Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Being an NFL Coach often means being creative. Coming up with creative plays, and ways to manage your players and even new and creative words. Enter "CHIPPY".

Sunday Panthers Coach Rivera was frustrated with not only the team's effort on the field against the Titans, but also the lack of professional behavior as the game clock ran down.

The Observer's Scott Fowler quoted Rivera as saying:

"Well, I think all the chippiness that went on between both teams. You know when a game is in that situation, just play it out. Don't start talking. If you're winning, great. If you're losing, stop being frustrated. Do your job. And it goes for both teams. And I don't want to speak for coach (Mike) Munchak (of Tennessee), but I think both teams got chippy at the end."

Scott's column is here.


I've never heard a NFL Coach describe players as being Chippy.

Well, let's have a look at a couple of definitions first from Webster's Dictionary:

Chippy: The place where one buys fish and chips. Otherwise known as the Chip Shop.

Chippy: A female prostitute, especially a young and inexpensive one. Watch out for the chippies downtown.

And sure enough:

Chippy: Informal resentful or oversensitive about being perceived as inferior. A chippy miner's son.

And From Wikipedia:

A shop serving the traditional British dish Fish and chips
A slang term for a carpenter
Mrs. Chippy, a cat who accompanied Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914–17
Zippy Chippy, a racehorse who has lost over 100 races
Chippy (actress), an actress in Indian cinema, mainly Malayalam.
People nicknamed 'Chippy' Liam Brady, Irish footballer
Peter Frilingos, sports journalist
Chippy McGarr, American baseball player
David "Chippy" Robinson, prohibition era gangster
Chippy Simmons, English footballer
William Naughton (born 1868), Scottish footballer

The word "Chippy" is so extraordinary that now if you "Google" "Chippy" it comes up with Ron Rivera.

Excellent wordsmithing Coach now how about coming up with some creative ways to avoid having to use another creative word "shellacking"?


Anonymous said...

I heard the CHIPPY comment and wondered where he came up with that.

Anonymous said...

I grew up playing hockey and was a common coach complaint 35 years ago, especially if the coach was Canadien as my high school coach was.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Rivera was Irish! I would have never guessed he is a Canuck!

Anonymous said...

Cedar this may be the best coverage on Sunday's blow out yet.

At least it is something to write about, the game was ugly and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:08 good one! Sure he's Irish.

Anonymous said...

I think Rivera had it in games 1-4 and then it was down hill from there. Viking loss was the final blow. Richardson won't wait this time and leading the NFL in yards lost to yellow flags on the field isn't something to brag about.