Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenan The Bear, Kevin Siers and WBTV's Epic WSOC Like Fail

I've decided to follow up on this story that has received a lot of air time. I want to highlight the work of Kevin Siers which is priceless as is the story posted on the WBTV web site this morning.

A number of things interest me about the bear story.

First WBT's Tara tweeted that she was pulling for "The Bear" frankly so was I.

I've decided to name the bear Kenan since he/she was first spotted over at Kenan Transport on Wednesday. The Bear as with all bears needed a name.

Second the errors in the story written by "Producer" Becky Gulden made me wonder if she is single and blond.

And last I have the passion for wildlife, and I am always amazed how much thrives in our urban areas. I'd also really like to understand why a bear, somewhat common in our western counties, made the trek to Charlotte. I'm suspecting there is something amiss besides Ms. Becky's literary skills.

First the WBTV report:

Bear Hit and Killed on I-77 in Charlotte

By Becky Gulden, Producer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The North Carolina Highway Patrol has confirmed that a bear was hit and killed by a car on I-77 in north Charlotte late Thursday night.

The collision occurred around 11 p.m. near Highway 16.

According to the highway patrol, the bear was killed after running onto the interstate into the path of a car.

The people were inside the car at the time, but they were not hurt.

However, the impact with the bear caused significant damage to the car, the highway patrol said.
A trooper told WBTV the bear was approximately 200-300 pounds. They were unable to tell if it was the same bear spotted in northwest Charlotte on the property of the Kenan Transport Company early Wednesday morning. (Read related story about the bear citing on Wednesday.)
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So if anyone has an answer to any of the above please let me know. Bonus points for a photo of either "Kenan the Bear" or "Becky"

No reply from WBTV's Becky as of 6:30PM.


Anonymous said...

I'd guess this was a grisly accident?

Anonymous said...

Did not know where to post this.....but, did anyone tell you about the totally inappropriate Tshirt Vicki Foster had on at the FAMLY Cmpd picnic?
The usual flash and trash only WORSE!
That this woman is even CONSIDERED for the position of Deputy Chief defies all logic! She has no judgment!
And, Cedar, the jockeying that is going on to get in line to kiss the chiefs ass for a promotion is shocking!
But the next promotions will leave NO doubt in anyone's mind what it takes to be promoted at Cmpd... diversity, Baby, diversity.
Not leadership, not intelligence, not experience, not integrity, just plain old "diversity".
How screwed up is Cmpd because of this policy of promoting based on race? So screwed up you would not believe it!!