Friday, May 6, 2011

Idiot Tweet of the Week!

@adulin Andy Dulin: @staceysimms (Live from Quail Hollow) Hi Stacey, Getting son, Conner, out of #mphs at 10 and headed over (To The Wells Fargo Championship). The pro-am is the best #dadfun day for me:)

Honestly how can you in good and clear conscience vote for this guy?

I think taking your son out of school for a golf tournament is fine. Just why would you tweet it to the world? How many parents don't have the luxury of a job where they can get out of work? And what does this say about the responsibility of attending school?

Better what did Dulin tell Myers Park High school on Wednesday?

Stay tuned Cedar Posts is going to find out.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of your attacks on Andy Dulin. Get a life.

Lawrence said...

Have you ever met Councilmember Dulin? If you had you would know that his children are his world. He had the opportunity to take his child to go and see one of the most amazing events that happens in Charlotte every year. As a CMS graduate and a CLT native I fully support his decision. Some folks don't have the opportunity, and some would waste it on clients and donors to get ahead. Andy instead took his son, who may never have the chance to meet any of the folks playing in the pro-am, out to see them He give his a valuable and rewarding father-son memory and should be publicly lauded for this not criticized. If more parents were this involved in their children's lives, perhaps we would not have the backlog of criminal cases that we do in our courts. I usually respect your opinion and regularly follow your feed, but here sir you are mistaken and I am going to hope that you see so. Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is tasteless to call someone out for their brand of parenting. Please have some respect for yourself and our public institutions. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:51 I think you better get used to it, Andy Dulin has painted a big target on himself and Cedar is just pointing out the obvious.

To: Lawrence I think it is great Dulin can take time out for his sons, even better that he can take his oldest out to Quail Hollow for the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament during a school day.

And if I could get off from my job I'd do the same. However I wouldn't tweet it to the world.

Andy Dulin is nothing more than a mindless turd who loves to brag to anyone who will listen.

I hope Myers Park High School reads this blog and hits the kid with an unexcused absence.

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a total D-Bag.

Cedar Posts said...


I have met Andy Dulin, and I'm not impressed. Sure he's a nice guy, nicer to developers than he is to taxpayers.

And I'm thrilled to read Andy's tweets about his omelets, ski trips and #dadtime.

I've done the same with my son and a photo of a six year old with, President Clinton, Arnold Palmer, and Dennis Conner backs up my claim.

But I'm not a public servant, and tweeting 24/7 about his personal wealth and abundance of free time tells me he's out of touch with 99%of the the voters in his district.

Watch a Charlotte City Council meeting, he is a court jester, an actor, a clown and monopolizes the council's time just to "self-promote".

Enough, its time for a change. I'm on a personal mission to unseat Andy Dulin and all I need is someone to step up and run against South Charlotte's Vilma Leak.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts, I agree 100%! I glad Andy Dulin can spend time with his kids. I wish I could but my job (US Airways Pilot for the last 15 years) means I miss a lot of important dates and events.

But Dulin isn't smart enough to see what he's doing. I don't think its his ego as much as it is his lack of smarts.

If he's not smart enough to see how his tweets look to those of us who work of a living, maybe he's not smart enough to be a member of Charlotte's City Council.