton being portrayed as a hero.

I don't want to take anything away from his family but giving him a gold cross was over the top and pure RoMo.

I'm sad to say there was nothing meritorious about his death, it was nothing more than a very careless mistake that could happen to any of us.

That being said, Fred Thorton doesn't deserve to be listed with those who were murdered by thugs.

I see it as do many others as being RoMo way of trying to win friends and infulance people.

Total BS!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:35

100% agree and correct!

And it is so completely obvious!

Thornton may have been a great guy/ cop, but by no stretch of the imagination was this a LOD death .

From what people have said, Romo's reaction has been WAY over the top and mostly for " the show".

Just wait until an Officer dies cleaning his gun at home and his widow cites this case as to why his death should be considered LOD.

As someone said, a tragic and sad death, but not line of duty!