Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Nights 4 Murders 4 Killers Charlotte in Chaos

The Charlotte Observer headline screams "Police charge three men in killing of girl, 4, parents at Charlotte apartment"

Lorenzo and Cheryl Graves were found shot to death in front of their television. The body of their four-year-old daughter, Oznola, was found in her parents bedroom, where family members think she was hiding before she was stabbed to death.

Lorenzo Tyrone White, 27, Joseph Louis Amous, 25, and Linny Marquise Barcliff, 20, were apprehended by police within 24 hours.

White is charged with three counts of murder, two counts of robbery, three counts of kidnapping and conspiracy and same charges have been filed against Barcliff and both are being held without bond.

But Amous is charged only with conspiracy to commit robbery and his bond is set at only $50,000. Cedar's Take: WTF?




Less than six miles away the fouth murder victim in two days, 20 year old Caleb Coppenhaver is found dead behind a vacant home.

Caleb Coppenhaver's alleged killer Campton Conway Wolfe, DOB 12/11/1986, was arrested by CMPD officers and charged with: Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery and Armed Robbery late Wednesday night. Wolfe's resume includes weapons, drug, robbery and assault charges.


Cedar's Take:

Less than a month after Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe claimed victory for his war on crime, the city hits a new milestone with the stabbing death of a four year old.

It is not about numbers regardless of what CMPD's talking heads say. The percentages and charts don't tell the real facts or the cold hard truth.

Where is the acknowledgement of a subculture, of a sub class of humans that live among us? These are people that for whatever reason have embraced a culture of violence, drugs, guns and a way of life that doesn't include working. These are people who are not fit to live within our city, our state or our country.

How many times do the facts have to repeat before there is a public out cry?

We need long sentences for violent offenders. If you use a gun it should be a life sentence. We need to push back the line that says you are unfit for society and there is no hope of redemption. That line is now at rape and murder. If we are to "prevent the next crime" we need to push back the line.

Take a good look at the four above, every one of them should have been "put down" long ago.

The first time you commit a violent crime, will be the last time you commit a crime.

I think I could run for governor on that and get some pretty serious percentages.


August 31, 2011

Joseph Louis Amous, 25 who was orgianly charged with only conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon was also charged with three counts of murder and two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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Anonymous said...

Anybody else notice a pattern to those mug shots?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are correct most of the AWD and Armed Robbery charges are reduced or dismissed by Andrew Murray's assitant idiots.

But I think they get the idea that crime is no big deal the first time they get arrested and nothing happens.

These four thugs should have been locked up long ago.

citynewswatch said...

Rodney's too busy picking out new furniture or whatever "upfit" means on almost $600,000 that Council approved on an unfunded amount they WILL NOT ANSWER for to notice all these murders, it seems.

Anonymous said...

With a DA Office like the one in Mecklenburg, it does not matter what the police do. The criminals know nothing will be done with them. The DA office needs to work harder at trying cases instead of coming up with excuses not to try them.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that US Supreme Court rulings someone cease at the Mecklenburg County line. I have never heard of anywhere that co-defendants confession's could not be used against others that commit the crime with the person. In interrogation classes they teach on how to use this tactic, but Meck. Co. will not let it fly.

Anonymous said...

wholeheartedly agree with where Rodney's attention and DA's efforts are. Don't know how we can vote this problem out because the people in charge support each other in keeping it all quiet, no matter what the rules are.

Until the lawsuits are filed, we won't get the full truth.

When the Marcus Jackson lawsuit comes to trial, we may get some truth--IF they don't still manage to quash that, one way or another. said...

Great stuff Cedar. It is time for SOMEONE to take responsibility for the repeat thugs running around our city causing havoc. The killing of an innocent 4-year old young girl during a robbery should have the public in an outcry...

ThaQueenCity said...

No doubt our liberal DA will allow ALL THREE those involved with the "intentional & deliberate" murder of a 4 year to continue breathing the same air as the rest of us.

ALL three of these sicko's should be put down like the rabid animals they are!

What I want to know is why ONE is charged only with robbery? If he was part of the robbery he is certainly just as guilty of the murder PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Because the DA does not allow co defendant testimony. In Meck Co you have to have each one confess. If one said they all did it, only that evidence can only be used against him and not the others.

Anonymous said...

Even keeping in mind innocent until proven guilty, check the records on these guys. Convicted felon, twice more charged with drug and weapon of mass destruction charges, among others, CONVICTED, and 'sentenced' to probation.


Out and free to commit whatever crimes he wanted to.

I want to see the DA's report, the judge's ruling, probation report, and the magistrate who gave him release the THIRD try after he was arrested the second time for Weapons of Mass destruction as an already-twice-convicted felon.

Condolences to the family.

Disgust with anyone who doesn't write to the DA, Walton, and the Council. We need some honesty about Crime here. If you think you shouldn't bother because you live somewhere it won't affect you, you are probably in for a rude awakening--although I hope not. We are all responsible for allowing this growing problem.