Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends

Tiger Woods - plans to make a "special announcement" today on the Golf Channel, but there is not even a hint of what is on golf's former number one player's mind.

Woods has not played competitively since pulling out of the Players Championship back in May, and has not been on top of his game remaining winless since late 2009.

The announcement will take place Monday at 11 a.m. ET, when he will sit down with the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman.

Trader Joe's - Things you might not know about Trader Joe's, like the chain is owned by German retail giant Aldi Group.

There are only two Trader Joe's in South Carolina, the newest store opens in Charleston this month joing the lone store in Greenville, there are six in North Carolina 3 in Charlotte and 3 in the Research Triangle area.

Trader Joe's likes to shadow Whole Foods, which means a South Park store in Charlotte might be on the horizon, once the Whole Foods on Fairview Road opens next month.

Charles Shaw wines from California oft called "Two Buck Chuck" is really $3.99 in Charlotte but under 3 dollars in Greenville. You don't need a "VIP" card to save money at Trader Joe's, the company doesn't offer sales, promotions or discount cards. They will accept coupon's but since most the items are private label the manufactures coupons are worthless.

Trader Joe's adds about a dozen new items every week which also means an equal number of items are removed. And then there are the bells, which they use in lieu of the time honored intercom system.

Another Biker Dies - A Charleston physician was killed last Tuesday when the bicycle he was riding was struck from behind by an AT&T Company van. The force of the impact propelled him over the side of the James Island connector to his death.

According to Charleston police, 54-year-old Mitchell Hollon was riding a bicycle on the westbound side of the bridge about 8:40 a.m. when an AT&T utility van being driven by a 44-year-old man drifted to the right and struck the bicycle, knocking Hollon over the side of the bridge and into the marsh, 40 feet below.

Authorities on airboats recovered Hollon's body from the marsh about an hour later. His bicycle and helmet were still on the shoulder, not far from the van with a shattered windshield and large dent in its passenger side.

CMPD Officer Under Investigation - Seems yet another CMPD officer has been arrested for domestic violence. Details are sparse but Cedar Posts understands this case involves a veteran officer.

File This Under You Got To Be Kidding - This November, voters in San Francisco are expected to weigh in on a controversial topic: whether parents should be allowed to circumcise their baby boys.

The proposition, backed by members of an anti-circumcision group that calls its members "intactivists," has ignited heated debate.

It's hardly a new issue. Historians have found evidence of circumcision dating to ancient Egypt. Since then, the practice has gone in and out of public favor for myriad reasons, including hygiene, religion, cultural norms and beliefs about masculinity. Circumcised men are now in the minority worldwide, but they are the vast majority in the U.S.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that circumcision has both risks and benefits and that parents should be given all the information available to make an informed decision.

In the meantime, those in favor of circumcision say it promotes health and hygiene, while those opposed say it's an unnecessary medical procedure that amounts to mutilation.

Cedar's Take: A few years ago CFD and Medic were called to a home with an obviously very drunk young man who had tired to circumcise himself with predictably painful results. When asked why he had taken a razor to his penis he stated his girlfriend had broken up him because she preferred her previous partner who was "circumcised".


Anonymous said...

Do these idiots riding bikes want to die? I see them on roads and highways like Fairview Road and Lancaster Highway (521) (the James Island Connector looks like an interstate)where the traffic is going along at better than 70 miles an hour. That is crazy.

They should be limtied to roads where the speed limit is 35 or less.

I won't stop the killing but it will keep it from being so ugly.

Anonymous said...

Tiger Woods what a prima donna! Can't just send out an email or post a message on Facebook or Twitter like the rest of the celb world, nooooo he thinks he's special. So what if no one cares?

Anonymous said...

Cedar I just heard that the Tiger Wood statement was a bogus twitter post, might even be a hack by someone. But in any regard there was no announcement.

Billy Fehr said...

Yes anon 9:51, we (idiots) want to die because wherever that takes us there will be no cars.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the drivers would put down the cell phones they wouldn't drift off the road and kill people?

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods opening in Charlotte next month? I think you mean next year. It is still a pile of dirt.

Cedar Posts said...

Yes you are correct, next year NOT next month. I need more Starbucks that early in the AM.

Anonymous said...

Remember, a bike is a vehicle that deserves the same due regard as a vehicle. Gas tax aside, if I can go to jail for DWI on one, then you better pay attention.

I think if we allow bikers to shoot at passing cars that do not yield space will create the respect needed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get frustrated with some bike riders, not all, because they ignore the laws, and do like to hog the road. But that is certainly no reason to run over them.

I know I wouldn't ride a bike, not in this town. A few years ago, maybe. But not today. For those who do, please follow the same laws as cars and be careful of the idiots out safe!