Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why You Should Demand The Return of CMPD's Significant Event Log and Calls for Service

Both CMPD's "Significant Event Log" as well as "Calls for Service" need to be returned to public access.

We know the reason they were removed; Chief Rodney Monroe was concerned that the two online reports gave a troubling perception of crime. In Monroe's empire if you hide the crime reports and the numbers, then crime is perceived as down.

On Friday WBTV reported the following:

Two teen girls and a young woman were held at gunpoint when a suspect robbed the Smoothie King Wednesday evening.

The incident happened just before 9 pm at the business at 9831 Rea Road, according to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police report.

There were two 16-year-old girls and a 22-year-old woman working in the business when a man came in with a gun, police said.

The man got $200 in the robbery and then fled the store that is in the Blakeney Shopping Center, police said.

The girls and woman were not hurt, police said.

The man has not been found yet, but police are investigating.

WBTV was the only mainstream media to report the incident, even so WBTV's report came nearly 48 hours after the robbery occurred. Meanwhile the thug is still on the loose and most citizens remain unaware that the person they saw running down Rea Road wasn't out for a late night cardio workout rather a felon who had just robbed a business, threatened 3 young women in the heart of South Charlotte.

Selective Crime Reporting by Chief Monroe needs to stop, and Cedar Posts is now calling on Charlotte City Council members Dulin and Cooksey who represent South Charlotte as well as Mayor Foxx and all other council members to request that Chief Monroe return the "real time" Significant Event Log and Calls for Service to public access.

I've done my part now cut and past this letter to do yours:,,,,,,,,,,

Re: CMPD Significant Event Log and Calls for Service

Dear Mayor Foxx Charlotte City Council Members:

Earlier this year the Charlotte Police Department removed citizen internet access to the CMPD Significant Event Log and CMPD Calls for Service.

It is my belief that an informed public is a safe public and these two on line reports are important tools that provide the public with information on a real time basis.

Please request that Chief Monroe restores these public services at once.



Anonymous said...

Emailed all of them. Thanks Cedar!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting that up. I emailed them all as well.

Anonymous said...

hope every officer is asking every family member and friend to write, too, so they can back to police work instead of trying to make the show.

every officer, law-abiding citizen and visitor will be safer for it once we get all the real information.

Anonymous said...

Webster doesn't want the public to know anything. I'm sure every post from Cedar causes an attack of rage on anyone near by.

Ghoul said...

I take partial responsibility, since I posted it on the Observer website everyday, especially when they would say no description was available when it was right there on the Event Log.

citynewswatch said...

to Ghoul: The Observer clearly doesn't want to put it out there. They took down the earlier mentions of crime reporting statistic problems, so I couldn't reference their story in my post and give an "atta boy" to the man/woman who wrote the story that caused Monroe to stand in front of Council denying he made any changes in the first place.

But good that you have been trying. The truth will come out.

Cedar has been posting the truth for years and others are finally speaking up publicly with him.

Anonymous said...

Monroe will cut off all access to any "news person" that reports anything negative.

Seems he is dangling carrots again to people, making promises he probably won't keep. But by dangling promises, he keeps lawsuits from his door.

And by the time these people realize he will not keep his "promise".....he will probably be gone.

Let's hope people are not so gullible and won't sell their
souls for what he is "dangling".

I hear of rumblings......

Anonymous said...

Thats why I'm glad that I don't have my family live in Charlotte. It's getting to the point you are needing to obtain a carry concealed permit. Since the police are not able to control the crime and stop it from rising.

ThaQueenCity said...
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Anonymous said...

6:32 there are lawsuits already, and probably more coming. if potential co-defendents are willing to find their own prices for temporary silence, so be it. would they also be willing to lie under oath for that price?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:42
Therein lies the problem.......if you lie once, you must lie all the way to where it could take you....
They must ask themselves if misplaced "loyalty" to the powers that be, or the "promises" are worth a career?

Anonymous said...

career, civil penalties against them (and so their family), possibly criminal charges, . . . not just careers.

Anonymous said...

I understand the federal courts don't much like fabrications either!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Federal courts don't fool around!!

You are talking orange jump suits for the whiff of a lie!

That is a definite career ender!

Anonymous said...

Members of command staff know better than to "fib" to protect their superiors, don't they?

I would sincerely hope so.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't be too sure a certain Major would not lie to save his own ass and his DC's.

Of course, there are those pesky little machines they can hook you up to,.....

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that WSOC always touts the lower crime numbers but never brings up the changes in the way the numbers are compiled. Wasn't that reported on shortly after Rodney took over? ie: counting multiple break-ins as one incident, etc?

Anonymous said...

Guess who the "keynote" speaker is for the Academy graduation?

Anonymous said...

The event’s keynote speaker is Erica Bryant, WSOC-TV news anchor.  Bryant has been a catalyst in bringing local issues of importance to the forefront of the community. 

I think I am going to VOMIT !

Anonymous said...

I did this when it was first removed asking if our city believed a uninformed citizen is a better citizen. The replies I received were bla bla double talk; if I received a reply at all. It is clear to me that "the powers that be" could care less about a private opinion..they just want things to look good on paper. BTW...I am a parent of a cmpd officer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:06
You are so right.....they just want to look good on paper and they do not really care how they do it.

They will manipulate, fabricate, browbeat, threaten....whatever it takes to intimidate subordinates into
never, ever questioning any screwed up order they give.

Oh, and the most important tool they use.....the bribe, the carrot, the favor, the payback.

If it sounds like Monroe has totally wrecked Cmpd in a very short time, you would be right!

Anonymous said...

officers who carry out orders that are unlawful are responsible,

officers who know about anything unethical, in violation of rules (such as unethical), or illegal and don't report it,

the highest police officer, if he has been informed of same,

chief's direct boss, if he has been informed of same,

every city official, if they have been informed of same,

are all ethically and otherwise responsible for actions on behalf of themselves city. then there's the point that even if not specifically informed, they have oversight responsibility.

all of this is why lawsuits succeed on "supervisory responsiblity" and "negligence" and "conspiracy" and other actions. they fail on "we just had our heads up our butts on purpose so we're not responsible"

it's just not a legal defense in a civil case. doesn't work for crimes, either.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to friends at Cmpd today.

They are saying that morale at Cmpd has never, ever been worse. And getting more so every single day.

People are really sick of the total lack of credible, ethical leadership.

And tired of seeing good people thrown under the bus.

They are tired of the paranoia, the slimy underhanded way of doing business that has become the only way of doing business at Cmpd.

They repeated over and over how totally screwed up the department has become under Rodney.

And how helpless and hopeless they feel....and how they are just trying to hold on until he leaves. They are desperate for a real leader with integrity that they can respect.

It was really shocking.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20
And people do not want to go to IA, it's known that Monroe "owns" IA.

And it is known that if you speak up.......they will "get you". Not paranoia, they have seen it happen over and over.
("Get you" by not promoting you, by transferring you, by creating hostile work environments, etc., etc.)

A great and effective way to run a department, huh?
And hard to challenge, very hard!

Anonymous said...

Send the information to the people who are doing something about it. I'm so glad you are writing here to talk about the problem. It's a first step.

And you're right that IA is a problem, but Cedar is available. Citynewswatch is available. You need to give specifics.

Things are happening and the truth will come out... but please be part of the solution. Encourage everyone to help with more than group commiserating. Send documents, accounts of information. It will get done faster. Power in truth. Power in numbers. Back each other up, right?
Not from a work account. Not from a personal account on a work computer. Not from a work phone. They are monitoring everything.

Anonymous said...

It is true, if you have each others back , instead of stabbing each other in the back, they will fail in their tactics.

They are bullies like people have never seen before, they have no respect for people or the organization.

It is hard to describe the level of ass kissing that goes on.

For the weak with no backbone it is their only survival tactic.

But is there no one with a backbone that is willing to stand up to these bullies?

Stand up and I think you will be surprised how others will follow...people are desperate for someone to show some courage in the face of this corruption, to stop enabling these posers ........ to do what is right and decent and honorable.

So people can once again feel proud to wear a Cmpd badge.

Anonymous said...

Look who stood up for Pless. There are others. Raise up the ones that deserve it. Document and pass it along on the ones that don't. And keep a diary. You think you'll remember everything, but some things will slip before court date.
When something's not right, it's not right, and you can't wait expecting someone else to take charge.

write it down fresh. date it. keep the originals. make a copy. you are allowed in court to refer to your notes to refresh your memory if ncessary if they were made at that time.

Anonymous said...

And at the risk of sounding really paranoid, don't trust people unless you know them really well and for a long time.

There are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing at Cmpd....a lot.

Chubby Major's and bizarre DC's......running around all puffed up with their own pseudo self importance. It would be funny if they weren't causing so much long term damage at Cmpd.

Just do the right thing....stand up for the truth....don't play their destructive high school games....don't fall for their fake concern.


Ass kissers that will do and say just about anything to get promoted.

Challenge their status quo.

Stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

When you see someone trying to do the right thing, trying to stand up for what is right and fair in a respectful them, get behind them, be vocal.....once again in a respectful way so they can't "get you". But stand behind people actually trying to do the right thing. There are some of these people out there.

Refuse to be bullied and intimidated...refuse to be "bought off" with promises of promotions, don't sell out as so many have done...know that you do have recourse if you are willing to challenge them in the open and with "other"

Make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that...The spin at CMPD is supported all the way to the AG.

Anonymous said...

that's because the Attorney General is technically attorney representing the accused wrongdoers on behalf of public employers if a case comes up, per law. it's screwed up, but parallel to CMPD attorneys and other CMPD attorneys representing and defending Monroe when he is on the receiving end of a lawsuit, no matter what the circumstances.

people need to gather documents, tell the truth, get the information to the right people.

truth matters, but how many people know the truth is more impactful than what the truth is. Sad but true. Otherwise there would be no spin doctors. Otherwise webster would not be so terrified of blogs. He and others would not work so hard to control main stream media around here. give the information to people who aren't afraid of losing jobs to tell it and will support you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:37
Not would be surprised.

Rodney thinks he is "protected" because of who he knows.

There are others that "know" people, too. People are watching.

Never, ever underestimate the power of many voices...people are sick and tired of the crap.. and I believe "they aren't going to take it any more".

Anonymous said...

anon 1:55: you are right!

Anonymous said...

And I have heard they have started the trash talking smear campaign against a certain Individual.

Trouble is, people actually know this person, know what he stands for, know he treats people with respect, know he cares about Cmpd, know he cares about the people that worked for him. And most importantly, from what I am told, he as refused to sell out.

And they saw, firsthand, the hostile and disrespectful way he was treated by his "superiors".....hellbent on getting some kind of twisted revenge.

I do believe many will support him, hope is a powerful thing! I have to believe that when given the chance,
people will do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

They have started too many trash and smear campaigns to enumerate. This should not be news to anyone. It should be a call to change, on all of the stuff going on.

I guess if you're the kind of person who needs a wake up call that hits close to home for you... to see it could happen to you, instead of just seeing it happen to a stranger or someone you may not like, then at least now you see why it's not okay to let it go unchecked.

Integrity is all the time, under all circumstances, no matter who else is watching or who is involved.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Integrity among Command Staff seems to be in short is ethical leadership.

Why has Monroe, with Ray's help in the beginning,been allowed to go unchecked at run roughshod over every Directive and be accountable to no one??

Where has Curt Walton been, and City Council?

And why aren't people at Cmpd publicly speaking about what is going on?

Is it against Cmpd policy or directives to speak up about corruption?

Monroe and his posse are no better than the meanest playground Bullies......using their rank and position to intimidate people into keeping quiet.

They may not be smart, but they are slippery and sly....they have instilled a culture of PUTTING NOTHING IN WRITING.

A travesty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:34: Start putting it in writing to them. And keep your copies.

Keep your hand-written notes at home of events as originals and make whatever copies or typed notes you need to. You can use either to "refresh your memory" in court, but may need the originals if called upon.

Send information to the right people--the ones you mention at the City here (whether they like it or not) and the ones who are putting the word out. If you're too fearful to do part A, at least send it to the bloggers.

Putting out the truth is the only way to stop the tactics you mention.

Testimony and scant records can overcome tactics of avoiding writing things down. Money doesn't appear and disappear. There's a trail. Send in the rest of the trail. It leads through the top and will be exposed. The faster the better. Help that happen.

By the way, if you received orders not to put something in writing, write that down, too.

Anonymous said...

I no longer work at Cmpd. But I still care about the Dept.

I still have many friends that work there.

Almost from day one I have heard about the abuses of power that they have tried to pass off as "leadership".

With every new allegation and with every new confirmed
screw up it amazes me that nothing is being done to get these people out of their positions so they can do no more Cmpd and to the dedicated individuals that work there.

The very latest confirmed abuse of power seems to be by a DC who transferred a good Captain who was is well respected by his men and the community boggles the mind.

And what makes this so out there is that from what people
tell me and from what I remember personally, no one respects this DC.

What is going on at Cmpd?

Anonymous said...

anon 12:09:
Abuses of power.
Money that's not where it should be, in numerous ways.
IA irregularities, including continuing to keep cops and cover for them when he shouldn't (no lessons learned from Marcus Jacskson).
Directives blatently ignored.
Total lack of integrity, including from the frightened little bunnies who won't report the things above.
Improper and illegal things going on up and down and an manager, coucil and mayor that are choosing to ignore it as long as they can, no matter how many lawsuits come (until they start having to defend their own personal lawsuits for their responsibility in this mess, they don't mind spending our tax money and ignoring the whole thing).
Raises, promotions, and DEmtions given out as prize or punishment, on the whim of a the chief and his cronies.
Hiding the truth about crimes committed.
FOP standing like mute weak spineless useless bingo players while the whole thing goes down.
A main stream press who allows themselves to be controlled by the threats of being cut off from information, instead of getting it on their own and instead of demanding the police releases they are entitled to.
ALL pathetic.

That's what's going on.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to apologize for that last comment. Think I may have been to harsh on bingo players.

Anonymous said...

too harsh. typo.

but come on, where are the heroes in blue to speak out about all of this?
and why are the bloggers the only ones reporting it?

send your informtion to them.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be at Cmpd can lie, minimize, avoid, cover up, use the Dept. as their own little fiefdom.....but when you have total disregard for people, have no ethics or integrity. build on treating people with no respect, promote and give the best jobs to people that have done nothing more than kiss your collective have built a house of cards.

And we know what has historically happened to houses of cards.

What do you really think their Karma is like...right now?

Anonymous said...

yes, and talking about that is fine, but providing the details of it to take action is what needs to happen.

vague complaints are venting.

specific details and documented incidents are liberating and ethical.
personal integrity of every one that knows, not just theirs.

Anonymous said...

Well, give ANY info you have to someone you can trust on Command Staff...there are a should be apparent right now.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you should do that, too, but if that works, then why is the CMPD in the state it's in? I'm not saying there's not one single upper level person who is trustworthy, but the people above them have so far proven to be able to shut it down internally until it is in the public--look what happened with Marcus Jackson early on and how many warnings they had, and ignored, before he sexually assaulted all the women we know about on duty. The information about him was hidden by CMPD including Monroe. City Council voted not to look at his file. He is far from the only one and that is far from the only issue. They won't investigate the promotion/demotion practices going on now. All the money that is pouring in various directions, not to raises or health care for officers... are you willing to wait for a couple of trustworthy brass to fight their way through alone?

Would you put all your focus on one direction only in solving a crime? No. Multiple efforts are needed here.

Anonymous said...

I think What a DC and a Major did so blatantly to a Captain, with impunity, has finally awakened many to what is going on at Cmpd.

Many, many others have suffered similar fates, but this latest may just be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

As someone else said, they can deny, lie, but their actions have spoken volumes.

Out of control ego, vanity and arrogance are dangerous traits. ...and distort judgement.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you and citynewswatch are trying to make a difference and are trying to get to peel away the layers of deceit at Cmpd under Monroe. (See the most recent citynewswatch).

I fervently hope neither of you stop until you get the answers the public so deserves.

That Curt Walton, City Council and others may be culpable in aiding Monroe to continue to stonewall and hide what is really going on would be inexcusable.

The fact that everyone, from what I have heard, knows that the way crime stats are reported was indeed changed when monroe took over and no one will step forward to say so is also inexcusable.

He has a track record of being disengenuous and obfuscating and misleading the public.

Don't allow him to continue to chip away at the integrity and ethics of Cmpd......integrity is every day standing up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Working at Cmpd these days must be a moral dilemma .

At the end of every day you have to decide what kind of person you are and strive to be.

But being asked every day to compromise your values or suffer the "consequences" will soon separate the inherently good from the not so good....

If you can't bring yourself to do the right thing, at least support those that are trying to.

Anonymous said...

Cedar and Citynewswatch,
Here is a question for you......Officers are getting an awful lot of overtime lately, most notably with the bank protestors...where is the money coming from for all this overtime??

And we know people at Cmpd monitor this site and others.....and I have to ask....who is advising Monroe, who does he listen to, does he listen to only his yes men?
I have heard his "closest advisors" are not being truthful with him.
But he only has himself to blame as he encourages his own isolation and does not allow honest and frank dialogue. One DC in particular takes advantage of this and does not tell him anything that will make himself look bad, thus leaving Monroe in the dark about a lot he should be aware of.... so I am told.
This isolation and reliance on questionable "advice" could bite him in the ass in the end....when unstable people are advising you, that could be tricky.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:53,
Lord, unstable people advising unstable people... we're in a world of hurt!

Anonymous said...

7:53: Is this Rodney trying to start writing his own spin, and start throwing his people under the bus again?

Things are getting desparate and nothing would surprise me at this point.
It would be foolish for anyone either above or below rank of Chief to think instructions not to write things down haven't been completely purposeful.

Again, make your own notes. Write down everyone who was present. Keep hard copies of documentes so they don't get deleted. Forward them electronically to an account you control. Keep records of when you reported problems and to whom. Do report it to the few in the upper levels you believe are worthy of trust and not in the state the last writer described. Also report to Walton, Foxx, Council, HR so they can't claim they didn't know. But get the word outside to Cedar and Citynewswatch as you point out, because if nobody outside the City of Charlotte reps. know, they have stated and shown that they will not investigate or fix anthing. Telling people on a large scale with details might cause that to happen and restore a police department.

Things are already happening.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:53
If you are referring to HM, you are so right.....the pile of bodies of people he has thrown under the bus just keeps piling up.

If this is who is "advising" Monroe, watch out!

Can you say erratic? At best??!

His ego is only surpassed by his arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44
Right you are!!

On all counts!!

Are they really as stupid as they seem? or just basically AMORAL?

Anonymous said...

You just cannot make this stuff up....

Good people being exiled, their replacements taking credit for work they didn't do, a Deputy Chief and Major so out of touch with reality because their heads are so far up their superiors butts, the blatant and outrageous harassment of an employee, a chief seemingly incapable of leading with any kind of integrity, actually setting an example of malfeasance, refusing to answer questions regarding money, absolutely no transparency, lowest morale in anyone's memory, Bias, favoritism, disregarding directives, I could go on and on...but it has all been said before, and much more.
Can't make it up!

citynewswatch said...

yes. send the specifics. you are not alone and it will help.

what you have seen is the tip of the iceberg so far...

Anonymous said...

But let's give Curt Walton a big 'ole fat bonus and raise (see Charlotte Observer) for his expertise in hiring one of the worse and most out of touch Police Chief's EVER.

Walton had his chance early on to stop the hiring process when it was discovered Monroe had lied about his college degree and what his degree was in.

His bad judgment obviously prevented him from doing so, and has prevented him from having any oversight over "rodney's world" at Cmpd. Told repeatedly of rodney's very questionable behavior AND even more questionable decisions and leadership, he has chosen to ignore it all.

He would be at least 90% responsible for the destruction of a once well respected police department.

But Hey, let's give him a big fat raise!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes. Before tonight's meeting is a good time to write and express your thoughts to Foxx & Council, who have hiring/firing power over Walton.

Then you can vote when it's time.

Anonymous said...

Cedar: Maybe the DC should look for those new CHARGERS by going down the roster of Command Staff and Monroe's Buddies.

It would be interesting to see just who in the department, Offcers included, have NEW cars.

Same old, same old, business as usual with rodney at CMPD......favors, rewards, etc.

What does he have on CC?

How many new cars has Cmpd gotten under Rodney?

Be sure to count all of Rodney's new cars.

And they have money to spare for this, but not for pay raises?

Anonymous said...

Ok, if you want to watch something TOTALLLY embarassing and disingenuous, watch Katrina Graue's
completely unprepared "performance" at the City Council meeting last night, oh , and poor Eric Campbell who was like a deer in the headlights.

OMG, who bought the cars??? CMPD did, and they don't know where they are?

This is just one little example of the corruption that is taking place at CMPD.

How many unmarked Chargers are being driven by COMMAND STAFF and other members of Monroe's posse?

Oh yeah, when all the shuffling of money being done at CMPD is investigated, and it WILL BE, the proverbial shit will hit the fan BIG TIME.

CMPD went to the CC meeting last night expecting a rubber stamp like they normally get, and FINALLY someone had the balls and common sense to ask a few questions.

Trouble is, the still gave them the money without getting truthfull answers.

I wonder if the contracts were already signed for the newest "up fitting" of Headquarters downtown before CC gave it's approval (rubber-stamp)....seems like the work started the next!

Tip of the iceberg indeed!

Anonymous said...

Saw on the news where" Calls for Service" has been reinstated on the CMPD website.

The Significant Events Log is still MIA.

Looks like Citynewswatch and Cedarposts getting info out to the public worked!!


Anonymous said...

Really, she is a Deputy Chief?? That is just embarrassing!

When are these people going to stop putting their credibility and their integrity on the line to support this chief and his many nefarious deeds?

She really destroyed ANY credibility she may have in the world could you trust her? Do you really think she would ever do the right thing after this embarrassing display? This seemed to be a golden opportunity to tell the truth, and she totally blew it, totally blew it!!

Monroe is going to leave a lot of collateral damage at CMPD, as he has everywhere he has been. He doesn't seem to give a rats ass.

It was really painful to watch.

Is the rank and currying the Chief's favor really worth selling your soul for?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't watched the video of this, you must watch it.

Cedar, could you post a link?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I've noticed that WSOC always touts the lower crime numbers but never brings up the changes in the way the numbers are compiled. Wasn't that reported on shortly after Rodney took over? ie: counting multiple break-ins as one incident, etc?

October 4, 2011 1:13 PM

I don't remember about it being reported. But thats it about how all the incidents are being compiled under one set of numbers. Instead of making a new set of numbers that is how crime is shown as being reduced in Charlotte. Which it is such the biggest crock. Hopefully sooner, some inidividual will quit having a rectral cranial inversion to finally discover the truth.