Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CMPD Officer Gina Cook Goes Postal On Her Domestic Partner

Gaston County 911 Dispatchers got a call more than a month ago and just now the altercation has made the press. Cedar Posts first mentioned this news back in July when the altercation filtered down the chain of command. At the time only the event was known and not the officer.

Now according to WCNC that Officer is Gina Cook, who is under investigation after her roommate called 911 on July 7, 2011 and the following conversation took place:

“We need police,” said Cook’s roommate on the 911 call.

“Who’s there causing problems and what are they doing?” asked the 911 dispatcher.

“Well, we've had a little bit of shoving. We've had some verbal abuse,” the roommate answered.

“Do they have any kind of weapons,” asked the dispatcher.

“No ma'am,” Cook’s roommate answered.

According to WCNC Cook has been placed on paid administrative leave.

This is not the first time Gina Cook has gone postal on her domestic partner. Back in 2003 she went nutty on a fellow police officer that she once had a relationship with after finding her in bed with another woman.

What was then described as a total beat down at the hands of Cook took place while she was on duty, and ended only after Cook nearly choked her former lover to the point of passing out.

It is unclear if this latest victim is the same woman.

Back then Chief Stevens gave Cook a free pass and allowed her to keep her dog as well as her role with the K-9 unit.

Cedar's Take: No doubt Ms. Cook has served the City of Charlotte well over the past twenty years. However while Ms. Cook's lifestyle choice should not affect her job performance it is clear that it does. Now not only has her lifestyle as a violent lesbian become an embarrassment, her complete lack of self control has become a danger to the public at large.

In this case she may not be guilty of any crime, only guilty of complete lack of judgment and moral character, as well as conduct unbecoming an officer.

I'd give her 24 hours to resign, and suggest she do so without adding further embarrassment to the already troubled department.

It should be noted that no male officer suspected of domestic violence would be given such courtesy as paid leave or special assignment or even an opportunity to resign.

Bonus Coverage Lesbian Cop Brawl at CMPD, Take II by Tara Servatius which is here.


Anonymous said...

You are exactly right that a male officer would not get by with abusing a female partner!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that if this female officer violently attacked someone, on- or off-duty, she should have been removed the first time around and prosecuted as well. If she in fact has done it again, there is no excuse.

Any officer with violent tendencies, issues of inability to control themselves without flipping out, or similar problems, should not be carrying a taser, a night stick, or a gun.

As for making excuses for men doing the same thing on the force, surely, someone is having a little fun with that statement.

Anonymous said...

Cedar props to you. I thought you were full of BS when I read your entry on Monday Odds and Ends last month. I searched everywhere to see the mug shot of some CMPD officer who had beat his wife.

I asked everyone on my shift if they heard of any officer beating up his wife. Nope not one.

I would have never thought to ask if a women was the wife beater.

Who would have thunk it?

Lesbo smack down!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is more lazy, the fact that you are trying to make this an issue about being a lesbian, or the fact that you are not drawing the more accurate comparison to whether or not a woman would have been treated differently had she attacked her husband.

I am in complete agreement that what she has done is wrong and she needs to be dealt wealth. No officer should be allowed to remain on the force if force is their primary tool. But I find it funny (in a non-funny way) what you try to make the issue out as.

Anonymous said...

Right, not a lesbian issue at all.

But you know Cedar and his latent right wing tendencies!

This is simply and ONLY an issue of domestic abuse.

And projecting the different scenarios between sexes really doesn't apply here, and should be a different discussion.

And, of course, she should not be allowed to stay on at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason Tara Servatius no longer has a radio show.

She graduated from the Rupert Murdock school of Glenn Beck journalism.....I mean, really..." lesbian brawl"?

I'll just bet she adores Michelle Bachman.

Just report the facts without sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

Ha Tara calls it as she see's it. But I hope she doesn't get pulled over by a CMPD femcop. They will beat her tiny little ass.

I have never met a CMPD woman cop who wasn't a dike looking to kick someone's ass.

Tara who have been warned.

Anonymous said...

If this had been a male officer he would have been canned the next day. RoMo is an idiot for keeping her around for the last six weeks.

Anonymous said...

If it would have been handle right the FIRST TIME, Wouldn't have been a SECOND time. Gave Becca full rein of what she wanted, even though Not qualified. Lets hope she doesn't rampage on the school which is right around the corner!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Cedar, citynewswatch is asking the right questions, and getting nowhere.

Can rodney and curt really obfuscate and stonewall like this, legally????!

Wow, this should be on the front page of the CO....

Can you say Corruption, with a capital C??

The outright lies are something else!

Did Majors and above really get pay addition to the 1% lump sum??

Rodney is gonna take down all those that he has used to lie for him......not good!!!

Anonymous said...

Dikes and Fags are all drama queens except the men do the crying and the woman beat up each other.

And who can blame them first they are confused, while gay they still have the basic hard wired need to have children, Gina Cook has been watching time run out, hot flashes replaced the desire for kids.

Add that to the lack of another committed partner. Hell what did she expect? You in a relationship with someone who is completely immoral and you think they are capable of fidelity?

Fags and Dikes are nut cases they are the last sort of people you want on a police department.

Fire them all~!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42
I am constantly amazed at how completely ignorant people are, but you take the proverbial cake....galloping ignorance!

This little peek inside your twisted mind is truly frightening!

You are more of a threat to society than any gay or lesbian!

And talk about "immoral", i can ony imagine the lines you have crossed.

Go back under your rock now, and stop babbling your nonsense!

Anonymous said...

To the individual that slammed women cops at CMPD claiming they are all dyke looking...dude, you are so wrong. Yes, we have some of those, but we also have our fair share of hotties!

Anonymous said...

I agree I have met some really nice girls who just happen to be LE.

Of course I'd never have a serious relationship with any of them, but one night of cuffing and stuffing? Why not.

Anonymous said...

If you are a male, are you that ignorant to actually believe a lesbian would have a sexual relationship with you? Or is that just wishful thinking?

The stupidity on here never ceases to shock!!!!

Anonymous said...

LE= Law Enforcement
LEO= Law Enforcement Officer

I really don't want to stand up for any idiot man who would refer to any woman with the term "cuffing and stuffing"

Sounds like all of the woman have seen this guy coming and he hasn't achieved his immature goal anyway.

Will everyone grow up and be respectful--topic is out-of-control, potentially or actually violent men or women, of whatever sexual persuasion, should not be police officers. And this should apply to all officers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:42 Your comments can only mean one thing.....did your girl leave you for another woman? There are many lesbian women who I would take anytime over some of my fellow male offices into a firefight...your comments only prove how pitiful you truly are.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:57
Blaming the "bitch" for your anger management problems is so very off base!

It's kind of obvious you have misogynistic tendencies... referring to women as "fine ass", well that says a lot.

If you can be "provoked" to physical violence by what someone says, you have a real problem. It is a choice...and walking away is ALWAYS the best choice.

Blaming and abusing someone for your poor choices is never productive....and always wrong.

There are two sides to every story, but in most domestic abuse cases, there is only one abuser, and it is always wrong. And the abuser needs professional help, or they will be doomed to make poor choices and repeat their abusive behavior in all their relationships.

Anonymous said...

How come lesbians are HOT in pornos, but in real life they look like Gina Cook? NASTY!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure by reading some of theses comments, they came from Officer Rocky Lewis with CMPD who has been charged with beating women himself. Don't throw stones at glass houses .... all facts are not true!

Anonymous said...

This is such BS with all the posts that are going back and forth about Lesbo's and Homo's. Basically the short and sweet of it is that if you are a member of the PINK MAFIA. You job is safe at CMPD. But if it were a guy to behave like this, you sure can bet his ass would be in a sling. The upper chain of command are nothing but spineless asses.

Anonymous said...

The person that did this article must not be well educated. First of all, does it matter if she is a lesbian. Its sad you get paid for writing such ignorance for the public. There is always 2 sides to a story and unless you know what truly happen then such stupidity shouldnt be printed for public! And to the person that said FIRE THEM ALL, fags and dikes shouldnt be on the department. Let me tell you something I am a lesbian, and my partner is a detective with CMPD, and does a dang good job at it. Until you walk a day in her shoes or another CMPD officer to risk your life every day trying to protect the community, then its best to keep your thoughts to yourself. Being Gay, lesbian etc does not have anything to do with how you perform your job!!