Monday, May 30, 2011

Charlotte Leaders Speak Up About Saturday's Riot and Homicide But Do They Get It?

Charlotte City Councilman David Howard responded to Saturday night's riot via email: "I do look forward to learning more about this situation from city staff and CMPD." Howard also wrote, "I am confident that just like those other rare occasions when bad things happened, CMPD will take the proper actions to address these situations in the future."

Cedar's Take: Rare occasions like the riots in the above video uploaded last month? David Howard needs to lead not follow. If he's unwilling to lead then he better get the hell out of the way. CMPD was not prepared, NASCAR was not committed to public safety and how many times will this happen before Uptown becomes known as a war zone. How many chances does Charlotte get?

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx spoke to the "Local Paper" stating: "I think people understand a city is a city. And we move forward, and we are always trying to improve the model of safety for people who live in this community."

While calling the riot "very unfortunate" and the shootings "horrible," Mayor Foxx went on to say it would have no impact on the DNC.

"That's an entirely different event with a lot of other players involved in security," Foxx said.

When asked about having Charlotte safe for the DNC 2012 event Mayor Foxx responds:

"I think our track record in terms of overall crime statistics suggests we are working hard to get there."

Foxx added that the city is up to the task of securing the convention. "It's a continual effort," he said. "I think our city's going to do just fine."

Cedar's Take: Mayor Foxx coincides that a City is a City. Clearly he's given into the thinking that murders happen in cities and riots are just the cost of doing business in a city, or winning a Super Bowl. Unfreaking Believable!

Former Mecklenburg County commissioner Dan Murrey, chairman of the DNC's local host committee, said Sunday he's confident that appropriate security measures will be in place for the convention.

"I have a lot of confidence that over the course of the next year of preparations - between local, state and federal law enforcement - that downtown Charlotte will be very safe and secure for the convention effort," Murrey said.

Cedar's Take: Murrey is confident that with the addition of state and federal law enforcement downtown will be very safe and secure. So let's admit CMPD is out of it's league and you are not safe Uptown when the thugs show up, unless of course it's during the Democratic National Convention!

WSOC TV caught up the Charlotte City Councilman Andy Dulin who told reporters that the Transit Center will be one focus of their plan to fix the problem.

"Any day of the week, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year, we're going to fix it so people are safe when they go to the transfer station," Dulin said.

Dulin said that on a scale of 1 to 10, his concern is at twelve.

"I don't normally speak for the city council and the mayor, but I'm going to speak for them now: we're going to fix that problem," Dulin said.

Cedar's Take: Andy Dulin is full of hot air. Over the last two years Cedar Posts has asked Councilman Dulin to respond to concerns about crime and CMPD's lack of operational preparedness. Nothing but crickets from Dulin. WSOC and Fox Charlotte aired the video at the top of this post and Dulin advised it was blown out of proportion.

More of WSOC TV's report is here.

The "Local Paper" went on to say "The core of DNC events will take place at Time Warner Cable Arena and the Charlotte Convention Center. They are blocks from the shooting scene and the Charlotte Transit Center"

Cedar's Take: I'm not sure what city the Observer news staff is located, but the homicide took place on 3rd Street near College, the second shooting at 4th and College, and so I wouldn't say "blocks" away.

The "Charlotte Transit Center" were most of the rioting took place is right next door to the Time Warner Cable Arena. The logical route to most of the hotels and restaurants in the area is via College Street. The murder took place less than 2 blocks from the Charlotte Convention Center front door on College Street. 15 months from now most of the DNC attendees will walk over the same spot where Antwan Smith bleed out and died on Sunday morning.

Are you safe in Uptown? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Wait until young blacks are banned from uptown for the DNC and other events, then Charlotte will really hit the bigtime news.
There may be no other solutions to stopping scenes that look like they are in Somalia or the Ivory Coast, instead of a "progressive" banking capital.
Foxx really needs his spokesman to take control...Not very reassuring to the public's safety.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte City leaders are trying to keep this all quiet.... and out of the press.

CMPD has plenty of video feed to sort out who needs to be arrested.

But the event was understaffed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this surprises me. Anyone who has been uptown has noticed the number of thugs who just hang out on game nights and weekends.

Time to put an end to this madness. Re-located the transit center to West Charlotte put it next to the CMPD Offices and build a bigger Meck County jail next to it.

Anonymous said...

They don't get it, they all drink RoMo coolaid. Howard is willing to wait for CMPD to respond.

What a joke!

CrimeInCharlotte said...

Keep following it up Cedar and keep our ELECTED leaders honest! You & I both know this riot was not the first, nor will it be the last one in Charlotte! You rock!! -K

Anonymous said...

Cedar maybe you know this maybe you don't but this crap goes on every weekend uptown. The roaches come out at night and just stand around talking shit about whitey, all looking for a chance to grab your wallet, rape your girlfriend bust a cap in your head. They aren't going to the game, or out for a late night five course meal, or even clubing they are just hanging out.

I saw we start arresting them on sight. Anytime there are more than two of them standing around off to jail they go.

Anonymous said...

For one, they won't ban young blacks from uptown...they need their vote in November 2012.

Secondly, I was out uptown last night (Sunday) and the thugs were crawling all over the Epicenter at 11pm. I drove down 4th St and saw hundreds of them scattered all over the stairs leading up to the Epicenter. There were so many I have no idea how anyone could have made their way through and up the stairs. But I guess that's the point: show power in numbers and intimidation.

I have no idea why any of these turds were even allowed to be out because I'm sure they were past curfew. But with mobs like that standing around doing nothing but acting like retards, no wonder no one wants to go around there.

Ryan said...

Yes, in general I do feel safe downtown. If people think gangs are bad then perhaps they should remove the funding (by legalizing drugs) and actively support the development of kids. Maybe restricting guns inside the city is a good step.

Arresting people who look like thugs is a terribly stupid idea. Relocating a transit center across a historic racial divide is moronic.

I don't think that photo > video link is relevant, is it?

Anonymous said...

I was pretty surprised at the lack of news coverage and then found this blog. Amazing that the democrates so own the Observer and local tv news operations that no one reported this.

Anonymous said...

The youth of Charlotte gettin money man

Anonymous said...

Charlotte City leaders failed to keep it quiet...The story made The Drudge Report.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, you are as much the 'problem' as anything else. It is your 'progressive' ideology that have brought us to this point and infringing upon the rights of those who obey the law and try to lead peaceable lives is not the answer. Thug like appearance is good indicator of what to watch more closely and act when the appearances turn to actions. The video link is more than relevant; it's the blueprint of what goes on virtually every weekend, albeit on a smaller scale than this fiasco.

Billy Fehr said...

No, of course the do not get it.

Anonymous said...

CMPD knew before hand about the potential and at times were totally unprepared and looking almost bored with the goings on. The leadership (those in those silly white shirts) had no vision of how to control it and just let the crowd dictate what they wanted to do. Very disappointing the police will not be respected by those they do not understand or respect civlity.

Anonymous said...

I left Speed Street and took the bus home since I was drinking. That was the first & last time I'll ever do something like that. The transit center was PACKED with what looked liked kids to me just looking for trouble, and making rude comments. The buses were forced to delay, could only enter/exit one way. It WAS A SCARY & HORRIBLE ride home. The bus (27) was filled with kids again- yelling, screaming, cussing, playing music loud, making intimidating faces towards my boyfriend & I. Some looked to be no older than 9 years old. I had a gut feeling something bad was happening down there. Crazy and scary, we couldn't wait to get home. Speed Street was straight- cops everywhere in sight. It was around the area that was so bad.

Anonymous said...


CMPD RACs were sending Off Duty officers home as early as 9:30 Saturday night since the crowd was less than expected and well mannered. By 11 PM there may have been less than 40 officers uptown most from Central.

I'm not sure who in command is going under the bus for this but you can bet it won't be RoMo.

I'm sure you know what CMPD SOP is for mob violence. The boots on the street had to wait for backup and re-enforcements before moving in, we were out numbered 50 to 1.

Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Heck with continuiing to throw money at a problem that is not going away...put them ALL on a raft back to their beloved mother country and let them really see what hell is! Bet none of them would still be alive and standing after 48 hours! And those that were would be sold!

Anonymous said...

So what's your solution, Cedar? Nude-o-scans at every corner?

Serious question, dude: what's your solution? And remember that this is the United States, not Nazi Germany. Yet.

Anonymous said...

6:01 I think you meant "boyfriend and me"

Anonymous said...

You don't have anything better to do than to correct grammar? Get a damn life people.

Anonymous said...

"CMPD RACs were sending Off Duty officers home as early as 9:30 Saturday night since the crowd was less than expected and well mannered. By 11 PM there may have been less than 40 officers uptown most from Central."

Anonymous 7:23 PM I don't know where you were standing or what you are smoking, but you obviously were nowhere near speed street or the aftermath. The crowd was already out of control by 11pm and CEU alone had more than your "40 officers" there. The white shirts were making all the staffing decisions and off duty was still stuck out there at 2am. If YOU got sent home before that, it is a testimony to your value in an emergency.

Anonymous said...

Just like 2005 and 2006

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Another July 4th, Another Riot in Charlotte

The 4th of July holiday again ended with rioting in the Uptown Charlotte area on North Tryon Street between 7th and 9th Street. The problen was again caused by black youths who began fighting and caused utter mayhem. Police riot squads were called out to stop the violence and break up the unruly crowd. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police made over 20 arrests and one person was shot by an unidentified rioter.
After last years violence the radio station ( 1110 WBT ) that normally sponsors the fireworks show decided it would be safer to move the show out to Knights Stadium south of Charlotte. The Mayor was not happy that WBT made this decision because it reflected bad on Charlotte. Because as you probably know, nothing bad EVER happens in Charlotte. The Mayor decided that they would replace the long standing sponsor ( 1110 WBT ) with new sponsors ( the Taxpayers ) and have the fireworks show in Uptown Chatrlotte anyway dispite the danger and history of violence and putting the safety of many people including families with children at risk. Mayor McCrory should be putting the safety of the citizens way ahead of the "Image of Charlotte". Ignoring problems and pretending they don't exist doesn't make them go away.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:45
Sorry, but anon 7:23 is 100% correct from what I am told.
From what the news is saying, a lot of the offenders were juveniles .....and one has to ask, was the curfew being actively enforced?
Seems like a lackadaisical attitude contributed to a lack of preparedness this time.
But there were people, from what I am told, that were pushing for more enforcement and preparation BEFORE this happened....hmmmmm, wonder wo put the kibosh on that?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, same group everytime in this city causing the problems..racism...I think not...looks like FACT to me. I guess some things will never change becuse we are afraid to state the obvious or do a damn thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23pm you are wrong about the number of officers in Uptown on Saturday night. CEU was called in before 9:00pm and arrests started almost immediately. No one who was working off duty was allowed to leave until released (which was around 2-3am).

Yes, the problem people were the young African American segment who were there. And curfew on a Saturday night is midnight, and only for those under the age of 16.