Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Odd and Ends

Hurricane Irene - was a bust as far as Charleston, South Carolina was concerned. But mention the word "Hurricane" and it doesn't take long people for people to get all worked up.

I imagine the talking weather heads won't see this much action again this year. The media hype goes crazy whenever a tropical depression forms in late summer. In the wake of Hugo any tropical weather was cause to send a truck to the coast for WSOC. One news producer was so concerned with the lack of rain that she sprayed the on air reporter with a garden hose thinking they were not live. Opps.

Grace Beahm a photographer with the Charleston Post and Courier was disappointed to find Cedar putting a coat of wax on a vent cover rather than struggling with failing dock lines on Friday. She was in search of spray and some epic man vs wild struggle and quickly moved on.

I am old enough to remember Hugo and my parent's Seabrook Island home that was spared only by the fact that the storm went ashore 15 miles to the north rather than 15 miles to the south. As with Irene, storms that turn to the north are good for Charleston, but it is that time while we wait for the turn that keeps me up at night.

Since Hugo I've been through 6 storms on a boat in Charleston and one that formed on top of me during a charter in Florida. As much as I like storms and heavy weather aboard a boat I don't like Hurricanes. Cedar Posts is a fair weather sailor.

DWI Checking Stations - Did you notice CMPD is trying to be a little more politically correct these days? Now they are calling DWI Check Points, "Checking Stations", we can only surmise that this is in an effort to tone down the intrusive nature of the operations and appear more people friendly as the DNC 2012 convention nears.

A kinder friendlier police department will be holding "DWI Checking Stations" tonight, a sort of a blue light "meet and greet" or get acquainted with the public effort.

Still I'm amazed at the number of people who are driving without a license, without insurance or with a revoked license so call it what you like, just arrest these idiots.

Meanwhile South Carolina (never one to be PC) is going the other way with signs that flash DUI "Crack Down" in progress. Military Police State vs Charlotte's mamby pamby land.

Cedar Bonus: "Can switching to Geico, really save you 15 percent or more on car insurance? Does a former Drill Sargent make a terrible therapist? That’s interesting. You know what makes me sad. You Do! Maybe we should chug on over to mamby pamby land and maybe we can find some self confidence for you – you jack wagon!"

More on former Marine and actor R. Lee Ermey here.

Jerry Orr's Kingdom - Seems like there is little rest for energetic Charlotte Airport Director Jerry Orr. Now he wants to turn over all the airport ATM's to Bank of America.

My grandfather used to say: Hire an energetic smart man if you can, hire a lazy stupid man if you must, but God help you if you hire a energetic stupid man.

So Charlotte's airport idiot Jerry Orr thinks it would be a good idea to have just one bank with ATM's at the airport. Frankly he is correct. Its just that Jerry wants to skip right to picking his buddies over at Bank of America.

Care to guess which bank handles all of CDIA's banking needs?

Or maybe we should re-vist the Designline bus contract?

Pride Festival - Careful not to call the event a "Gay Pride" festival the Charlotte Observer gave a 100 word announcement in Saturday's on-line edition. But Megan Cooke gave a little more detail in Sunday's paper which is here.

Local Charlotte transgender who goes by the name "Phonenix"

With Tryon Street blocked off Charlotte's Drag Queens, Dikes and Flamers crowded in a show of unity and reveled in the rainbow colors of Duke Power's "Voltron".

Lip syncing Katy Perry's "California Girls", Charlotte's drag queens lacked the class of South Beach or the fully body tans of LA and proved that even when its comes to the perverse Charlotte is second rate.

If you want to see what you missed (it wasn't much of a crazy show) check out these photos from Charlotte Pride which is here.

Seriously lacking the full monty shock value of North Fort Lauderdale, Charlotte's Gay Pride Festival was about as depressing as the topless protest in Asheville last weekend.

Charlotte's LGBT leaders called the event a success and claimed that thousands attended, but the real number looked closer to 1200. But there is always next year.

The only arrest was Rev. Phillip "Flip" Benham who likes to shout via a megaphone suggesting God is not happy with fags.

Interesting take on the anti gay protesters is here.

Cedar's Take: Whatever!


Anonymous said...

I hope none of the news about Jerry Orr shocks anyone. If I have the numbers right Jerry bought 7 buses from the Designline bus company without any public discussion from City Council. Mayor Foxx is a share holder of Designline and the firms attorney of record.

Nothing to see here, move along now.

Anonymous said...

Cedar did you see where Andy Dulin and his Charlotte City Council crooks agreed to buy 1.7 acres of Eastland Mall for $800,000?

The owner the Boxer Company paid $71,000 per acre last year for the same property.

That is a $679,300 profit handed over to Boxer.

And you wonder why our taxes are going crazy?


Anonymous said...

Once again CityNewsWarch is right on......check out their newest posting today!
You guys need to work together.
They get stuff on the record....and the offical NON RESPONSE fron city officals.
It is shocking the non response from citizens!

Anonymous said...

I saw the CMPD "CHECKING STATIONS" on WSOC Saturday night. What a load of crap!

Anonymous said...

A CHECKING STATION???? WTF!!!..Is barney fife back in town? Did CMPD hire him so they can have a ""check point chickey""..Who in the hell thought that up..Another stupid and i mean stupid liberal far left choice of words..It was fine just line it was. A DUI CHECK POINT..What a dumb ass idea!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What the heel is Check Point Chickey?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:15

Check in out: