Saturday, June 18, 2011

It Took A While But....

In the hysteria, hype and smoke screen from CMPD command staff immediately following the Speed Street Shootings and Riots, police thought that a robber and car jacking at UNCC might have been the shooting suspect. He wasn't.

According to a UNCC safety alert back on June 2, 2011 a man approached a women at the campus West Deck and showed a silver revolver before demanding the keys to her SUV and driving away.

Now two weeks later police say they've arrested three men in connection with that car jacking.

On Thursday, police arrested Gregory Deas, 21, and on Friday, police arrested Gerald Antonio Stanley III, and Demarice Deon Terrell, both 19.




Each was being held Friday in Mecklenburg jail, charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and financial transaction card theft.

Police say Deas was wearing an electronic monitoring device at the time of the robbery. Deas has a long track record of minor and serious crimes, and this one should provide for his permanent incarceration.

No word on why it took so long to run through the GPS read out of Deas' where abouts, but you got to hand it to CMPD they always get their man, or for benefit of Deas "stupid is as stupid does".


Anonymous said...

I suspect that Deas has been a bad apple since day one. With a face like that I don't think even his momma thinks he's a good boy.

Anonymous said...

3 black guys using a gun to rob a white person. Shocked.....shocked I am! When will this violent trend against white people be turned around where white trash start targeting affluent blacks? Would that get the Mayors and RoMo's attention then?

CrimeInCharlotte said...

CMPD never confirmed the robbery (or robber) was related to the murder suspect. The MSM (mainstream media) went running with that theory (unconfirmed by CMPD) after the victim stated the robbery suspect had a large nose... The media even had the UNCC Police Chief upset that CMPD never contacted him.

I know this as fact since I contacted the CMPD PIO's (Public Information Officer) myself as this information was being reported all over the news.

Unlike the MSM, I do not and will not report anything unless I have 100% confirmation. Shouldn't the MSM be held to the same standard?