Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rodney Monroe's Plumbers

Saturday Morning an anonymous comment was posted on this blog.

"It is also rumored that CMPD is reading all emails and listening to all phone calls of CMPD employees they are trying to "get". Would this even be legal? People have started using their personal phones to communicate with one another. It's also being rumored that they are going after Cedar Posts to find out identity of posters and that they have somehow hacked Cedar to obtain identities, ..... Whatever is true....paranoia has hit an all time high!"

Forty years ago on July 24, 1971 Richard Nixon's White House created the "Plumbers" the covert White House Special Investigation Unit. Its task was to stop the leaking of classified information to the news media. Its members later branched into illegal activities working for the Committee to Re-elect the President, including the Watergate break-in and the ensuing Watergate scandal.

The "Plumbers" are some of the most infamous names in Washington history including E. Howard Hunt, Charles Colson, G. Gordon Liddy and Egil Krogh. Liddy even coined his own sensitivity indicator for the group in the form of "ODESSA" for "Organization Directed to Eliminate the Subversion of the Secrets of the Administration".

Just as the comment today stated about Monroe's CMPD, back in 1971 at the Nixon White House paranoia was running rampant.

Last year two former CMPD officers were threatened with legal action by Major Vicki Foster over stories posted on the Cedar Posts Blog. Foster was convinced the two were "Cedar Posts" and that they had published untruths about Foster and her boyfriend Melvin Keys. Since truth is a defense the simplest way to defend themselves was to present Foster's lawyer with proof of the truth and that was the end of that. The letter from Foster's lawyer is here.

Early this year another CMPD officer was dragged in front of certain members of the Command Staff including Vicki Foster. This career officer was told that they knew he was Cedar Posts. The officer of course wasn't Cedar Posts, but the verbal beating continued for an hour. In the end the veteran officer was demoted and assigned to the 3rd shift.

Other officers have been accused of being or posting on the Cedar Posts blog. Emails are scanned, phone calls recorded. It would indeed be unwise to post a comment on the Cedar Posts Blog from a CMPD computer. But Cedar Posts has no record of who posts comments. The Blog doesn't require you to identify yourself or sign in.

As far as having your calls and emails screened by Rodney's ODESSA Team, welcome to the world of paranoia and the White House Plumbers.

Threats are made by CMPD command staff every day, this is just how the department rolls. Threats over Comstat Numbers, dumbing down crime reports, threats over leaking IA investigation about one officer's sexual misconduct, threats of 3rd shifts, and losing your take home car. The list goes on and on.

Rob Turfano last week told a local reporter he ignores Cedar Posts. A few months ago Vicki Foster went postal when another station's reporter asked about CMPD news that broke on Cedar Posts. A week later the chief sent out an email chastising a local news station for giving credit to Cedar Posts:

"Lastly, we would like to emphasize that the unofficial blog site, which was quoted in your story, is not a credible source of information. The information published on this site is not fact based. As a blog, the users and subscribers can write anything they wish, regardless of validity. It is our hope that a responsible and ethical news organization would examine all of their sources before publishing a story. The fact is, the citizens of Charlotte deserve to receive accurate facts and information, especially as it relates to the law enforcement agency that serves them."

If there is one thing Rodney Monroe doesn't like is the lack of control. Which is why the "Significant Event Log" is no longer on line, why the "Calls for Service" is no longer on line, why Internal Affairs reports are not on line, why the minutes of the civil service board are no longer on line and why the CMPD budget is no longer published.

It's all about control. The driving force behind the Nixon White House and his henchmen known as the Plumbers.


Anonymous said...

Cedar, you just don't know the half of it!!

Paranoia has been a way of life since rodney came to Cmpd!

He encourages the rumor keeps people off keeps Command Staff off kilter....the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.

People are so preoccupied with THEIR OWN FREAKING PROMOTIONS AND EGOS that they have lost their way.

The better good of the department is rarely, if ever, put first, or even second.

They are honestly so intent on kissing rodney's ass that they would put others at risk.

And the term "throw people under the bus" rises to a whole other level at Cmpd. People will sell people, and Cmpd, out in a heartbeat if it means being "in" with Rodney and his posse.

And let me say this: There is No respect at Cmpd.......respect and professionalism are totally lost at rodney's Cmpd.

Deputy Chief's and Majors, with few exceptions, torment their underlings and do not behave in a professional manner and show them scant respect.

And this comes directly from rodney....directly from Rodney.

He has turned what was once a respected police department into a pathetic menagerie of paranoia, paybacks, favoritism, secrecy, back stabbing, discrimination, corruption, lack of integrity, lack of ethics.

It truly is like a bad, bad novel!

And constantly shocking at how morally corrupted it has become at the top.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Cedar!

Thanks for putting aside the fear that anyone within CMPD can be targeted for exercising their 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. However, anyone who visits or posts comments on Cedar Posts from a CMPD computer will have a lot of explaining to do.

As far as the validity of the information posted here, far more truth comes out on this blog than what comes out from the CMPD PIOs.

Anonymous said...

Can I just ask why they are having an Honor Guard opening at the "festivities"' I.e. "dog and pony show" Monday at the Laser Show and Tell being put on by Rodney?

Is this a normal thing to do? Seems a little over the top To do for a civilian company.

And Cmpd is royally screwed...there are so many incompetent, ill trained, ill experienced people that have been promoted and/or given good positions that will be there to further f&$k up CMPD long after Rodney leaves.
Time released destruction.

Anonymous said...

to promote the charade, of course.

I'm sure there will be a photo op. They'll probably want to use it in advertising, too, and Rodney probably already signed away your rights like he did with First 48.

I sure as hell wouldn't stand in that photo smiling with anyone involved. Can you say "Here we see in Exhibit A..." ?

And what a disgrace to participate in an Honor Guard with this. Have a backbone and refuse.

Not ONE PENNY OF TAX MONEY should go toward that farce, either. And then there's nothing to pay officers?
total crap.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Cedar! And quite is time for a few good folks, rather still there or not, to step forward and STOP this Rodney regime in its tracks.

It will take years to undo the damage done, but the sooner we start we the better off we will be.

Anonymous said...

Time for some of those disgruntled to quit hiding and come out with hard core facts and get RuttMutt OUT of office...but my guess is the weak will remain weak.....

Anonymous said...

Someone that recently got royally screwed, just the most recent in a long line, said you really find out who your real friends are when Rodney, Medlock and Zinkann screw you.

Your real friends will stand by you and support you through thick and thin.

And support has come from surprising people, people that also have a lot to lose, but are unafraid to stand up and be counted when the crap finally hits the fan, and have offered their TOTAL support. And from people that have nothing to gain is that for a novel concept? Doing something because it is the right thing to

It can somewhat restore your faith in humanity.

From what I understand, these three "evil clowns" may have underestimated the actual good in people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cedar!!!!!

Keep up the good work, and keep the info flowing!

Billy Fehr said...

'If there is one thing Rodney Monroe doesn't like is the lack of control. Which is why the "Significant Event Log" is no longer on line, why the "Calls for Service" is no longer on line, why Internal Affairs reports are not on line, why the minutes of the civil service board are no longer on line and why the CMPD budget is no longer published.'

The tools mentioned above being taken away from the public still gets me. I used the SEL and CFS often in the middle of the night to help understand what was happening around me in an effort to help protect my family. If I heard say, 5 gun shots at 0330hrs on a Sunday a mile plus to the north, I could get up and check to see if they had been called in. In most case they had and a status would be logged. For some reason knowing how, and that the police were responding made me feel better than just hearing the rounds being popped off in total darkness.

It was also a good resource to use when I would notice something strange in my day to day life. Like Snoopy-1 chopping above my village in the wee hours, or powder on 58 at the BOA Corp center in the middle of a work day that was never reported by the local news not news. Seems as if it were only a few weeks after that incident that the SEL and CFS went away, and I didn't get the chance to vote for such a decision.

Seriously, how could one person make that choice for the entire community? Is there any chance that the people will ever be able to see this data in real time again? Or is it better that we are kept in the dark, that way we have not even the slightest clue what the officials are doing to protect us from the real rising crime around us all?

Anonymous said...

You see folks, that's the thing here.

For whatever reasons, Rodney seems to have most od CC in his hip pocket, it really does defybunderstanding. Is it because of the manipulated, fake "good" crime stats??

But he has done and continues to make decisions that directly fly in the face of CMPD DIRECTIVES and ethics.

And NO ONE challenges him......there is NO OVERSIGHT on Cmpd decisions, no oversight on financial matters, no oversight, PERIOD!!!


But that is how people like Rodney and Harold like to operate, in the dark.

And unfortunately, this is the kind of NON leadership they have at Cmpd now.

Shine the light in there, and ALL KINDS of dirty dealings become apparent.

I wouldn't want to be standing too close to Harold, Rodney or their Posse in the near future.

Did you ever hear of that old saying in the

Anonymous said...

Yup, and look where Nixon and his henchmen ended up...just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

After they carry out their unsubstantiated personal vendettas against you, I hear they often send people out to do their incredibly dangerous jobs with these pithy statements:

"You are lucky you have a job, remember that".

"You still have your rank". (Veiled threats always).

"You still have your take home car". (If you had one.)

This is how they "lead" at Cmpd.

But just how many different ways can you say this?? How many?

There are very few leaders at Cmpd.....there are many, many arrogant, mean spirited bullying posers who fancy themselves real "leaders".

They are like scared children, always operating from a place of fear and arrogance. And so pleased with themselves when they get a promotion or better job for carrying out this really twisted style of "leading

And this "leadership" style, the example, is encouraged and pretty much mandated, from the VERY top.

I am told morale could not get any lower.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I would not want to be standing too close to Harold, Paul or Rodney don't want to be so closely associated with their way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy, what has been going on at Cmpd.

When everything comes out, people will be shocked.

And is it called paranoia when it's true?? The spying, sneaking, threatening?

Anonymous said...

THANK GOODNESS!! There are a lot of people on this particular section of the blue who have posted how they really feel. ROMO and his staff have already driven down the department. For them to restore the department back to the way it was probably will never happen.

Let them check the emails and monitor the phone calls. They can do that all they want and have no grounds to take legal action against these individuals. This if if it is true or not, basically your 1st Amendment write. Let them try and fight to change this one.

Plus that is what it all comes down to is control. He is starting to take what the public can see about the crime stats. See, it was only a matter of time and someone has been able to get the real information out to the public. He is just working on keeping everyone in the dark. ROMO and his staff are POS.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think many posters give Chief Webster wayyyy to much credit!He's not very smart, but he will continue as he pleases because he has no supervision. I do not know what agreement he has with Curt Walton, or what he might have on him, but this free-spending and blatant racial discrimination goes untethered!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rot-nee,

If you or one of your lackeys be reading this, then here be what I wants to be saying to you, and shit, "Fuck you". Word. I know, right? Yo, yo, yo, yo.

Anonymous said...

"The fact is, the citizens of Charlotte deserve to receive accurate facts and information, especially as it relates to the law enforcement agency that serves them."

Ironic statement.

The above statement was put out by Rob Tufano and the PIO machine at CMPD.

Maybe they should take their own advice and release the information citynewswatch has been asking for over and
over and Cmpd has consistently been stonewalling on!!

With an emphasis on accurate...and truthful.

In lieu of any type of transparency and honesty from rodney's Cmpd, I will take Cedar Posts and citynewswatch
every day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like there is another MAJOR that is making Deputy Chief pay.......I guess it's because he has been named "acting deputy chief".........but he is still a does that work???? Doug Gallant.......

I was told he is a HUGE koolaid drinker....just what Medlock ordered!

Anonymous said...

I just heard that many, many people will be quite worried when they see what is coming.

As well they should be!!!

If you are reading this, Rob, please tell your bosses that it's not over yet, not by a long shot, from what people are saying.

Sounds like they have finally screwed the pooch on this one, this has the potential to bring a lot of people down.

They constantly underestimate people, they think because some people don't go around bragging about who they know, that they don't know anyone "important"... and that they can't touch them.

Someone said a certain Deputy Chief thinks he is the smartest person in the room........wonder how he will look on the stand?

Anonymous said...

we will be seeing quite a few familiar faces on the stand.

I predict they're all closed up in offices right now trying to figure out how to beat this, but it won't happen this time.

what a place the DNC 2012 committee picked. world class city.

probably a bad move by the people who have been getting away with this crap to invite highest scrutiny of federal officials at the time things are in such a mess...

Anonymous said...

They don't listen to anyone ..... wait for it.......because they do believe they are smarter than anyone else, and they have gotten away with this crap for so long they are way overconfident.

The wheels of justice are turning, slow and steady wins the race, like the Boy Scouts say, always be prepared.

From what I hear, the Chief does not know how prepared people can be, and maybe "his" people are not telling him all.

This will come out at exactly when the "liberal" party is coming to town........the party that CHAMPIONS these kind of causes!! How will Rodney and his cohorts be received by those he is so impressed by and is trying so hard to impress?

Not too well, I'm thinking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:01,
It's funny how people change when they get a taste of "the high life"' huh?

But that is why rodney picks who he picks......the people he picks are those he is sure he can control. It's like the lion going after the sickly one in the herd, pick them out and pounce....they belong to you then.

And I don't know Gallant , I'm just guessing from all of his other "picks".

Billy Fehr said...

Does this mean that the mayor and our leaders at city council will have to do the right thing by giving us back the Significant Events Log, and the Calls For Service Page in real time? Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38
You may not know him, but you nailed it.

Just another clone, he will do what he has to do to make himself look good.

He won't question, he won't protect, he will be an obedient little boy.

And he will throw you under the bus if it benefits him.
What will he do when his benefactors go down?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to do a Public Records Request for EMAILS...Subject Line: Significant Event Log.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE needs to do a request, significant event log and all the other items listed

Anonymous said...

Make sure it is a request for EMAILS.....and put subject in subject box......PUBLIC INFORMATION.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38

From what I am told, it did not take much to lure him to the Dark Side.

And he has embraced it with myopic fervor!

Anonymous said...

f.y.i. you can be anonymous in a public records request--I think that's what the last person meant by asking for e-mails, but not sure

law FORBIDS anyone from asking you the purpose of your request, no matter what it is.

law defines public records as all various types of records AND INFORMATION. B.S. excuses about claiming they don't have a report in some preconstructed format in order to respond are just B.S. excuses.

Anonymous said...

no, I meant ask for Emails regarding the Log.....whereas they can dance around about numbers, etc., EMAILS are specifically listed as Public Info!! The logs are in EMAILS!

Anonymous said...

let's all ask for those if they are still doing them and all the other information listed in Cedar's story which is no longer being posted on line, please.

Billy Fehr said...

I would be happy to work on the request for emails related to the Significant Events Log. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started? ie: a building, department, website, or the like?

Cedar Posts said...


Address your request to:

Mujeed Shah-Khan
Senior Assistant City Attorney

You can and should use the following email address:

or this one

Make it short and to the point.