Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spin and Disinformation Will Not Fix Uptown Charlotte's Damaged Image

In an amazing break with the status quo, WBTV is reporting that Sunday morning's riots and homicide happened in the "heart of where the DNC will take place" next year.

This is a huge shift from the spin coming out of CMPD and the Observer who have stated the melee happened "blocks away" from the 2012 convention site.

WBTV's report which is here also turns away from the idea that the groups were not a part of the Speed Street event.

Charlotte's elected officials including Mayor Anthony Foxx are blindly throwing their support to Chief Monroe to correct the problem. In a statement released to WBTV Mayor Foxx said:

"The crime that took place Sunday morning is disturbing and unacceptable. Neither our center city nor any of our neighborhoods are appropriate places for violence," Foxx said in his statement. "Over the last twenty four hours, our police force has been focused on getting to the bottom of this incident. I have full confidence that Chief [Rodney] Monroe will use all of the tools available to find and ensure the prosecution of those responsible and take preemptive actions to make sure this rare occurrence does not repeat itself. While Charlotte's crime rate is the lowest in 30 years, the events of Sunday night are a harsh reminder that we still have more work to do."

Getting to the "bottom" of this incident sounds like a good idea, the goal of finding a solution to prevent this "rare occurrence" so that it doesn't repeat itself is an understatement.

What is the solution? I honestly don't have even a flicker of an idea. But I know that "spin" and "disinformation" will not fix what is wrong here.

CMPD was overwhelmed by the number of Speed Street attendees who were outside of the demographic. In other words the 30,000 non participants who showed up.

This is not something that "new laws" can fix. This is a cultural thing. We have a segment of our population (they just happen to be African Americans) that embrace this sort of lifestyle. A lifestyle of violence, drugs, gangs and disrespect for common decency.

People, who for some reason think hanging out uptown and causing trouble is fun.

The attitude was compounded by the fact that weather on Thursday and Friday caused the crowds to stay away. This created a "perfect storm" of time and demand, as the weather cleared and the masses took to the streets.

The only thing Charlotte City Council can do is make it impossible for this segment of the population to attend these events.

Closing and relocating the transit center will be the first step. It can be done in short order. The transit center was created at the suggestion of Bank America who felt it was unseemly to have hordes of people standing around the square waiting to catch a bus. At the time the African American community screamed racism. And you can expect the same now but it must be done, as it should have been done long ago.

The CATS transfer station should be a non-destination single purpose building far from anytime of interest.

The second idea floating is to reduce or stop the bus service during events. Making nearly impossible to arrive at "Uptown Events" after a certain time.

Speed Street will from this point forward end at sunset.

CMPD was helpless on Saturday night. Duck and cover, stand by and watch. From many reports, the call for the CEU should have been made several hours earlier.

Expect the horse mounted officers request to spring to life again.

July 4th will be a watered down version of last year with insane amounts of police presence, and costs running out of control.

Finally expect the idea of holding events Uptown to fade into the past. The times square concept is flawed. The idea of the entire city turning out for a night of fun is a pipe dream.

It will take years of arrests and detainment, to change the thinking. BTW catch, detain and release may be the best answer. No mug shot, no court, just mouth off once and its ziptie city. Spend the rest of the night in a box only to be turned loose at 6am miles from home.


Anonymous said...

More Racist Crap from Cedar Posts!

Get a real life man, no one reads your vemon anyways.

Anonymous said...

The DNC will feel right at home in Charlotte, racist or not you know all those rioting homies voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Not a word from the NAACP about the treatment of black folks.

Cedar are you sure 30,000 is a lot of people just hanging out well past the time Speed Street was over.

What the hell is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, it's not just Charlotte. It happened in Myrtle Beach, Miami, and Boston over the weekend too.
One factor tied all these uprisings to one demographic.
It's going to be a long hot summer-better stock up on ammo b/c law enforcement is helpless against 20% of the population causing the problems.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Charlotte, the Detroit of the South. Soon, you will see more and more people and businesses and corporations moving out of the city. Go to Youtube and what this video:


That is what you will see in Charlotte in about 20 years. A city destroyed by Liberal ideology and over run by black thugs. Its time to move out now or fight back now.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the DNC. They have hosted their convention in a lot more crime ridden and powder-kegged cities than Charlotte. Organizers of the DNC are probably laughing at the notion that this will be a problem. Gangs don't come to downtown for the DNC; they come downtown for speed street, July 4, etc.

Their other choice was St. Louis. Have you been to the East St. Louis area? Makes Charlotte look like Disney Land.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you people? The Hood Rats are just having a little fun! Scaring the crap out of whitey and his girlfriend is all part of the reason they go to July 4th and Speed Street.

Flashing gang sign and giving some South Charlotte family the evil eye and watch them fast walk to their car is f-ing crazy good fun.

You people need to lighten up!

Anonymous said...

The spin lost now national press is talking about the "riots" suggesting the city leaders will crack down on minorties if needed.

Anonymous said...

While I do not agree with Cedar on his opinion about some things, you cannot dispute that 99.9% of people involved in this particular incident were African American.
The mob mentality is hard to stop once it gets momentum.
And this sort of thing seems to be systemic in the African American community.
Instead of making excuses, maybe Charlotte "leaders" should be more pro active in mentoring and setting role models for the African American community.
And the African American community needs to reach out to their disenfranchised youth and provide viable choices to gangs.
Values, integrity,manners, respect and purpose.

Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts is nothing more than a card carrying member of the NRA and the KKK!

This blog is nothing more than a tool to spread his hate filled vile vomit to the masses.

His kind are the reason black men and woman marched on Washington, Selma, and Montgomery and paid for their pride with their own blood.

People like Mr. Posts see a black man in their neighborhood and they call 911.

His kind think all blackmen are felons and rapists.

Sunday's events were caused by only a handful of out control people not the entire African American community.

Someone please tell Mr Cedar Posts to STFU!

Anonymous said...

I kinda like Cedar's idea. No arrest, just detain and release. The Hood rats are stupid but they don't want to spend an afternoon locked up in a mobile jail without a mug shot to brag about and put on their myspace page.

But catch and release would be pretty effective and since there is not arrest, no trial, no free meal or lodging very little costs.

Might just work.

Anonymous said...

And I am quite sure that those same people that marched would be appalled to see what has been happening in black communities all over America. What is happening to their legacy that they risked their lives for?

Where were the parents of those teenagers involved in this mess?
Violence seems to be some kind of a rite of passage...the rule, not the exception.
Cedar may have racist tendencies, but you cannot dispute the Facts...black on black violence is out of control.
And until the black community recognizes this and stops it and take their neighborhoods and their families back, there will be no stopping it. And it will continue it's rampage outside the black communities!

Anonymous said...

12:49 when I see a negro in my 'hood (just so you understand) I make sure the safety on my mini 14 is off and the wife is holding her 12 pump with xx buckshot.

You come into my 'hood with your crime, rape and murder... It will be closed casket for you and yours at Kelly A's negro funeral home.

Bring it on home boy.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:54
YOU are an ignorant, racist redneck.

Yea, right, guns and more violence, that's always the answer.

Anonymous said...

12:59 here- No I am a person who knows how to use the tools that God has given me to protect my family.

No, if my home is attacked I won't be calling one of Chief Romo's affrimative action hires to protect my family. If I am uptown and feel tht my life is in danger I will shoot to kill.

When one of your home boys comes up to my 'hood from SC to try to score some money to pay for some of his babies (see murder in Carmel 4 weeks ago,) he will leave in a bag.

It is not hard to figure out dawg, homeboy or whatever you call yourself. Pull your pants up, get a job, and get a life. And try some deordorant too.

It is funny to note that when VP Biden first met Obama, he was surprised at how clean and articulate he was. Note to bro- Biden was surprised that Obama did not stink and could talk so that white folks could undertand. Love to burst your brother

Anonymous said...

video doesnt lie. i didnt see one white person in the mix. it is what it is to the people who think its about race. stop baming everyone else because your "race" isnt making the cut and can only displace blame and demand handouts. while youre at it, teach them how to use condoms so we can start fixing the problem.

Anonymous said...

3:54 I hate to say it but maybe Ms. Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood was right.

If you really want to have a giggle, go down to the Meck county clerk of courts pay window on a friday, and watch all of the negro baby daddy's line up to get their child support in.

Looks like the little head has out smarted the big head don't you think dawg?

Anonymous said...

CMPD is running in circles trying to spin this story. Amazing the no media has obtained video footage on the street scene during the times of 22:00 Saturday and 02:00 Sunday.

Must be some amazing footage.

Anonymous said...

If one of these Charlotte banks decides to pull up stakes and leave town, a huge chunk of taxpayers will leave with them. Detroit? Heck, think Somalia. These are the little details that Jennifer Roberts and the entitlement crazy gang don't want to talk about.

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