Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexual Harassment and Extra Marital Affair Earns Two CMPD Officers Promotions

There is a certain moral high ground anyone called an "officer" is expected to take in their professional as well as personal life. This code of conduct applies to military officers as well as officers of the court and those within our Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

However, it seems that the CMPD command staff looks the other way when it comes to personal conduct and suitability for promotions.

Recently one certain Sergeant was promoted even though he was recently investigated for sexual harassment.

In another case a female officer was promoted despite being the subject an investigation for having a physical altercation with another officer's wife. Word is the female officer had an ongoing affair and a child with the other women's husband, a recently retired CMPD Officer.

Cedar Posts must be pretty much "old school" because back in the day this sort of behavior would not only cost you a promotion but likely your job. After being fired, an offending officer would be lucky to find work within the state in light of any sort of sexual misconduct. But maybe this sort of behavior at CMPD is just status quo.

Still the directives are pretty straight forward:

No employee will intentionally subject any fellow employee to any verbal or physical
harassment of a sexual, ethnic, racial, disability or religious nature.

Conduct unbecoming an officer will include that which brings the CMPD into disrepute,
reflects unfavorably upon the officer as a member of the CMPD, damages or affects
the reputation of any member of the CMPD, or impairs the operation or efficiency of
the CMPD or any of its personnel.

Frankly CMPD's "Rules of Conduct" are pretty straight forward. I can't find anywhere within the "Rules" where is says breaking the rules will earn you a promotion. But what do I know?


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it was the first time that person was charged with sexual harassment, from what I am told.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see what three members of Command Staff will be charged's coming.

Anonymous said...

maybe they can make it part of the promotion ceremony--open to media later this week. Maybe someone in the media will have the guts to ask some questions for a change (if Tufano and Cunningham would let any of those people in) and maybe it would be an excellent time for ALL of the officers to just start talking..... strength in numbers.

Hey, after that, maybe they can break out into search parties and look for the records that are missing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all said but don't lump Cunningham in with those terds...he is not doing the invites and if you knew him you would know what kind of a guy and officer he is.

Anonymous said...

You people are amazing. none of the people promoted to Capt. are part of that inner circle you keep talking about, neither are the two new Sgts. The Captains are pretty much good guys and even the one with baggage is a solid person. You are just a bunch of petty bitter folks who wont move up no matter who is Chief.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:48
Sure, Rob!

Examine the list again, and the connections.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham is in the Chief's inner circle "Office of the Chief" and completely controlling the information flow. He REFUSES TO RELEASE PUBLIC INFORMATION ABOUT ANYTHING THE CHIEF WANTS TO KEEP HIDDEN.


That makes them responsible for that. And for what they know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:59 , we've been hearing rumors like that for 2 years. But meanwhile, nothing happens, the abuse of power, cronyism, and coverups continue.

When? Who? By whom?

Anonymous said...

Every large organization has their problems. Sooner or later the dirty laundry will get washed. But accusations without proof is something all of us should avoid. Now, if you have anything and want to do the laundry, lay it out and provide the proof. In a forum like this it will be hard to contain. Everyone of us should be able to make a case stick, so bring it on if you have it. Otherwise, just keep your head down, do your job and this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

"keep your head down, do your job, and..."

New to you: the proper and ethical behavior of yourself and other officers IS your job. Anything that would stray from that is to be corrected-- reported and correctd if it is more than instructing a buddy. And if you don't believe that with everything inside you, I wouldn't want the likes of you or any of the people you let walk with this stuff backing me on the street.
What a limp, impotent, loser. "Head down" ?!
You need to get out. But stay close for the trials.

Your job is the ethical application of all aspects of the job for yourself and your fellow officers.

Anonymous said...

What charges are three of the command staff going to be hit with? I see alot of innuendo but nothing specific. Can anybody add some light? Sure would like to know what the hell is going on. Not everybody in CMPD is clued in.

Anonymous said...

Pless is out and Henson is his replacement you have got to be kidding?