Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lieutenant Columbo Returns to CMPD

After a long absence CMPD will bring back the rank of "Police Lieutenant" and the word on the street is that the rank will be reserved for homicide investigators only.

No details if the uniform shirt will be white, or if those permitted to dress in civilian clothes will be required to dress as shabbily as possible, act seemingly slow-witted, forgetful and be hard of hearing.

Cedar Posts has confirmed that Chief Monroe's request that all CMPD Homicide Lieutenants drive beat up 1960 Peugeot 403 convertibles, while cost effective on paper and in abundant supply since they litter the junk yards of Europe, seems that finding Peuqeots that run is a little more of a challenge.

On a more serious note; the pay scale at CMPD will need to be changed to accommodate the rank of lieutenant, because captains and sergeants are only within a few hundred dollars monthly.

Since it is clear sergeants would not take kindly to a pay cut, expect those ranks of captain and above to get a sizable pay raise. That's one way to get around the City Council idea of holding in line on spending, smoke and mirrors.

Other Notable Lieutenants in Uniform or Behind the Badge:

Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan Taylor: Gump and Bubba's commanding officer during the Vietnam

Leslie Nielsen as Lieutenant Frank Drebin: Naked Gun

Peter Sell3rs as Inspector aka Lieutenant Jacques Clouseau: The Pink Panther


Anonymous said...

Cedar YOU F-ING Racist everyone of your Lieutenants are WHITE!

Do you really think Rodney Monroe would every allow a college educated white guy a promotion?

Here's a hint, out police chief, mayor and the head of Charlotte transit is BLACK!

So take your white hate back to the woods with the rest of your skin head buddies.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Martin Castillo - MIAMI VICE BABY!

Anonymous said...

It should have been a Promotion Process from the beginning.....just another screwup.
And will it be a fair process with outside evaluators? And a Lt.'s exam?
Will the best, most qualified person be promoted, regardless of ethnicity?

Anonymous said...

Just another RoMo move to prop up his king's court.

You'll notice the guys on the street get "ZERO"!

And don't even think about asking for July 3-6 off. You can expect to see another All Hands On Deck for the Uptown July 4th Event.

Anonymous said...

@5:06 Zero heck!! the guys on the street are losing money this year. No merit raise, no cost of living and insurance is going up significantly. So actually a pay lose, not zero.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of zero as in no pay raise, but you are correct more work, less pay, more deductions. Secondary work is the only way I can make ends meet.

Then there is a certian RAC you says "not my fault you have four kids"!

Anonymous said...

Hey, just another reason the guys on the street get the shaft again. How will we pay for this new position? Here's an idea, how about the FOP grows some balls and maybe go after this city to actually get us a damn raise. How many times have current officers missed their step increase? We have the DNC coming to this city. Can anyone think of a better time to leverage the work we do? What the hell would this city do if a terrible case of blue flu moved through our ranks. It's called the thin blue line for a reason people, we have to stick together because no one else will be ther for us.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Rodney Monroe hasn't changed his MO. In Richmond officers pay increased .2% while command staff pay grew by 24% along with perks and benefits.

Same old Rodney. Glad he's in your city and not mine.

Anonymous said...

Your idiots! The Lt. is just the RAC position with a different name.
Now instead of being appointed they will have to compete to be promoted.
All the RACs will have to go thru the process.
The same money thats been paying for RACs will pay for Lts.