Friday, August 5, 2011

Killer Barry Long Walks

Last year Barry Long shot and killed a co-worker at a party in the eastern part of Mecklenburg County. According to witnesses Long pulled a gun and fired five times at William "Britton" Twitty who was trying to drive away from a night long argument.

Recently Long's original court date came and went with none of the fan fair of more sensational murder trials. According to a post attributed to Britton's mother the DA's office had no witnesses or offered any sworn testimony in the short hearing that was held. According to Britton's mother the only people there were Barry and his brother. An hour later Long walked out of the Mecklenburg County Court House.

According to Mecklenburg County ADA Rob Corbett Long claimed self defense and they didn't have enough evidence to prove otherwise. Corbett when on to say "it was a difficult desision".

Barry Long had been free on bond and Mecklenburg County DA's office filed a dismissal on October 28, 2010.

Surprising that there were no reporters or news trucks, no mobs of protesters with sign pleading justice for Twitty. In fact no coverage at all.

In the end a killer is free and the family of William Britton Twitty is left with nothing more than the hollow words of Barry Long: "I am sorry".

WBTV's report from July of last year is here.


Anonymous said...

Another killer walks, no surprise here. Wonder if he will gt an anklet for his next drunken murder?

Anonymous said...

No evidence = no conviction. So says the US Constitution. Who are you pointing the blame at, Cedar? said...

Once the DA's Office releases some information about WHY the charges were dropped, we will all know who to blame (if blame is necessary) and why.

I know I personally called the ADA on Friday afternoon about the case and I'm awaiting a reply.

I can't speak for anyone else but it did not sound like Cedar was blaming anyone to me- simply stating the facts. It was bad enough for me. I see no 'self-defense' here.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a trial. Judging by the timing of the arrest, It was a probable cause hearing date.

He didn't walk out of the courthouse. Prisoners are never released from the courthouse. They're returned to the jail and released there.

You imagine yourself as a legitimate news outlet but you're just posting unfiltered misinformation from the victim's distraught family members.

Your problems go far deeper than a simple reluctance to spell check...

Kelly said...

12:51 AM- The crime was committed in 2010. Why would it take this long for a PC hearing?

He is NOT in Mecklenburg County Jail & his electronic monitoring is not active. Check @

He has no future court dates. Check @

He is not in DOC custody: Check @

Based on the following facts, what conclusions do you draw?

Britton's Mom said...

To Cedar Post- Thank you for caring. Up to now no one really has.
To Anonymous who said no evidence=no conviction yes this is the system of injustice and due to Britton being wounded slumped over in his truck and then dieing alone I guess that he was unable to provide his side of the story and then you have the boss, brother of the man who murdered Britton, who cannot really remember what happend so that is a lack of evidence, and of course you have the killer who shot the gun five times and killed my son who's gun had not been fired and the clip was not even engaged well we know what his story is going to be, oh I felt that he was going to hurt me that is why I drove illegally, intoxicated over to my brothers house to assist this young man whom I had only met a couple of times in his time of need...assist him into the gates of heaven. So you are right no evidence no blame....really?
To whom ever is telling Cedar that they are not reporting information correctly. From my experience with this situation all the local news stations and newspaper all had information that was subjective and not objective so they are right up there with the best of the best with one exception they are the only venue that acted as if they cared about getting the truth.
I have found the system to be a system of injustice fueled by power and money.
If the Lead Detective did not think that Barry was guilty then she would not have arrested him. It is ashame that the DA's office didnt feel that Britton's life was important enough to fight for his rights....just a little to much trouble I guess.
Now to the person who identified me as the distraught family member with unfiltered misinformation, I cannot express to you my deep irration to this statement. My grief over the murder of my son has not fueled this post. It is my dissapointment in the judical system. The system that is supposted to serve and protect not ignore if it is to much trouble. said...

I spoke with Rob Corbett, in the D.A.'s Office about this case on Wednesday. He offered to set up a meeting to discuss details of why it was dismissed but I was unable to and rec'd the following limited details via phone:

He advised the charges were dismissed on 10/28/10 and it was a "difficult decision" on the part of DA's Office and PD. His explanation in a nutshell:

No witnesses except the killer Barry Long and far-off neighbors who only reported hearing cussing & yelling and someone say, "I'm calling the police."

Long claims they both had guns and it is a he said, he's deceased deal with the killer claiming self-defense.

It is all very unsettling for all involved but rest assured Barry Long will be back in jail soon enough! Hopefully, he will start talking...

Thanks for posting Cedar and I send my condolences and strength to the Mom of the victim.

Anonymous said...

Are the charges dismissed without prejudice? I hope so. How in the world do you claim self defense when you are shooting at someone driving away from you?

With this guy's record, is he allowed to possess a gun? Why isn't he in jail for his previous charges anyway. If the other charges were dismissed, did they charge him related to that? What about the fact that he definitely discharged a gun in what sounds like a populated residential area? Honestly, how many excuses of "difficult decision" will come from the DA's office? I guess saying that is supposed to make us feel better becuase it's the standard line. Why is there a lack of evidence--are they saying the police missed something, is the DA's office not bothering with this man's death, or what happened? Do they not believe in the charges? I don't get it.

If anyone does have a meeting with the DA about this case, would you please ask them if releasing FELON OF THE CENTURY Shea Roseboro is also a 'difficult decision' ? Otherwise we will probably have another grieving mother writing in trying to figure out what happened. Just LOOK at that guy's record and the number of days he has spent in jail. How is he out, Mr. DA? Magistrate's office? Police Chief? said...

August 12, 2011 12:56 AM:
You make A LOT of great points! This case is a prime example of WHY people and victims in Mecklenburg County are so disgusted and frustrated with the DA's Office.
We are victimized by the perpetrator and then re-victimized by the system when our crimes aren't investigated and/or botched and then the DA's Office drops the charges!

Jeff said...

I am not a family member but I was with the family every step of the way even sitting in with the police and DA. Here are some facts you all need to know. The gun used to shoot Brittain was taken from the car of Mr. Longs ex - girlfriend. It had been given to her by another boyfriend as protection against Mr. Long who had been continuously threatening and harrassing them. A detective told me in the room that the neighbors had heard a voice say "why are you pointing that gun at me"? Gee wonder who that was? Finally two questions 1)Is shooting at a man that many times with a 357 really self defense?After he's hit with that he would go down immediately. 2)Why is it David Long could tell the police everything that happpened prior to and after the shooting but did not see what happened at the time of the shooting? I guess if you did not see anything you can't get your story discredited on the stand now can you?

Anonymous said...

Lisa Hill says: JUSTICE FOR BRITTON!!!! After all these years that have passed I know that there is someone out there that has more details and can bring this man in for what he has done to our Waxhaw family. Shooting an unarmed man 5 times IS NOT self defense. This KILLER must face the consequences!! We miss you Britton!!