Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday's Odds and Ends

Google Carves Up Some Pumpkins - The time lapse video is here.

Carolina Panthers - Sunday's game left a lot to be desired. From the start the Panther's looked out of sorts. I don't think I've ever seen so many bone head errors, from the opening missed tackle to the game ending field goal attempt that went wide to the left.

What the hay!

On the bright side, when Cam Newton connects with Steve Smith it is nothing short of pure artistry.

Wilson-Shelton House - All Hallow's Eve and no house in Charlotte could have been spookier than the abandoned Wilson-Shelton Mansion at the corner of Queens and Providence.

Today there is nothing but a church parking lot on the 2 1/2 acre site, but 25 years ago the Shelton Mansion stood on the corner. It was a rambling Tudor master piece designed by the same architect that laid down the plans for the Latta Arcade and Duke Mansion less than 2 blocks away.

On a dare five high school students spent Halloween night in the deserted home, I was one of them. Mr. Thomas Shelton had committed suicide in 1974 and his ex-wife was locked away in a mental institution or so we where told. Shelton some had recalled was very reclusive and eccentric.

Near the rear of the house there was a "Florida" room with windows on three sides. What once would have been a wonderful gathering room had for years been Mr. Shelton's reading room. On that night the piles of old newspapers and National Geographic reached two and three feet tall. In the center of the room an old rocker. Dusty the rocker has not be used for at least a decade.

I would guess there were close to ten years of newspapers. it was clear Shelton was a hoarder.

The rest of the three story home was a maze of rooms and stairways. In the attic was a collection on antiques that today would have collected a handsome sum.

Most of the home furnishing had be removed what was left was covered in sheets.

Two things from that night remain etched in my mind. First the rocker. While everyone explored the rest of the house I returned to the "Florida" room, and when I opened the double french doors the rocker was moving. I stood there silently watching the old black rocker move back and forth as if someone had just stood up. The rocker's motions slowed and then stopped.

I tired to make the rocker move, I closed the door and opened it again. Nothing. I closed the door and pulled the door open quickly trying to make a draft of wind to make the rocker move. Still nothing. I looked for an answer, something that had fallen struck the chair, perhaps a paper from one of the stacks. But I could find nothing. Till this day I have no explanation.

Then there is this - We had a key and therefore by proxy permission, at least somewhat to be there. Being as considerate as we could we made every effort to leave things as we found them which meant turning off all the lights. Some how in our hast one of us had left the attic light on. We could see it shining from the street.

So back into the house we go. The only trouble is when we finally make our way up to the attic the light is out.

A few minutes later on that chilly Halloween we are back in our cars we again look to make sure all the lights are out. Now even the attic is dark.

We decide to stop at Providence Sundries for something to eat. But an hour later as we turn the corner at Providence and Queens I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye that the attic light is on again.

Two years later the house was torn down:

In the above photo you can see the dormer window which Cedar Posts saw the light.

Cedar Bonus: More about the Wilson Shelton house is here. Over the years I've heard other people speak of the house and even an account of a cold draft one warm summmer night that was felt in the now Church parking lot.

CMPD Auto Theft Numbers - Cedar Posts has been looking at arrest reports for the month of October. Funny thing are the numbers of "Unauthorised Use of a Motor Vehicle" charges vs "Larceny of a Motor Vehicle" charges. This sampling which is hardly scientific came up with 29 Unauthorized and 2 Larceny charges. The UUMV is of course a misdemeanor and is not reported as part of the crime stats.

Dumbing down the crime numbers? I'm not sure but it seems there are an awful lot of people "borrowing" their neighbor's cars without permission. Here just a few of the UUMV arrests.

Darrie Lee Rogers

Jeffery King

Barron Johnson

Walter Brown

Roseann Beaty

Cedar Bonus: King was arrested for the same offense back in June that arrest record is here.

Cedar's Halloween Collection - The Everette Wilson story is here. A "Pile of Leaves" is here.

Bank of America - Feeling the pressure from both consumers and elected officials, Bank of American tried a little PR spin, taking out a full size page three ads in several Sunday newspapers including the Charlotte Observer.

The ad highlighted BoA's small business lending, volunteer work and charitable contributions. The pomp pomps and pep rally theme ad did not mention the debit card fee directly but it was clearly directed at those who have been negative and very vocal about the bank and the planned roll out of the $5.00 per month charge.

Cedar's Take: Bank of American just doesn't get it.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you should check your facts better Unauthorized Use is a felony and it is part of the CMPD crime reported.

You need to find a new line of work!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's a Class 1 Misdemeanor unless it's an aircraft, then it's a felony. See link:

Anonymous said...

The Wilson Shelton House story is very interesting.

Cedar you seem to have lived a very interesting life as well. Makes me wonder if this is fact or fiction but either way very entertaining.

So come on now tell the truth, did this really happen? Or are you just a great story teller?

citynewswatch said...

Felony Motor Vehicle Theft is an FBI Part 1 Offense, one of those crimes Police Chiefs and Mayors don't like reported because it reflects on the Statistics they report to the FBI who reports them to everyone.

That would be the difference between reporting a lower crime and reporting the actual crime that happened (unless all of those guys just borrowed those cars...)

Good job, Cedar. Now if we could just get every other call for service and crime report for the last 2 1/2 years

Anonymous said...


Absolutely correct!!

Sounds like anon 9:50 needs a new line of work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Shelton House story, I remember that house and you are correct in the 1980's it would have made a great haunted house.

Up until now I've never heard of any "paranormal" activity but knowing a little about Thomas Shelton myself I'm not surprised.