Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CMPD Chief Monroe Spins the Uptown Riots

At 3:37 PM Tuesday CMPD's Public Information Office emailed local media the following details:

"Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief Harold Medlock will be available to update the media on the facts and circumstances that occurred uptown this past weekend.

Please join us at Police Headquarters at 4:30 p.m."

Shortly before 5 PM Chief Rodney Monroe took to the microphone with Rob Tufano holding the leash less than five feet away as the Chief addressed the handful of reporters gathered.

Chief Monroe said in part,

Did we have fights? Yeah, we had fights," Monroe said. "Did we have disturbances? Yeah, we had disturbances, did we have fights? Yeah, we had fights, we have fights every weekend. But at no time did we ever feel that we lost control of the inner city."

"Do we believe gangs were Uptown? Yeah. Gangs were Uptown. Do we believe this homicide had some gang overtones? Yeah. There's a good indication that it did."

Monroe said two groups had been fighting for weeks in the Providence Division in southeast Charlotte. He says they took their dispute Uptown and that it led to the shooting.

Monroe went on to say that while Charlotte has gangs, the city doesn't have the same type of gang problems that other cities have, and that our gangs get along, "we might even have "Crips and Bloods living in the same house".

With Monroe's analogy of gang harmony Tufano quickly moved to end the presser, with his now often common look of surprised panic.

The "Local Paper's" Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Fred Clasen-Kelly and Shane Ryan did some seldom seen serious reporting that is worth a look. Their reporting is here.

Cedar's Take: Chief Monroe's claim that everything was under control and that there was nothing to worry about, scares the bejezzus out of me, as it should anyone else who has an interest in Uptown safety and the upcoming DNC 2012 event.

If CMPD can't control local thugs during a family style low key event, if they can't stop street fights from escalating into a shootout and homicide right under their noses, how in the world are they going to keep order, when the likes of PETA, Westboro Baptist Church, Right to Life-Anti Abortion, KKK, NAACP, Anti War, and Gays Rights protesters descend on Charlotte like locusts next year.

The countdown to July 4th has begun. Pray for rain.


Anonymous said...

Obama, Charlotte-Mecklenburg government Officials, the DNC, and the rest of the Democrats should feel right at home in Charlotte come Septemenr 2012.

Once a world class city Charlotte has become like so many of the other has beens, just like South side Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, and New Orleans.

They should all have a hip hoppin good time.

MeckDeck said...

Sad, but not a surprise. Worst of all Monroe is signaling to CLT's thug class that they are AN EXPECTED AND ACCEPTABLE part of life in any modern urban setting.

It is going to be a long, hot summer. Never will the city's yawning leadership void be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

Chef Rotnee is one thang but what do Vilmer Lake be sayin? What do Major Foxx be sayin at City Hall? What do the NAACP be sayin? Why do they be so quiet when thay peoples be wildin like that?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte has a race problem, where it came from I don't have a clue. But the first signs came July 4th years ago when a segment of the population began invading Freedom Park.

The thugs and gangstar rap hip hop crowd nearly took over the place on weekends, with them came all the trash and litter, drugs and crime. It came to a head with a stabbing death after a 4th of July fireworks display. The fireworks moved to uptown the following year. Then the police moved into Freedom Park closed streets and ran the thugs off.

A few years later CMPD was running the same segment of the population out of another park. Another homicide during the July 4th by again the same segment of the population, nearly ended the idea of an Uptown event.

Shy of just locking them all up so the rest of the city can enjoy what should be a family event, or shooting them on sight I don't know what can be done.

What happened this past Sunday Morning is just how these people African Americans want to behave. Gangs of black kids running wild in the streets.

To the City and County law makers, if you are going to raise my taxes at least lock up the black thugs during the July 4th weekend.

Never Again said...

I was Uptown working Speed Street late Saturday night as a volunteer. I won't to that again.

Most of the crowd at speed street was white, and very polite and orderly. Yes there were a few stupid drunks but nothing crazy like what was going on down along 4th street and along Trade.

There were massive amounts of black people just hanging out. Men, women and punk ass kids running around. They all seemed so out of place. They had no where to go, no money to spend, they were just there.

Two black kids heckled me when I wouldn't give them any money. I have no idea what they were saying as they jumped up and down, skipping circle around me and my wife. They might have been 14 or 15 and were put up to it by older kids and adults. As soon as we got near the Police and the links line they would run back and target another couple.

I hate to say it but they really did act like a couple of little monkeys in a zoo.

Honestly they lived up to the racial sterotype, jumping up and down talking gibberish.

And the Police just stood there.

Anonymous said...

Just keep rodney away from a microphone Please! He is just not a public speaker, at all!!
And once again he flat out lies to the public.
It was a riot, it was out of control, and they were not prepared for it.
Let's see all the video footage from all of the cameras downtown you know they have it.....why not release it? What, is it "top secret" like other reports?
And from what I am told, Medlock is a dual personality and over reacts to just about anything and is NOT a voice of reason.
Enforce the curfew, disperse the crowds before they become unmanageable, keep a lid on it. It's called crowd control, 101.
And a mounted unit is not such a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Rodney said they were aware that gang trouble was escalating in Providence and they brought it downtown.
What was done to PREVENT this from happening?
Anything? Just curious......was anyone arrested in Providence prior to this?

Old Rebel said...

We can't be too tough on the rioters, or Obama may have to get tough on us. Today's CO gives statements from two youths who say the police were the ones who "escalated the atmosphere." Look at what's happening in other cities:

Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

Anonymous said...

Nice that Rodeny is so flippant about the whole thing. To RoMo it was just another Saturday night.

I'm sure he's pounding his fist on his desk about Cedar Posts.

Hey Chief it really smarts when the truth comes out doesn't it?

CrimeInCharlotte said...
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Anonymous said...

Does the FOIA cover cameras from uptown/downtown Charlotte? If so, releases them.
I imagine it looks a lot like a Tarzan movie than a world class banking center envisioned by the likes of McColl.
And how about a statement from the CVRA/Center City Parnters- nice job bringing in thousand's of toursits to center city for the filming of the latest Wacka Wacka Flame video..

Anonymous said...

Nothing but rubbish and lies, not one thing you read on this BLOG is the truth. Somone needs to shut down this garbage now.

Anonymous said...

The level of racism on this Blog is astounding.

Can't you voice your concerns and opinions without resorting to Name calling and stereotyping?

Really, do you have to confirm the stereotype of the ignorant, intolerant redneck with your outrageous comments on here?

And the next time ANY of you use racist terms, how about having the balls to use your REAL name?

Anonymous said...

If this blog is a bunch of garbage and lies then why are you wasting your time reading it.

Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Observer would have you believe the riots were comprised of middle aged, white, NASCAR/tea party belonging folks. Glad to see there is a source for the real information. If all law abiding citizens in this town would strap on an AR-15 this kind of crap would never happen.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch this lovely video of the nice kids having fin last month outside Time Warner Cable on a Tuesday night? Fights lasted for over an hour....

Anonymous said...

All of this "gang mob" rioting broke out in front of others and myself at the Lynx rail between 6th and 7th. No matter what the city and police say, innocent people were overrun, assaulted, and terrorized by the hundreds of under age wannabes. I took out my knife to be ready for the masses of people running back and forth the tracks. People I met from Ohio were scared to death and wondered what kind of place Charlotte has become. The police (most of whom I saw were Allied Barton private police) were overhwelmed to say the least.

Anonymous said...

To ANON 11:38....real names? i see you posted anonymously....hypocrite. by the way, im black and hate what MY people are doing uptown. shameful. i raised my kids better. so, I say to all the BLACK community who has a problem with this post and blog, glad you can at least read.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50
Then you would be a disgrace to your race if you indeed are black.
I don't post racial epithets or stereotypes or call names, like those that only are " brave" enough to do that when hiding behind " anon"..... get it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50
So, I take it you are active in "your" community?
Actually mentoring and helping those that can't read?
Instead of taking cheap shots .

Anonymous said...

disgrace to my race? i guess if having four college degrees and making my own way in life while NEVER using my race as a crutch, then I guess I am a disgrace. a disgrace laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a disgrace. For making fun of others who have not
been as fortunate as you.
For having so many degrees you don't seem too smart!
Just another or white, braggarts and assholes are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:50, I'm glad you are making something of yourself.

I think Anon 4:12 was trying to point out is that you are an "Uncle Tom." It is someone who values education, hard work and civility and, oh yeah, is a minority.

It means he is a lowlife with no hope of contributing to society.

Raise your children with morals and ethics. They will know right from wrong.

On the monkey comment, I recently attended a college graduation where a fraternity yelled from the upper section of the seating. They were making "monkey" sounds. I should point out that they were black. What gives? They did match the profile, dreads, low pants, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:09
Look up the definition of "uncle Tom".....I think you will find you are grossly wrong.
Sweetheart, I am not black but I do have a couple of college degrees myself.
You need to sharpen your reading comprehension skills.
God, there are some Stupid people on here, sorry , but it is true!

Cedar Posts said...

Well boys and girls the game warden is here to close down the barn yard.

Apes, Monkeys, Redneck Farmers, Jack Asses and everyone else back to the barn as I'm shutting the door and locking this post down.

If you would like to post a comment, you can send it via email and if it's not far out there I'll post it.

Thank you for all the comments even the way out there ones.

Peace y'all

Cedar Out!