Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CMPD Declares Independence Day Celebration a Major Success

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police declare their strict enforcement and massive show of force a major success with only four arrests and less than a dozen juvenile curfew violations.

CMPD Spokesman Rob Turfano made the following points in an email released at 1 AM email:

"The operations plan was thoroughly coordinated and successfully implemented."

"Officers aggressively enforced laws and intervened early to deter any activity that could have escalated."

"Critical partnerships with the Department of Social Services, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, MEDIC and the Charlotte Fire Department in particular provided key support in the operation’s success."

Cedar's Take: No doubt the local main stream media will pile on the praise during this morning's newscasts, yet those who are on the street know the real truth and will wonder why no one will point out the obvious or ask the tough questions.

Clearly the rain and thunderstorms early in the evening limited the crowds, and keep most of the thugs home.

The most obvious question, if more police and "aggressively" enforcing laws is the key to success and keeping the peace at uptown events, then what happened to the planning for "Speed Street".

The answer, the request for more boots on the street over the Memorial Day weekend was made via the chain of command and was declined.

But will anyone from Charlotte's City Council ask the though questions?


Anonymous said...

cmpd cant handle the thuglets with 3000 troops on the ground? of course mission complete.

MeckDeck said...

Questions of the day:

1) How much did the CMPD ramp up cost the city?

2) What was the "economic impact" of Uptown businesses closing early out of fear?

Anonymous said...

Meck Deck,
Are you serious or is this a joke?

"2) What was the "economic impact" of Uptown businesses closing early out of fear?"

Anonymous said...

You people can't be satisfied. This has to be one of the most constantly complaining cities of all time. It's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

This was a lot to show the DNC that they could lock it down.....and they did!
It should be like that for every major event downtown, Duh!
But all those resources focused in one spot for one night works, (although I would like to see how crime was in the rest of the city)!
How will they maintain that coverage for the DNC without sacrificing the rest of the city?
Help from outside Charlotte and Federal help?
And Anon9:55:
Satisfaction would come with consistency and REAL leadership.......real, honest, transparent, ethical leadership!
And you must not have travelled much or been exposed to a whole lot, and it shows with your statement. Do yourself a favor and go to some other cities. Or just pick up a newspaper!

CrimeInCharlotte.com said...

This is classic, Cedar! Check out this slideshow @ the CO:


These shots were taken by the same photographer (Todd Sumlin) who took the pic for our article (although the failed to mention you!)

Look at how many Officers were there! Of course, nothing happened! They called in an Army to prevent that from happening AGAIN. Check out the shot of Monroe himself out with "his men" who he does nothing to protect :)

Anonymous said...

Been to plenty of places, read plenty of newspapers. Not enough cops on Memorial Day, too many cops for the 4th, what a waste. So which is it?

Anonymous said...

But will anyone from Charlotte's City Council ask the though questions?

Of course not, they think all is well....and the Rotney is doing a great job! Idiots