Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four Mile Greek Greenway Parking Lot "Re-Visited"

Cedar Posts took a lot of heat for a photo of a black woman who went to great effort while parking her car at the Shops at Piper Glen Parking lot so she could walk the Four Mile Creek Greenway. The post "Portrait of a Four Mile Greenway Parking Lot Scofflaw". 9311 views and 23 comments, many that were cries of Racist! and Bigot!

So here we have the white Mr. and Mrs. "The Rules Don't Apply To Me". Who justified use of the "15 Minute" parking spot, by shopping at Trader Joe's after their 40 minute run.

I'm sorry I don't see color, what I do see are people who don't think the rules apply to them. People who are so self absorbed that they don't have the ability to understand why their actions cause others harm.

I am surrounded by people who think the rules are for other people, and live in a city where common courtesy has gone to shit. The "me" generation has become the "me and up yours" generation.

The best comment is from Nate who added: "I have been to that shopping center a hundred times, they have 1/2 the parking they should have there. I would argue the developer got greedy and stuck more revenue making buildings on that plot than the parking could sustain."

So In the world according to Nate developers should build really big parking lots, with room for people to park even if they are not shopping. I'd guess there should be a law requiring parking for Motor homes, and for selling your car. Maybe some "extra" spaces for changing your oil, and few discrete places for extramarital hooks ups. Interesting way to look at things.


Anonymous said...

Nasty Savages. They look like they stink.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on Cedar! Give us at least a close-up on that broad's thighs. I can't evaluate her fockability from that distance.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of 'me generation' types around here. And their excuse for not having morals is 'you haven't lived my life' retort (to which my reply is, no, I dont, because I am not stupid enough to act like or make the same decisions you do), much like this couple. Total lack of courtesy, common sense, and respecting how things work. It's sad and if it were legal, a swift smack upside the head with a 2x4 should be punishment.