Sunday, August 14, 2011

Police Chief Fired Over Mexican Spaceship Comment

Willianston South Carolina Police Chief Richard Inman resigned Friday at the request of Mayor Carthel Crout, who said the chief's FaceBook page showed poor taste and lacked judgment. He said one posting showed a photo of a portable toilet with handwriting that reads "Mexican spaceship."

Inman told WSPA earlier this week that he thought the post was funny and not racially insensitive. He said he treats all citizens fairly.

Inman has worked for the Williamston Police Department for about two years.

More sillyness here.

Cedar's Take: Anyone who has worked around a job site knows there are a dozen names for the Porta John. There is just something a little un-manly announcing that you "need to use the bathroom". John, Head, Shitter, See a man about a horse and visit the Mexican Spaceship are as common as ticks on a hound dog in the summer. Not one of those phrases is really troubling and just apart of rednecked talk.

On the other hand some people think its clearly racially insensitive. But so is the Mexican Shuttle Program.

Come on America lighten up!


Anonymous said...

I've always liked the British version, "put one in the pan".

Anonymous said...

Hi Cedar, your site is my first stop whenever the Charlotte po-lice make the national webzines. That Lesbian Brawl and Mexican Spaceship postings are some crazy stuff regarding the indispensability of Affirmative Action. Time for everyone to throw this crap out!