Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Portrait of a Four Mile Greenway Parking Lot Scofflaw

Definition of "scofflaw" a "contemptuous law violator".

The signs prohibiting Greenway parking in the Shops at Piper Glen parking lot are everywhere. Besides being unfair to store owners who pay for the parking lot, and their patrons who are forced to go elsewhere for lack of parking spaces, some of these law breakers are simply a danger.

Cedar Posts is amazed at the effort this woman put into hiding her dirty deed. First she roamed the parking lot in her gold colored SUV, nearly backing into several cars in the process. Once she finally found her "discrete" parking spot, she backed her SUV into the tight space to hide her license plate making it more difficult to identify her vehicle. Of course all of her shady antics, near collisions and u-turns got Cedar's attention.

Once she stopped being a rolling hazard, she walked across the entire parking lot with her 3 young sons in tow. Pretending to stop for coffee at Starbucks before crossing the street and walking west on the Greenway.


Anonymous said...

Another parent who will wonder why her son is in prison, claming I raised him to be a good boy.

Anonymous said...

You mean to say this monkey didn't have a handicapped placard? I thought they all did?

Anonymous said...

A pet peeve of mine is centered around that same parking lot. People who park in the no parking zone, don't return shopping carts and drive though parking spaces because they are too lazy to back up. UGH! The shops at Piper Glen are the worst!

Anonymous said...

You can almost smell her by looking at her photo.

Anonymous said...

Once again the racists show themselves and their IQ's!

And who raised you to be the racists that you are? Your parents must be SO proud of you!

Sonething to be proud of....a long line of racists!

Can't you for once leave the name calling and stereotypes out of ANY discussion? Can't you all be adults for just once?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if your black or white, asian or arab, thumbing your nose at the rules because you don't think they apply to you makes you scum that the rest of us have to put up with and pick up your slack.

Because of people like this trader joes may move to another location, other stores have left for the same reason. People who think the rules don't apply to them.

To the women in the photo if you did indeed park at the Shops at Piper Glen I hope your car is towed. It would serve you right.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:41- Face it most black folks stink more then whites when they are all sweaty in the summertime. What do you think VP Biden meant when he said Obama was "clean and articulate"? Biden speak for "doesn't stink and can talk."

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:02
You are just showing your ignorance and lack of education and class.

Go get'cha a beer and get back in that la z boy where you are at home.....make sure you have your spit can nearby!

Anonymous said...

Just another entitled breaking the we ALL know they can't follow any laws......

Anonymous said...

I happened on this little blog, oddly enough, while searching for another city council issue. Hey Cedar Post --- you sure know how to bottom feed!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:05
There are some scumbag racists on here, but there are some reasonable people, too, and Cedar does get the story right 99% of the time.
It is a shame that the racist overtones of some of the posters take away from the legitimacy of the facts.
And sometimes I think it is people posting those things to intentionally cast a racist shadow over the Blog.
But Cedar himself doesn't help sometimes.

Anonymous said...

To my brother, or sista, at 06/22 at 12:41, listen to this, my bitch ho:

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59
And I am sure I could find redneck, aryan rants on the internet.
Grow up......seriously!

Anonymous said...

I'm not from SC so I'm having a hard time figuring out what the problem is. Is Greenway an apartment complex or something? why is this woman parking in a store parking lot bad?

Anonymous said...

At this location which is across from a county park people are using the shopping center to leave their cars. The shopping center has a limited number of spaces which means store customers go elsewhere.

Signs abound the state the parking is for customer parking only and violators are subject to towing.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have no idea of what you are stating. You only targeted this woman because of her race asnd her black children in white suburbia!!!! Do white people not park there too? Gimme a break--racist!!!!! and child hater!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, you have no idea of what you are stating. You only targeted this woman because of her race and her black children in white suburbia----PIPER GLEN, SOUTHEAST CHARLOTTE!!!! OMG!!!!!Do white people not park there too? Gimme a break--racist!!!!! and child hater!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMAGEEZ!!!, I happen to know the woman in the photo!!, and I happen to BE WHITE!!!
I am utterly ashamed of my "SUPREMACIST" friends, who are acting holier than any!!!
As though yall have never EVER done anything wrong or even possibly, criminal in your lives!!!
I also happen to know that SHE MET MYSELF AND 3 OTHER WHITE PEOPLE (who all parked at the same parking lot btw) AT THE STARBUCKS THAT EVENING TO WALK THE GREENWAY TOGETHER!!!, I do not see MY foto up here, and I wonder why????

Anonymous said...

I believe what's good for one is good for all... It is quite obvious that she was PICKED ON because of her race, and to mention her children????... now that's LOW!!!
Atleast she made the right choice to exercise unlike the rest of you!!! SHAME!, SHAME!!, SHAME!!!.
And MR CEDAR, the BIGGEST SHAME OF ALL!!! FOr using your forum to promote HATE INSTEAD OF RIGHT...
Cos I know you most definitely saw myself and other CAUCASIANS there that same evening...Sooner or later you are going to get your A** sued!!!

Anonymous said...

....To June 22, 8:00am... I feel sorry for you, for forgetting that Lacy Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, amongst others were not killed by black folk, and those WHITE killers are all in prison.
And that the criminal system in this country is most corrupt...and that just because one ends up in prison doesnt mean they were not raised right!!!...I sure hope YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY ENDS UP IN PRISON where you all belong!!!
And I hope you and 8:28am are roommates!!!lol

Cedar Posts said...

Dearest 3:54/4:00 Let's not complicate the obvious, as color has nothing to do with Ms. The Rules Don’t Apply to Me.

If you grab a coffee at Starbucks, it doesn’t give you the right to leave your car in the parking lot and walk the Greenway, anymore than having a hangover allows you to park in a handicap space.

Honestly I didn't notice her color at all. What I did notice was that the driver of a gold SUV nearly backed into one car (mine), then cut off two others to get to a parking space that she shouldn't have parked in.

If I see another person doing the same thing and I happen to have a camera I'll be happy to post their photo as well, let’s hope for a white person next time shall we?

But if they happen to be Asian or Latino they are getting the same photo of shame treatment.

Seriously my first thought was to give JD Yearwood a call, I have his cell and I’m sure he could have sent a wrecker in short order. Nothing like a few flashing yellow lights to get people to be more considerate.

Which is the point of the post, the woman in the photo is inconsiderate and I will not overlook her inconsiderateness due to the color of her skin.

Second you too are inconsiderate, bragging that you also parked in the shopping center lot and walked the Greenway not only makes you inconsiderate but also a sociopath. Do you also take 20 items to the 10 or less check out line? Did you cheat in college because “everyone else did”? Do let your dog crap in the neighbor's yard and fail to bag it because, no one will know. Hummmm, I thought so.

At some point Park and Rec will will build a parking lot for the Greenway, I imagine that most people will park there versus the shopping center’s parking lot.

Some however will continue to view themselves as being above the law, thinking that courtesy and consideration is something other people need to do.

Have a good walk.

Anonymous said...

She did not even enter the starbucks.
She sat outside with the rest of us...Mr.I didn't even notice her color.
And yes, I did park there, and so did you, and the rest of us...
And YES, YES, YES... HER COLOR HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!, MR. I have never cut anybody off on the road before...

Nate said...

Wow, all this for a parking space? Can't wait till some one wears white after Labor day! The fireworks then!!!

But seriously folks, yeah, it's annoying, but come on. It's a parking space. And I have been to that shopping center a hundred times, they have 1/2 the parking they should have there. I would argue the developer got greedy and stuck more revenue making buildings on that plot than the parking could sustain. I am not arguing for the woman, I'm just saying that I think it's pretty pitiful that people:
A. Got so upset about a parking space. And yes, I get it. I own a business too.
B. Let such a petty thing elicit such vitriol and rank racism.

As much as I want to believe we have grown up, all I need to do is read something like this to realize that is mere fantasy on my part. Sad really.