Sunday, October 23, 2011

911 Calls For Service 2007 Email

Back in 2007 prior Chief Rodney Monore's arrival, CMPD Officers rolled out the vastly improved web site the center piece of which was the 911 calls for service.

Last year Chief Monroe ordered the 911 Calls For Service removed from public view.

Check out Crime in Charlotte's take on the lacking Significant Event Log and missing 911 Calls for service here.

The email announcing the 911 Calls For Service from 2007 is below.

Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 1:05 PM
Subject: FYI - Check out the redesigned website

The Charlotte-Mecklenbu Police Department is kicking off the new year (and the new district plan) with the launch of its redesigned Web site.

We launched the new site at noon – it's a "soft launch" (internal promotion only) for a short time so you can see it and we can identify any links or information that needs to be changed.

The goal is to maintain the new site with the most up-to-date information and features to provide you and citizens with timely, accurate info and new services. This is a new beginning, not an end so log on and browse around! When you find things that need to be fixed, just let me know. And if you think of new things we should add, we'd love to hear your ideas.

Now, when Internet users visit, they will find a much more user-friendly site with new services and features. "It's easier to use, there's more information and it's better looking," said Police Chief Darrel Stephens.

While many of the navigational options will be familiar to users, the redesign better organizes information and provides handy features like a drop-down menu with quick links to the most frequently-requested services.

In addition to reorganizing the site's information, the newly redesigned site provides such new features as:

Calls for service – just log on to see what kinds of calls for service the department is working. Because some calls to 911 do not require a police officer or the situation as initially reported turns out to be something else entirely, the system is on a 30-minute delay.

Then, calls for service throughout CMPD's jurisdiction are posted.

You can see all calls, sort by division and see calls going back up to 8 hours.

"We get calls from neighbors and reporters asking what's going on," said Major Marc DeLuca who oversaw the project. "Now, everyone can see basic information about why police officers are at a particular location." The detail goes down to block ranges.

Videos – Crime prevention, CMPD Today episodes and more with the click of a mouse

"Notify Me" subscription service – get information sent to you automatically, including a pilot project with the South Division to provide alerts and other division-level information to subscribers

News – the latest news and information – no need to wait for a TV newscast!

And there's more! Take a look around, let us know what you think!

The redesign was done using in-house resources in Corporate Communications and CMPD.

Julie Hill
Public Affairs Office


Anonymous said...

I don't think the general public understands the lack of 911 calls for service and how that allows RoMo to "cook the books".

You should explain that Chief Monroe's intent is to allow the public access only to the cleaned up police reports, and that access with cost the public a fee and a membership that you will have to log in each time.

In other word Monroe is so paranoid that he wants to know who is checking the reports. But at $5.00 for each report who will bother?

No One

Which is just the way RoMo wants it.

Anonymous said...

The public should be outraged at this!

And it should be reported on in our local newspaper and the threats of "no access" be damned.

There IS NO ACCESS anyhow. absolutely no transparency, and NO INTERVIEWS WITH RODNEY THAT ARE NOT STAGED with questions provided to the interviewer.

As someone else said, What is wrong with people in this City, at CMPD, at our local news outlets? Has everyone lost their freaking way? Are they really "afraid" of Monroe and his tactics?

Come on!

Anonymous said...

I too am angered by this but what can you do? I started asking questions as soon as the info disappeared just over a year ago. The fact of the matter is CMPD doesn't give a damn what any of us think and neither do any of our elected officials. They genereally don't have teh decency to even acknowledge calls or emails sent to them. Elections don't change a thing here. The local media seems to turn a blind eye as well. The deck is really stacked against the average tax-paying, law abiding citizen in Charlotte. said...

The power is in numbers so please write your council members ASAP! (Thanks for bringing this topic up again Cedar ~ it is an important one!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wake Up People, public information is not public information, contacting city council, etc does nothing, City of Charlotte has been cooking the books long before Romo got here, beyond CMPD. A question that has not been answered for many years, Why does city council need to go on a retreat outside of the City? Why give another entity tax dollars, when they could retreat right here in the City that they serve? Just one thing of many that make you say hhmmmm....

Anonymous said...

here's what it does: it documents that they have been fully informed (beyond their job responsibilities to be informed in the first place) so that when indictments come down, they will have no excuses whatsoever. Write. Ask for a response. Continue to write until you get an actual answer.

Anonymous said...

By reading the email it looks like the biggest forward thinker in CMPD back in 2007 was Major Marc DeLuca, the guy who oversaw the project.

Anonymous said...

Marc DeLuca was a standup guy, one of the good guys.

Not many of them left at Cmpd now.

Anonymous said...

CMPD was full of standup guys and women back in the day. Now so much these days. Many a bunch of coolaid drinks and self serving idiots only looking for an easy way to earn a paycheck.


Anonymous said...

Marc deluca, a stand up guy? Yeah right> Obviously you didnt know the real Marc Deluca. He couldnt investigate how an apple falls from a tree mych less an internal investigation. After one of his great escapades everyone dropped their shorts and said "Here, stick it to us again , please" His head was in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20
Sounds like your head is in a much worse, more moist place.

Anonymous said...

There are many stories and spins going on at CMPD right now. They are trying to contain all of their misdeeds!

Seems they are trying hard to convince people that they have no culpability for the decisions they have made, in other words, it is the textbook, classic, "blame the victim" defense. And completely transparent to anyone with half a brain.

Integrity is not cheap, and many at CMPD find themselves unwilling to pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Ask the protesters for Occupy Charlotte to Occupy CMPD until they fix it. The media seems to respond to the protests.

otherwise 10-20k will get it into court.

Anonymous said...

did the protesters arrested for stopping traffic get public defenders? let's talk to them and give them some information to bring before a judge

Anonymous said...

Something else not being discussed is the new P25 digital trunked radio system that CharMeck is rolling out. This system will be very easy to encrypt. If that happens then no one including the media will have access to what is going on. The media will be spoon fed info from CMPD as CMPD wants it to be reported. Of course it's possible that they won't encrypt....