Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Takes A Swipe At Charleston

A week of preparation turned out not to be needed, so Cedar Posts took Friday afternoon off and went looking to hookup with Irene's fury. Only one place to go when you're looking for an angry woman, Folly Beach!

An angry Atlantic churned up into heavy swells and ten foot seas pounded Folly Beach Friday afternoon.

For surfers it was a welcome break from the standard South Carolina muddy water knee cap to waist high surf.

The extra high tide at 6:30 helped the "washout" live up to it's name.

The surf covered blacktop didn't keep surfers off the beach or the spectators from watching the show.

Then there is always a little local flag waving to be done.

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Keads said...

True! Is the little beer joint/bait shop in the old service station near the HI still there? I had the BEST time drinking a late morning breakfast there!