Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends

Obama and Osama - An amazingly quiet Sunday was hijacked by President Obama who held the entire Nation hostage for nearly two hours in a poorly planned public relations stunt to spin the elimination of Osama bin Landen.

No Doubt the removal of the 9/11 mastermind by US Navy Seals, (They should all be awarded the Navy Cross) brings many people great joy and closure. But the Obama administration just couldn't get its act together, at 9:50 EST six hours after the operation was carried out, the White House Press Office announced that a 10:30 PM statement would be issued by the president.

The time would be pushed back again and again as White House staffers tweaked his speech and fielded calls from around the country and the world. Despite months of planning, and knowing the day would come the Obama administration was poorly prepared.

Local televison stations are licking their wounds as the airwaves were filled with nearly a full hour of non-revenue airtime.

Let's hope White House Staffers have a better plan for dealing with the fallout that bin Laden was resdidning within earshot of Pakistan's Capital.

Twitter Universe - Cedar Posts like many who read this blog first learned something was up when CNN tweeted the unusal message that POTUS would give a statement with less than 40 minutes advance notice.

But half way around the world 33-year-old Sohaib Athar @ReallyVirtual was sending out live Twitter messages detailing a mysterious blast, shaking windows, and a helicopter hovering above Abbottabad, Pakistan, having no idea he was documenting the U.S. military attack.

At 3:58 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, which was past midnight in Pakistan, Athar tweeted, "Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event)."

He went on to tweet about "a huge window shaking bang" and says "it was too noisy to be a spy craft, or a very poor spy craft it was."

At 4:48 p.m., Athar tweeted: "The few people online at this time of the night are saying one of the copters was not Pakistani." Then at 5:02 p.m.: "Since Taliban probably don't have helicopters , and since they're saying it was not 'ours,' so must be a complicated situation."

At 5:10 pm: "The Abbottabad helicopter/UFO was shot down near the Bilal Town area, and there's report of a flash. People saying it could be a drone."

CMPD Hola! - A Hat Tip to Clark Kent for pointing Cedar Posts to this story: Hola Noticia is reporting that CMPD staff will travel to Puerto Rico to recruit new officers.

Captain Gerald Smith, announced that a contingent of CMPD staff will travel the third week of May to Pourto Rico to test 500 candidates who have shown interest in becoming CMPD officers.

"Puerto Rico is part of the United States. They all speak Spanish and all are citizens, "said Captain Gerald Smith, director of recruitment of CMPD.

Smith says that another reason that motivated them to travel to the island is high unemployment. "Puerto Rico has a 16.9% unemployment is the highest in the country."

Added to this, he explains, the successful experiences of other country's police departments hiring Puerto Ricans.

Currently, 52 Hispanic officers are part of CMPD.

Cedar's Take: My sister in law is from Honduras and hates being called "Hispanic" only thing worse is being called a Mexican.

More From CMPD - Last year CMPD suspended Officer Rodd Pickler without pay last and recommended he be terminated after an internal review found that Pickler had been untruthful, improperly used evidence and wrongfully intervened in the investigation of Officer Martray Proctor's crash.

Proctor was speeding to assist Pickler on a call in 2009 when he slammed into Shatona Robinson's car as she turned left onto Old Statesville Road. Proctor, 27, resigned and pleaded guilty last April to involuntary manslaughter and was given three years of probation.

Pickler in his effort to back up a fellow office apparently crossed the line and was promptly fired for lying.

But didn't Marcus Jackson do the exact same thing months before he was arrested for sexual assault? Why wasn't Jackson given an "active suspension" and recommended for termination?

Care to guess the one word explanation?


Anonymous said...

"poorly planned public relations stunt to spin the elimination of Osama bin Landen."

I didn't think anyone would be able to twist this politically as you have done Cedar Posts. Congrats!

Ed said...

You know what took so long? They had to wait for the official long form certificate of death.

Boo ya!!

Also, this is what happens when you have a leader in office who actually leads rather than lecture us on how well he's leading.

Double boo ya!!

Anonymous said...

The crew at Fox News sure was down that this had to happen during this administration.

Anonymous said...

Listen to he announcement, I, I, I, I, I, I, yet the plan to "get" Osama bin Laden has been in place for years.

Even Obama says years of work.

Sure you can give Obama credit for getting Osama but the real credit goes to the CIA and NAVY!

Anonymous said...

"Listen to he announcement, I, I, I, I, I, I,"

Straight from the loony right play book. Every "I" Obama said was the truth. If you can't prove it otherwise then hush.

I was wondering last night during the speech what the loony right could possibly use to make Obama look bad. It never occurred to me that the President referring to himself would be the thing.

Very creative, I must say. Ignorant and illogical. But creative!

Anonymous said...

So Obama now has the blood of a fellow Muslim on his hands.
How does he explain this to his kids? Or to the Nation Of Islam followers?
Whatever happened to "due process"?
And why are we still holding prisoners at Guantanamo when we should be executing them?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03
"fellow muslim", are you really that stupid? Obviously, yes.

The difference between Bush regarding Osama and President Obama, Obama actually had the balls to carry out a plan based on ACTUAL intelligence.

Re: Marcus Jackson, one word: DIVERSITY.
And how about the unemployment in North Carolina, Charlotte, and surrounding counties???

Not enough "diverse" applicants with no criminal background or red flags???

Anonymous said...

Cedar I'll guess you didn't notice that Pickler is "White"?

Sad but true "White" Officers in RoMo's police department are held to a much higher standard than black.

Anonymous said...

Osama-Obama Another racist rant by Cedar Posts. Hating on Obama again, as I would have guessed.

If Bush were still running this country we'd still be looking for Sadamm in Bagdad.

Cedar Posts said...

Noticed Rush was all over Obama taking credit for Killing Osama. He pointed out that the democrats would never get in the way of a republican plan that might have a chance of failing.

The loss of one helicopter was really close to the Iran hostage failure of Jimmy Carter. Hostage release that Reagan got credit for though via the Iran Contra deal.

Most of this stuff is so complex that we never really get the truth.

I expect that the greatest achivement of Obama's presidency will still be his getting elected.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking if you agree with Drug addled, fidelity challenged, racist,self promoting Rush on should rethink your status.
Come on, he's going to have a whole hell of a lot more than Bushy to be proud of!!
And you truly are a racist.
That you would try to turn this positive into a negative just proves it!

Cedar Posts said...

I think its a huge positive.

But the props belong to Seal Team "6" and everyone of our service men and women who helped pull this off, or ever helped in the effort to track down this scumbag.

Props belong to those muslims who risked their lives to provide information to CIA and DOD field officers.

The Obama White House tried to spin this into a DNC 2012 slogan, when they should have shared the moment with DOD staffers and CIA Officers.

This should have been an "I want to thank" moment and not an Me, I, My grandstanding moment.

As far as Rush goes, ha I can only listen to so much of his BS.

Anonymous said...

Cedar is right Bush and Reagan always gave credit to the troops.

Obama is all about the me. Could have been a great speech but Obama blew it.

Listen to Bush announce we got him

Anonymous said...

Did Obama hunt down and kill Osama single handedly?

I don't think so and while I don't often agree with Cedar Posts I agree Obama used this as nothing more than a build up to 2012.

But what the hell, gas is 4 dollars a gallon, unemployment is still double digit, spending is out of control and taxes are going up might as well get credit for something.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:31
Yeah, that's right up there with "Mission Accomplished".

Obama is the only President who had the guts to have a plan, gather intelligence and trust that intelligence and implement the plan. And this operation was meticulously planned with patience. He is the Commander In Chief and the buck stops with him. If the plan had failed you guys would not be willing to "share the blame" would be all over Obama blaming only him!

And of course many people can take credit and be proud....and the bravery of the Navy Seals doing the job they have been exceptionally trained for is unquestionable!

Anonymous said...

Obama didn't do shit! Except mouth off about himself.

He'll do the same thing tomorrow at ground zero.

You morons forget Obama and his sec of state Clinton voted against the military option.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45
Where ARE those WMD's? Faulty intelligence was what they were against, it was all manufactured.
"Obama didn't do shit" is both eloquent and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

The CMPD & City of Charlotte pattern of decisions regarding officers who lie on reports and lack of accountability for supervisory responsibility continue. Seems like the only way to force anyone to do the right thing is to involve the courts in the most expensive way--and only after the officers do the most possible damage to the public that can't be ignored anymore, since the City won't take care of the problem themselves. Shame on the people in charge of hiring this mess, knowing the history.

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden killing nothing but cheap political stunt for Obama

The raid on Osama bin Laden's home in Pakistan and his subsequent execution was nothing more than a cheap political stunt to boost Barack Obama's sinking approval ratings. Bin Laden as a force in worldwide terrorism has been minimal since 2002, when his bases in Afghanistan were obliterated, his financial assets frozen and many of his key people killed or imprisoned.

The raid takes place around 4 p.m. EST and miraculously the Tweet and Facebook crowds show up at the White House to celebrate Baghdad style just after the announcement. Obama is on television bragging how at "his direction" the attack was ordered after "he determined" from the intelligence that Bin Laden could be whacked. If that's not political theater, what is?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:19
And what was Bush's "Mission Accomplished"? Now THAT was political theater...along with Wanted Dead or Alive, etc.

Obama just did what Bush should have done years ago.....

Anonymous said...

Cedar, What proof do you have that this was a political stunt on Obama's part--other than proof provided by your built-in paranoia?

The man made a tough call to send in American troops on a foreign soil to kill the man who is responsible for the worst terrorist act this country has ever seen. He accomplished the goal, then explained it to the American people.

He's the freaking Commander and Chief. How should he have made this announcement so that it wouldn't offend you?

Billy Fehr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy Fehr said...

The Bin Ladens by Steve Coll is one of the most education reads I have ever had, the summer before last. Seriously folks, the Ace has been pulled. Brace yourselves for the shift that is upon us.

Anonymous said...

Cedar did you see that WBTV's Sharon Smith picked up on your story about CMPD staff going to Puerto Rico to recruit new officers?

Wonder where they learned that from?

I guess that don't give credit to you for such things so I will.

Props to Cedar for posting this information.