Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CMPD Promotions and Assigments Annoucement

Please join us Friday at 10:00 am at the Police Academy to celebrate promotions.

Assignments are as follows-

Sgt. Amy Stukey to Hickory Grove Division
Sgt. Lucas Veith to North Tryon Division

Capt. Chris Dozier to Animal Care and Control
Capt. Michael Harris to Metro Division
Capt. Chuck Henson to Hickory Grove Division
Capt. Nick Pellicone to North Tryon Division

Major Bruce Bellamy to the Northwest Service Area


Sgt. Christopher Leclerc will transfer to University City Division
Sgt. Greg Couts will transfer to Hickory Grove Division
Sgt. Ivan Reitz will transfer to Central Division

Capt. Mike Adams will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC
Capt. Johnny Jennings will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC
Capt. Jeff Pless will transfer to the Watch Commander

Major Eddie Levins will transfer to the Southwest Service Area
Major Tim Danchess will transfer to Administrative Services
Major Doug Gallant will transfer to Field Services South as Acting Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Harold Medlock will transfer to the Office of the Chief-DNC

Transfers are effective Saturday, September 24, 2011


Anonymous said...

Stukey and Henson working together? Sweet!

Anonymous said...

That's too ironic! lol

Don't know him, but from what I have heard, Henson is a self absorbed, self centered ego driven other words, just what the Rodney regime ordered! He will fit right in,,,just worried about himself and his image....which I have to say is a bit misogynist I am told.

But he will be protected as he has been by the regime that put him in place.

Anonymous said...

I know Chuck. He is god's gift to policing...just ask him. Pless rocked the boat pointing out that too many people are drinking the cool aid. Bellamy is an idiot. He will screw up everyone, especially in Central Division which is high profile.

Anonymous said...

Dozier promoted to Capt and head of the dog pound and kitty gas chamber, not much of a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Well, he won't get much sleep in that job, what with all the dogs getting hit on roadways. You know the chief, he wants the brass out there at a 67. So, he'll be busy.

Actually, need to call him out, have a multiple deer kill out here in Steele Creek.

Anonymous said...

Amy Stuckey and Chuck Henson together. I feel sorry for what district picked them up. He is an ASS, she is stupid and sleeps with other officer's while she was still married.

Anonymous said...

I agree...not only does she sleep with other officers when she is married, she is a home wrecker and sleeps wih married police officers.....nice image for CMPD...

Anonymous said...

Henson is a cheater too isn't he? They should get along well!

Anonymous said...

Cheater or not a cheater, married or single, Sgt. Stukey has no issue with it and the depth of her character is questionable..

Anonymous said...

Stuckey up to her old tricks. Some habits never change. Who's her baby daddy????

Anonymous said...

Henson? Or maybe he is alot of people's baby daddys.