Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CMPD VCAT Gets Another Runner Shamond Glenn Age 16

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are on the hunt for Shamond Glenn age 16 a black male who is 6'1" and heavy weighing in at around 170. (The Local Paper reports he is 6 feet tall while the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's website says he is 5'1" based on the mug shot if he's 5 feet tall he carries the weight well.)

CMPD's Violent Criminal Apprehension Team is looking for the teen who has been arrested 4 times since his 16th birthday in December. Most recently for 2nd degree sex offense.

CMPD says Glenn cut off his electronic monitoring device this morning and is now on the run.

Anyone with information about Glenn's whereabouts is asked to call police at 704-336-VCAT or call 911.

Cedar's Take: Please tell me why we let violent offenders and in this case a rapist out of jail? All these felons cutting off their ankle bracelets makes Cedar Posts wonder why we let any of them out in the first place. Further why they aren't these montioring devices armored? How about going back to shackles and chains? Just sayin...


Anonymous said...

I cringed at the last sentence....

Anonymous said...

Aonymous 4:12 I'm not sure if Cedar is trying to be funny or racist or both.

My first thought was "OH BOY" he's going to get an earful over that last sentence. But maybe Cedar Posts is "just saying" what most of us already know.

There is a certian class of society that just doesn't get it.

Most people when arrested, cuffed behind their backs and given a ride to jail, don't want to ever do whatever caused them to have that issue in the first place ever again.

Doesn't take a whole lot of talking to or anything else, one night behind bars on a DWI and they are pretty much going to tow the line.

But people like Shamond Glenn will break the law again and again, the charges will become more serious with each arrest until they finally shoot or rape someone.

Age 16 seems to be a little young to start spending the rest of your life behind bars. But if I were the judge that is what he'd get. Life no parole.

I'd guess his record before age 16 is long and violent as well.

Given the choice between chains and life I'd expect he'd say chains.

But 100 years ago he wouldn't even get that option.

Anonymous said...

Shackles and chains? Nah, this filthy animal belongs in a cage.