Friday, July 1, 2011

Cedar Says: "Hat Tip To Chief Monroe"

While this blog has often sent flaming arrows in the direction of Chief Monroe, the paragraph below deserves a formal acknowledgement.

"Based on the recent incident with CiC, we will reinforce to our officers that photographs may be taken as long as no one’s safety is jeopardized and the officers have an adequate safe zone in which to do their work. We will also review our written directives to ensure they are clear on this matter."

While I certainly disagree with the Chief on many issues, I am pleased to see that he takes the concept of civil liberties, and more importantly the 1st Amendment and the rights of the press very seriously.

I have to give credit to Chief Monroe for making the above commitment. This is a huge change from Chief Monroe's normal modus operandi. This is such a major change from the prior hubris, that I must give a full hat tip and salute to this change in tenor on Independence Day Weekend no less.

Thank You Chief Rodney Monroe!


Anonymous said...

You are kidding, right?

First, he did not write that email, he can't pronounce half the words in it.

Second, he put those things out there because he was feeling the HEAT.......and with the 4th here, he does not need any more bad press.

Third, rodney has never met a directive he couldn't change.

And why would he be concerned about this.....ONLY BECAUSE OF THE BAD PRESS!

Give me a break, like he has suddenly become a PROFESSIONAL,RESPONSIBLE person/leader?

I do not think so!!!!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Cedar. This is the first time I have seen the Chief respond in an apparent attempt to be open and honest when caught with tweety in his mouth.
Irregardless of who wrote the email he spoke every word of it. No cool aid just hard liquor needed to swallow that pill.
cudos to cedar and the chief.
Enjoy the ball game, cedar!

Anonymous said...

Like I said....ALL damage control by rodney.

He had to be CONVINCED to put that email out there.

Listen, he has the DNC coming up, he has an " image" to maintain so he can cash in on the contacts he has made. When he gets his second retirement from cmpd he will be looking to use all of his contacts for financal gain.

Just damage control!

Anonymous said...

It should be said that Chief Monroe had little choice, because his officers mistakenly went after the wrong person, then Cedar Posts got a hold of the story and finally the national and local press perked up.

And you can bet there is some kind of diversity issue behind all of the smoke screen.

Let me guess both officers are black and the CinC blogger is a white woman?

Not sure that it is fact but why else would RoMo tuck tail so soon?

Anonymous said...

Yes, both Officers are he going to protect them ?

It's already been proven that one of them lied, and their
"stories" didn't match up!

Shades of Marcus Jackson..... said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice job, Rodney.....WAY TO GO ON ALLOWING HEALTH INSURANCE TO INCREASE WHILE NOT ALLOWING ANY PAY RAISES FOR YOUR OFFICERS! Way to take care of your troops and proritize!!!!!!

Did Rodney get a pay raise?

Where does all the money go at CMPD?

And how many will he promote..... really, does the department have the MONEY to promote Majors, Captains
and Deputy Chiefs???????

Way to go!!!!

ThaQueenCity said...

I do not like Monroe, he reminds me a lot of Kojo, but for once, rather he wrote that email or not, it was the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Once again, monroe was not motivated by altruistic feelings, or doing the right thing.

His motives were PR, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Rodney has done NOTHING that could be seen as a benefit for CMPD that has not first and foremost benefited HIM, since he has been here.

You can best your sweet ass that he was compelled to print that email, and would have not done so otherwise.

And does he really think that when he leaves and more of the TRUE story is revealed, that any of his so called high falutin' contacts will touch him? No Way!!

He really does like to rub elbows with people he perceives as "stars", doesn't he?

You know what they call people like that, right? :)

republican said...

Any type of documentation photo/video of officers could be seen as a threat to that officers safety. The bad guys are playing for keeps, Officers know this. The bad guys are not afraid to do intel work on their targets. If citizens want to document Officers preforming their dutys they should realize this and use common sence. If you act like an idiot then guess what? you will probably get treated like one.