Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mecklenburg County Peace Officer's Memorial Service to be held Tuesday May 17, 2011

Please join us in honoring Mecklenburg County’s fallen officers during a special memorial service.

Officer Fred A. Thornton 2.25.2011
Officer Sean Clark 4.1.2007
Officer Jeff Shelton 4.1.2007
Sergeant Scott Futrell 7.17.2002
Captain Anthony Stancil 9.29.1998
Officer Mark A. Swaney 12.25.1997
Officer Jackie Daniel 7.28.1994
Officer John Burnette 10.5.1993
Officer Andy Nobles 10.5.1993
Officer Eugene A. Griffin 11.22.1991
Officer M. Terry Lyles 8.6.1990
Officer Robert L. Smith 1.15.1987
Officer Timothy W. Whittington 7.16.1985
Deputy Sheriff Edmund V. Thomas, Jr. 5.21.1982
Officer Ernest Coleman 7.1.1982
Officer Edmond N. Cannon 11.23.1981
Special Agent Gregory W. Spinelli 3.15.1973
Officer Ronnie E. McGraw 10.18.1970
Sergeant Lewis E. Robinson 5.4.1970
Officer Johnny Reed Annas 5.21.1960
Officer C.H. Baker 4.12.1941
Chief John Albert Rape 1.1.1938
Officer Rufus L. Biggers 2.12.1937
Officer Charles P. Nichols 4.17.1936
Officer Benjamin H. Frye 6.9.1930
Officer Thomas H. Jenkins 10.21.1929
Officer Stephen S. Rogers 8.30.1929
Officer H. Edgar Correll 1.22.1929
Officer Robert M. Reid 1.1.1927
Detective John Byers 9.30.1926
Chief of Detectives Joe Orr 9.29.1
Officer John Fesperman 2.16.1924
Special Officer J. Robert Estridge 3.29.1913
Officer Sampson E. Cole 1.1.1905
Officer James H. Brown 8.2.1904
Officer James Moran 4.4.1892

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
10:30 AM
Remembrance Ceremony
600 East Trade Street
Procession to First Baptist Church, 301 South Davidson Street

Special thank you for supplying the complete list goes to CMPD Captain Freda G. Lester

University City Division
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
8401-120 University Executive Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

cc: George Dunlap


Anonymous said...

I hate to burst anyone's bubble but Sgt Futrell did not die in the line of duty, but he died 150+ miles away from Charlotte as Pilot in Command of a plane that he neglected to fuel to the level that the mission required. And the mission was to find struggling folks growing pot and their land, direct law enforcement to this land... etc

In the seargent's lust/zeal to remove pot growers from the arms of their spouses and kids, he forgot to fuel his plane. Karma is a female dog. Lots of folks were giggling down east that day.
but not me

Anonymous said...

3:30 ESAD

Anonymous said...

post what every pithy ESADs you'd like 5:53, but 3:30 is right. Creative Loafing was all over it at the time. Get a clue- Most motors sputter and die when they have no fuel to burn. In a related matter- most flash grenades explode in your hands/trunk if the instructions on said ordinance are not followed to the letter.

It is not rocket surgery officers, carry on.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys both dudes died, while working to enforce the law. Simply doing their job, they didn't come home, a husband, father and friend was lost.

Its doesn't matter if it was their fault or not.

Flying a plane or loading a flash bang shouldn't cost you your life but its the price that some pay the keep the rest of us safe.

Anonymous said...

8:50- "flying a plane around 150 miles from your juristiction looking for weed farmers helps keep us safe" You sound like a wide eyed 4th grader at a DARE show.

Here is what happened- Cop who is trying to log flight hours without paying for them, sees a way to do so- By flying VFR for the CAP looking for weed farmers. And guess what he paid nothing for the flight time. And his fuel was paid for as well. Except he forgot to fuel the 172- That he died in the line of duty is total BS. If he had stayed home, tended to his own busness, and paid for his own flight time, he would be alive today. It is what it is

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22, you are right. It makes me sad.

Don't worry though, I'll cheer up right after I go lock up another dope smoker. Or maybe 2?

Anonymous said...
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