Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Odds and Ends

Two Dead Bodies Apparent Heroin Overdose - News36 is reporting on the deaths of two people who found in an apartment in Uptown Charlotte.

Police are calling this a death investigation. They say there was no sign of foul play and it's not clear how the victims died.

But privately officers are looking at the possibility that both victims died from a drug overdose. If that is the case it will be up to the medical examiner to make that call.

The victims' names have not been released, but they are between 20 and 30 years old.

Filed Under Dumb Crook News - WBTV is reporting the following:

Two men called police looking for help after two men stole their drugs and money late Saturday night, police said.

The incident happened between 11 am Saturday until 12:30 am on Sunday when a 65-year-old man and a 36-year-old man said their cocaine and marijuana was stolen, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said in a report.

"Officers were flagged down by victim," in the 100 block of Marmion Road, police said in the report. "Victims advised unknown suspects were invited into the address after knocking on door."

Once the two men were inside the "suspects robbed victims of listed property by brandishing a black firearm." The stolen items were $1100, cocaine powder and marijuana.

Police said Monday that it is very unusual for victims to report that drugs have been stolen. On the report, the two victims, both unemployed, are listed as being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Police said that the two victims were not charged despite the fact they claimed to have their drugs stolen. Both men suffered minor injuries.

It's unclear to what extent police will help the men recover their stolen items, but the incident has been placed under investigation.

Christopher Hailey Candidate for Charlotte City Council At-Large - Hailey ran against Democratic Mecklenburg County Sheriff Chipp Bailey last year and lost.

Now he's back and running for a Charlotte City Council seat and he's quoted as saying the supports Chief Rodney Monroe and his department. But he also wants an eight-year term limit for the chief "because after eight years you get complacent."

The rest of the Charlotte Observer's interview with Christopher Hailey is here.

WSOC is again playing catch-up - This time taking a piece from Pundit House reporter by Mark Pellin City Pays Big Bucks To Be Left In The Dark that was posted last week. The short of Mark's work is that Charlotte pays Duke Energy nearly a million dollars each year for street lights that don't work.

Even Andy Dulin who seldom challenges consent items balked at giving Duke Energy $258,000 to install 31 pedestrian lights and eight street lights along Kenilworth Avenue at about $6,500.00 each.

“I’m going to blow,” said Council member Andy Dulin, after learning details of the Duke contract “We have been paying, for what might now be years and years and years, $9.90 a month for street lights that don’t work,” Dulin said. “On my walk this morning, I passed at least 10.

“This has got to be fixed – quick,” he said. “This is nuts.”

The item passed anyway with only Dulin and Barnes voting no. WSOC's story where they claim they discovered that the city pays $9.99 for lights that don't work is here.

In Other Dumb Crook News - This is not the first time scavengers tried to sell a pile of power company wire to a scrap yard. Just the first time it included a big chunk of the pole.

Officer to the driver "Do you have any idea why I stopped you?".

Another Charlotte Observer Fail - The Observer is running a series of articles on local candidates including the one referenced above on Christopher Hailey. But the subhed for each article is "Decision 2012".

Cedar Posts wonders if they are just slack or maybe they don't know that Charlotte City Council's election date is November 8, 2011?


Anonymous said...

Love the crack head photo, he looks alot like Anthony Foxx don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hailey would support a "term limit" for the police chief. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

I thought an incoming chief needs 10 years to establish a retirement in this state...? Is that right?

Anonymous said...

Not sure, I thought it was five.

Anonymous said...

Saw Medlock on the news, he has a story coming on tonight about training for DNC.

Looks like he is trying to get a little "facetime" trying to rehabilitate his faltering, really horrible image.

Well, he can put his face out there all he wants, people know the real Medlock and the things he has done and continues to do to bring down CMPD. The mask he wears has been ripped off for good. And it is not a pretty picture.

At this point, he would need a New York PR Firm to work some magic, and it's very doubtful that would even work,

As someone said, he has become a real unpredictable liability.

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a tool but at least he has a pulse.

Anonymous said...

Looks like WSOC has earned another CMPD exclusive.

They are just that skanky so it is no surprise to me.

Anonymous said...

Cedar check your email. Just sent you a copy of an email that came to me by mistake, seems Medlock has another capt in his sights someone you know who posts a lot on this board and others.

Anonymous said...

A better question would be, who DOESN'T Medlock have in his sights on any given day??

His moods are so mecurical it is often difficult to NOT be in his sights.

Yet he continues to go after people he just doesn't like, and that is the only reason.....he just doesn't like them and wants to make them suffer.

Great leader, huh?

Anonymous said...

I have heard he has run out of room in the WC, so where will he send this next victim?

He makes everything personal, something a good leader never, ever does.

From what I am told, NO ONE wants to be in his chain of command.

Let's hope this newest victim doesn't fall prey to the Medlock "gotcha".

Anonymous said...

He seems to be toxic....Anyone around him he will bring down with him.

Anonymous said...

What in the world is Medlock doing to some poor soul now?

I have never seen someone as vindictive and mean spirited as he is.

What exactly is his problem?

He is a bully, a playground bully.....with a little power, and that is a dangerous combination.

Anonymous said...

Medlock is a living example of the Peter Principle:He rose to his level of incompetence a long time ago. He was promoted past the point where he can do the work competently. He simply cannot handle the job.

He does not have the imagination, the ethics or the leadership skills to properly do the job.

there are a lot of similarly equipped people on Command Staff these days.