Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends

NBA Championship - Goes to Dallas, as if you didn't expect that to be the outcome. LeBron James for all hype, trash talk and self promotion, and "The Decision" just couldn't come through for the Heat. It was a slow motion train wreck of missed shots, turnovers and JV mistakes.

Mark Cuban Mavrick's Team Owner on the left.

While the talk today will be of LeBron's failure, (the best wrap-up on the Cleveland - LeBron James fallout is here), someone should step up and say "Way to Go" Mark Cuban. The NBA needs more grass roots owners like Cuban. He's been a thorn in NBA commissioner David Stern's backside for years and when he had a chance to say I told you so, in front of an area full of Miami Heat fans, he stepped back and let Donald Cater the team's original owner accept the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship trophy. That's pure class from a guy who many said didn't have any.

Tommy Tomlinson speaks up about LeBron James and his lack of class here.

CMPD Props - The past week I tweeted (Yes Cedar has a tweeter account) about a couple CMPD heros. First major kudos to the unknown CMPD Officer I saw changing a tire for someone's grandfather on a day when the outside temp was 93 and the temp of the pavement was well over 105. Those of you who wear the blue uniform know it wasn't made for a pit crew.

Props to the officers who pulled two seniors out of their home Saturday, quick thinking and action that saved their lives.

To the CMPD officers who stood out in the street at Park Road and Archdale Drive on Saturday night. Kudos for cuffing and stuffing the drunks! I'm always amazed at the number of people who don't have valid drivers license, insurance or registrations.

Shout out to the two officers at McD's on Friday morning who stopped by to chat it up with Cedar Posts. Thanks for all the kind words about the blog.

CDIA - Interesting how the "Local Paper" explains that Jerry Orr's airport will break up 10000 feet of concrete and replace the 18-36C runway at a cost of 26 million this summer.

"Runway 18C-36C will have its concrete surface ripped up and reconstructed started(ing) Aug. 15. Officials say that work should take about two months and is being paid for with $26.5 million in bonds."

Reality Check - The work is being paid for by taxpayers. I don't care how Jerry Orr spins the airport operation we the citizens of Charlotte pay for the airport. Mainly via inflated ticket prices thank you US Airways.

US Airways Fail - Speaking of US Airways, Mrs Cedar had to make some last minute changes to her flight plans back in April. A last minute change meant paying a change fee ($150.00)a higher fare, changing flights and destinations. Being the nice husband that I am handled the change for her and even paid the extra charge for a "Choice Seat".

When Mrs Cedar checked in at the gate she was bumped out of her "Choice Seat" and sent to the back of the bus. Thus began a two month Odyssey to reclaim my $39.00 "fee" for what used to be free.

I have spent no less than 3 hours and countless emails trying to pry the funds back away from US Airways. Its amazing that this airline would commit so many man hours to keep a couple of Hamilton's. I can't help but laugh at the call center employees on the other side of the world who don't really speak English and have fake names.

Good News - later this year US Airways will phase out their overseas call center operations and all calls will be taken by US based employees. Score one for the USA! Bad News - Another dead end and another email from Useless Airways requesting more information and still no refund.

Up and Coming Hotness - I'll blame this one on Mrs. Cedar who made me watch the subtitled foreign film "Till det som ar vackert" (To What is Beautiful) retitled for the US as "Pure". Alicia Vikander plays the role of Katrina.

This film is sexy gone mad, if sex in public places is your thing then this film is a must see. But the real value is that besides being pure hottness Alicia Vikander is a "shooting star" and she is in the running to sign a deal to appear in World War "Z" along with Brad Pitt.

"Z" continues the sudden fascination with Zombies, I have no idea why but World War "Z" the book was a hit and so now a movie. And yes she does speak English, but does it even matter?

Turmoil at Matthews PD? - Word is that three officers have departed the small Matthews Police Department in recent weeks. No word as to why, but given the forty man department's size I suspect some thing is up.


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than to stick it to LRJ in Miami. What James will learn now is that in the NBA you are only as good as your last game. Redemption in the NBA therefore comes easy, have a bad game, go out the next night and have a good game all is forgiven. But for LeBron James and the next game is six months away. Maybe his should try baseball?

Anonymous said...

LaBron James what a joke! Cleveland doesn't have much going for it but they are better off without the ego.

Anonymous said...

kind words about cmpd...and the shame is these kinds of things go on every day but are overshadowed by the corrupt and dumb at the top!
The Officers are out there risking it all and doing a great job and never hear that!
Looks like a certain DC is still not finished getting rid of people he doesn't like, replacing them with "favorites"!
Between him and the chief, pretty soon all their pals will be in primo positions and others who have worked long and hard are relegated to obscurity.
Nowhere does the quid pro quo rule work better than will get this job in exchange for your blind allegiance.....allegiance staffing at its best!!!

Anonymous said...

The turmoil at Matthews PD just didn't start it has been going on for years, it is now coming to a head!but thats what happens when you treat employee's bad and continue to exercise the days of the "good ole boy system" There will be more to leave in the days to come. When you have Officers leave that have been there for more than 15 years there is a BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Matthews exodus may be voluntary for now, but there's an Attorney General investigation underway into activitiy there. Reports are that the AG & DOJ are underway on activities into CMPD and the people that are in charge of the CMPD. By the way, closed door sessions to replace Charlotte City Attorney McCarley begin today. I think they should be open. Also think they are long overdue. Also, they are the start of a long list of required replacements.

Anonymous said...

Cedar don't bury the Matthews Police Department story, you should put it on the top. They have taken the RoMo play book to new extremes. Check it out.