Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crack Heads Among Us - Daryl Hannah Simpson

Not the Daryl Hannah of "Splash" and Hollywood fame, but Daryl Hannah Simpson of Indian Trail. The 27 year old single mother busted on Tuesday for of all things Heroin. Charged with Felony pocession and a misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia. A trip to Ms. Simpson's facebook page shows a pretty normal single mother with a pretty happy family life.

Except she has a dark secret she's another one of middle class white America's "Black Tar" Heroin junkies.

Be warned they live among us and they need intervention. This is not some causal user, making a bad choice on a Saturday night. This is a lifestyle of urban white America not some ghetto rat infested flop house. Wake-up America!

Cedar Posts emailed Ms. Simpson for her side of the story. No reply, but should she speak up we'll let you know. Her facebook page is here


Anonymous said...

How sad and how true Cedar. It is really sad how many people are addicted to heroine. It is a fact that "middle class" America seems to be the hardest hit with this addiction.

I am grateful that in one and half months I will be celebrating 4 years of sobriety and being clean! I am also grateful heroine was NOT my drug of choice because it does seem to be a little harder to kick. But it CAN be done IF you want it!

There are many places in Charlotte where those who have addiction issues, rather it be drugs or alcohol, can get the help they need!

As much as I am not a fan of their inner-office politics at McLeod Addictive Disease Center their treatment for addicts/alcoholics is good and recovery can be started!

Of course my heart will ALWAYS be with The Villages of Hope Haven. They are NUMBER ONE in Charlotte and in NC for their program on helping alcoholics and addicts gain a SOLID foundation of recovery before getting back out on their own!

But the best place to start treatment IS right there where this young is.... there is a 28 day program in the Jail for men and women alike! It is a GREAT program! If this lady is lucky she may have a chance to get in it! Then possibly be blessed enough to be accepted into the Drug Court program!

There are many options for us out there, but we MUST want them otherwise we are only wasting time and money!

Saying prayers this Mother will find the recovery path just as I did.....

Belinda Bee

C Castioni 21 said...

Belinda, Judge Hugh Lewis' drug court program was shut down over the summer and is gone. You can thank your local county board and manager for determining the program to be "unsuccessful."

Anonymous said...

Ms. Simpson doesn't seem to fit the sterotypical user and there is the main issue. I'm sure her family knew just like Valerie Hamilton's family knew.

They always know, it might be the "new friends" or the way she was neglecting her daughter, or even something less noticeable. But they knew.

The good news is Ms. Simpson gets a second chance at life, Valerie Hamilton who died from an overdose and Danielle Holmes who was sentenced to at least 20 years in prison (both profiled by Cedar Posts) didn't a second chance.

Let's hope Simpson gets help.

Anonymous said...

Step One;
"We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable."
(BB, p.59, Ch.5)

* Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole ladder, just take the first step. * Martin Luther King Jr

Every morning I remind myself of this all important first Step, because, for me, to forget it would surely be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

C Castioni 21 ~ Dang hate to hear that! It actually worked!

Anonymous said...

C Castioni 21, Drug Treatment Court is alive and well in Mecklenburg County. The state cut out the funding for it, but the county, yes the COUNTY, picked it up to the tune of something like $630,000. DTC is still on the fourth floor of the courthouse, and general info numbers are 704-432-6034 and 704-686-0150.

Anonymous said...

to 2:57 PM
All arrest information is public information and what you put on Facebook or any of the other social media sights are view-able by the general public as well. Don't want your photos posted, don't get arrested and don't go on Facebook. Enough said!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
Seems like Rodney's mentor and "buddy" has found himself in all kinds of hot water...Eric Holder. Could be forced to resign or worse!

I don't think he will be able to " protect" Rodney any more.

Maybe they can share lawyers? Seems they are cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what she does for income? I have my ideas.

Anonymous said...

Cedar she's not a crack head she still has her teeth. Well most of them at least.

They are a little yellow, must be a smoker.

Anonymous said...

She's just one of 114 people arrested in Mecklenburg County on November 15th.

Why do you single her out for public scorn?

You've judged her guilty before a grand jury even got a chance to indict her.

And for what? To renew interest in your stale story on "Black Tar Heroin: Mexican Scourge of Southern White Kids"?

You've had your fun with this subject. Enough is enough. Leave this girl and her innocent child alone.

Anonymous said...

Is there a point to this post?

I don't think you can shame a hooker/crack/hoe/junkie/whore into going straight.

Once they get hooked they got to do the hooker thing to do the drug thing. Then the more they give it up for cash to support the drug habit the more the need the drugs to forget what it is they are doing.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

NO she isn't a crack head. YES she did get arrested & has a court date. Of course that's where the story & mug shot came from. And according to my calendar, she hasn't had a trial. I know this family! Thanks to supportive, nice people that have posted. The child is incredible & extremely well-loved & cared for. The pictures from the facebook acct should not be here. What an unprofessional, mean, rude thing to do. I notified the family this morning. Hope they take legal action.

Anonymous said...

To the family friend who is going to try and stir a hornets nest that Cedar is doing something illegal, he is not.

He is simply pointing out that this drug has a hold in the nonstereotypical demographic of drug users.

Yes she has a beautiful child and probably thanks to her parents the child is clean and not wanting for anything.

I believe that enablers are just as guilty as the user and what good does handing her money to buy drugs do for anyone except make things worse.

Anything posted on open fb pages is unfortunately accessible by all and just because you don't like it does not make it illegal.

Help the young woman get clean instead of coming on here and blasting people.

She is an attractive young lady not a skid row junkie so her getting clean will open doors for her.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but a minor child's photo is on a site with no one's permission & linked to an accusing story. The only pic that's supposed to be available to public is a mugshot. And nothing's been proven except for the fact that the girl was arrested. And people can of course think what they want, but how would anyone do anything buy speculate where a person gets money or drugs? So someone KNOWS for a fact she's doing illegal things for it or that friends and family are handing it out? And I thought the term "crack head" was a negative term for those addicted to crack cocaine, but she is accused of "having" heroin. Is it proven that she's "using" it? So this story is not saying that she was arrested and awaiting trial, but has already been convicted her & put her child on display, plus another family member pictured. Is the writer of such a story such a fine, outstanding citizen? Why does he need to single out a young woman and embarass and hurt her? This is quite slanderous garbage indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey if this guy is seeking to be a good journalist, why can't he find someone that got arrested and get permission to do a story on them? That would be a good perspective. As an earlier poster commented, over a hundred people got arrested that day. Someone in the city would have probably worked with him. Wouldn't it be a good story to hear from someone that truly was a user and how it effected them, their family, and friends? If not, maybe someone that was connected to a user? I've thought about starting a blog, but if I could never act like those sensationalism papers and sites that make stuff up or exagerate things about everyone. Anyone knows that someone's facebook pictures or posts shouldn't be used to hurt, twist, or embarass them. There are some people that have standards and hearts, and do honest and decent work. Mr. Cedar you would do better to write fiction. At least you could assume and make up stuff and it would be legal and not hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows....

the poster from 1:04 pm is none other than Mr Cedar himself!!!!!!

Hilarious how he takes up for what he did.

Really sad and slimy though how he had to hide behind that post to try and make others think someone was ageeing and taking up for his blatant slander and total lack of professional ethics.

Does anyone else get that it would be such a horrific thing for a grandparent, co-worker, or family friend to google her name and see this?

If there was a time to think about running a story like this, why not AFTER someone has been CONVICTED?

Oh yeah, and why not admit it was seriously wrong to post the little girls picture?

Since he has no remorse and never will, I desperately hope the accused or anyone close to her will nail this creep.

But that's probably what he wants because that's the only way he can get any publicity.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you said it!!!

If anyone hasn't read this from his profile:

About Me

Cedar Posts
is the work of a life long resident of the Carolinas and a part-time resident of Charleston. A one time photographer for the Charlotte News and the Charlotte Observer the author's work has appeared in Boating, Men's Journal, MTOA Monthly and countless, yacht club, church and civic newsletters none of whom paid the author a dime. The author makes no claim about the truth or political correctness of items reported herein. Cedar Posts like hunting stories told over a cold beer are subject to varying degrees of embellishment.

See that in his paragrah, he is pretty much admitting to being a gross liar...."no claim about the truth" and "varying degrees of embellishment".

Is this dude trying to protect himself when he gets taken to court for slander?

Anonymous said...

Photos posted on Facebook or Myspace are not protected regardless of the age of the person photographed. (so long as they are not pornographic) When you post a photo publicly, in a public domain, it is fair game for anyone.

She singled herself out for public scorn when she got arrested. Because she is one of "over a hundred" that got arrested does not make it any less sad or pathetic. Almost as sad and pathetic as someone's attempt to cover it up.

Anonymous said...

Well get this Mr Cedar - I am a friend of the family and you have no idea. You could have chosen to delete the personal pictures instead of continuing to hide and make excuses. Regardless of the trial's outcome, the other people pictured in your story, did not give permission and one of them has no idea that his picture is posted. Wrong is wrong! If any person ended up being proven guilty of the crime of the century, their child's picture should never be posted online or on paper for no reason other than ....I don't know, what?? If you even had a right to mention this girl's arrest, you should have stuck to the facts and maybe could have mentioned that she was a mother. The child should be protected from harassment, embarassment, or even a 3rd party using her image for evil and wicked things. The picture of the young man was taken several years ago. He is gainfully employed and a great father. Again...regardless of trial outcome, he did nothing. You have no ethics or morals and I don't know why I should even bother to argue with you. Neither of this girl's grandmothers are in great health. What is the real reason you have chosen to portray her as something she's not? Why risk hurting others? I'll tell you why...because there are people like you in this world. If you came close to slightly caring about her getting "help", you wouldn't have held your own court and convicted her family in the process.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Some things should be kept private for obvious reasons.

A vote to remove the pictures even if the article remains.

Blogger: you don't have to agree and have made your point but an earnest request was made. Honor up Man!

Ghoul said...

To all who complain, the photos are still up on her facebook site. All she has to do is make her account private, and no one else can see them.

Once you make pictures public, they can be used by anyone. If the people in the pictures have a complaint, they can take it to the person who posted them on the internet first.

Oh, and its real easy not to be arrested for heroin.

Anonymous said...

Ghoul - The link to her site doesn't work. How are you looking at pictures. Someone texted her about it and she said she made it private now.

Anonymous said...

If one thing is certain Ms. Skank In surrounded by a bunch of skank.

Anyway its liable and not slander.

Unless Cedar Post is at a bar telling lies about Simpson.

Look up Danielle Holmes another junkie Cedar singled out she got 25 years.

Ms. Simpson better lawyer up cause the Blog is the least of her troubles.

Court date December 6th will be here pretty fast she best make plans.

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar was fair to Daryl.

He wasn't too hard on her and told the facts. There is no proof that he contacted Daryl but I am sure had she responded in a nice way he would have done whatever she asked.

Anonymous said...

" Ms. Skank In surrounded "

yes, there are always people responding that don't even make any legible sense....???

And I had a great dinner tonight and would love to tell everyone and recommend the place, but I'd hate to mention the restaurant name here to promote them on such an idiotic site. Oh well, it would make for much nicer, pleasant conversation.

And no Ms Simpson apparently saw no reason to respond here, but I was told that another person did send a very polite email requesting the removal of the pictures. The email was never answered....totally ignored. I see that she's better off ignoring such childish behavior, but people that care and know the truth are hurt and offended for her.

So yes the facts remain that she was arrested for possession. It is on a government website. She hasn't been to trial as of yet. The story is being run without benefit of all facts and is unfair to more than one person. And for reasons not clearly understood, some are attacking her by making statements about her character that they do not know to be true. As in most cases I've witnessed in my life, those that make the most accusations and malicious remarks are the most unconfident, unhappy people. So sad that this should give them such satisfaction. If anything, a story of this nature should only be to support and defend a young woman. Find someone else to pick on and leave this alone.

flyboy7 said...

Why are you trying to slaughter her reputation? As if getting arrested and charged with this crime is not huge enough. Can you imagine the heartache of looking for a future job and having an employer google her name? Enough other sources of news dude. What gives? You trying to get back at her for something? Over the top payback for sure.

Anonymous said...

flyboy I seriously doubt she'll need much more that a felony conviction to keep her from getting any kind of real job,

oh sure fast food, walmart, circle k and of course strip club is about the limit of her options now.

Anonymous said...

First off, the likelihood of her actually getting convicted is pretty remote if it's her first time being arrested for it. The DA's office tries Drug Court and that kind of thing for first time offenders. Plus, the court cases can take 1-2 years to resolve one way or the other.

I am pretty sure that Cedar's point is that heroin is a drug that is hitting the middle class more than anyone else. It is a wake-up call to those who don't know that a loved one is abusing heroin. Drugs have typically been a curse of the lower classes, but heroin is not and that's the point of these stories.

I don't see any photographs of her daughter on the blog, so if there were, he's deleted those photos. Also, her Facebook account is not private. Maybe her wall is, but her photos, etc are all open to the public.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost her Facebook page is WIDE open! NOTHING on it is private...hint to the family: you may want to help her make this page private.

Cedar: Thanks for cutting off the pic of her little one....good move for the child.

Next: Instead of this family yelling and screming on this site how about you focus on helping this young lasy see she needs help! Yes, she will say and do anything to get out of jail, but once out KEEPING her on a clean and sober path can ONLY be done when SHE wants recovery more than she wants to use. I would know, been there done that.

Last, there is nothing wrong with Cedar's article. It goes to highlight how imperative it is that people understand addiction. It CAN and DOES happen to best of families.

Right now, this young lady needs help and if this article wakes her up then Cedar has done for her what you folks refuse to do!

QUIT ENABLING! This is coming from someone who has many years clean and wanna help, DON'T HELP HER AT ALL!

Let HER decide what future life she wants, do not bond her out, do not offer to let her live at your home, etc. LET HER hit bottom! THEN and ONLY then will she have a chance...

Anonymous said...

flyboy: She slaughtered her own reputation....Cedar is just using her as another example of how heroin does not discriminate....of course, the hope is all this attention may be just what she needs to do something about her problem!

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's been on the road of bad choices for sometime.

knocked up at what 17? Cosmo school but never finished? Maybe a Good Enough Degree vs High School Diploma? Doubt she'll figure it out before it is too late.

jamiejo said...

She did finish school. She graduated beauty school and has also has completed college courses, just doesn't have that degree yet. Her daughter is from a regular boyfriend that she had from middle school. How perfect is your life? Really? And do you have anything NICE to say about her or anyone for that matter? And to date how do YOU have proof that she wasn't at the wrong place at the wrong time and set up? Someone like you could actually tempt a person to do something wrong if you were in their life. Get one and stop being so negative.

ldlaney said...

heard she wasn't bonded out by family, not that it makes any difference here I guess.

I do like having the info about heroin being so prevalent now. It's a wakeup call. I admit ignorance about where it was coming from and the people that were providing.

This made me google info about the other girls mentioned. So I get why Cedar is bringing up heroin. Just hate that this girl is being called guilty plus judged on other things before her day in court.

So some of you should stick to the main subject and stop pointing your big innocent finger.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she "had" big boobs at one time, then she popped a kid and they deflated a little, then the coke and heroin took its toll. You can always tell a user, they have sagging granny boobs. Never gain weight and just let themselves go to hell.

JimB said...

stupid moron....BOOBS...REALLY?


The story is about heroin....honestly, how do these witless blobs even know how to use a computer, locate a website, read, and make any comment??

Not only are they being insulting the girl, but the blogger as well.

Keep to the discussion or go to another site. It's a WORLDWIDE WEB Gomer.

Anonymous said...

I think her boobs look ok but you are right druggie chicks have saggy boobs.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

ignoring the distasteful comments why would a girl with her looks turn to hard core drugs like heroin?

she looks rough in the mugshot but at least there is hope for her.

wonder if she was suffering from overbarring parents? doesn't seem to be any boyfriend in the picture which is normally the cause of these girls going to drugs.

just don't get it

Anonymous said...

A lot of heroin users start off abusing prescription drugs. Then when the prescription drugs get too expensive, they turn to heroin because it's cheaper and gives the same effect.

That's why many of the heroin users are middle class, they got hooked on the prescription drugs the doctors give out like candy for no reason.

Anonymous said...

To poster 2:48, I hate to burst your bubble but 1:04 is NOT Cedar, it is I. Thanks for the compliment.

To family friend, you on here attacking people is not going to change the fact that this yound lady was arrested with heroin.

Look at the difference in her fb pictures to her mugshot and it appears as though something is going on.

C.P. did the same thing w/ the article on Danielle Holmes, who also was an attractive looking young lady at one time but heroin changed that.

Again, no need to attack me or other posters we did not write the article and we are allowed to post comments.

Go help her and her family and put down the computer.

Most people agree that this is a sad situation and the mature people are not calling her names or trashing her but using this as a wake up call of where heroin usage is these days.

She does deserve help but she has to want it.

This post is NOT C.P.

K said...

After reading this article by "Cedar" and all of the comments that people have posted I am severely disgusted!! I find it **VERY** sad and distasteful that people have nothing better to do than sit on their butts and post garbage about people that they don't know and make all of these horrible accusations. The ONLY TRUE thing that is posted on this b.s site is that she got arrested for possession of heroin. She didn't get arrested for using heroin, selling heroin or selling herself or any of that nonsense, just possesion of it so how can all of you sit on this b.s site and make these ridiculous accusations?? I find it VERY sad that people these days have nothing better to do with their lives and are so sad with their lives that they have to sit on a b.s website and write nonsense about someone. Why don't all of you that are posting this garbage take your own advice and get help for yourself and try to improve yourself and your lives? I can't even begin to imagine how low and guilty I would feel if I posted this type of garbage about someone. And with the pictures that are posted....she is the one who was arrested NOT anyone else that is in these pictures so why are they even on here?? They shouldn't have to suffer and be exploited because of something she is being charged of doing. I don't have children and the reason for that is because I don't want to bring a child into this cruel and horrible world and this website is a PERFECT example of exactly just how cruel and horrible this world is these days. So VERY sad. The last thing I have to say is the people that have nothing better to do than get into her business need to get out of HER business and mind their own!!!!

Anonymous said...

3:07 - Say what you like like but it is a felony charge, they don't hand those out like traffic tickets. There are also four CMDP Officers on the docket for the December 28th court date. So something tells me this is more than just a mistake.

Anonymous said...

It is far from a mistake. Sadly everything about this story is very true. Everyone jumping to defend her, how stupid are you? She wasn't charged with using it or selling it only possession of it? Really? Hmm I don't know very many people who don't use or sell it and just carry it around on them for a "rainy day". I don't use or sell and I've never even seen it let alone had possession of it, and I think most would agree with that. It's not exactly like a sack a weed your friend forgot in your car, heroin junkies don't accidentally leave their dope behind or let a friend hold it, they keep it close at all times! It consumes them. All the photos of her are from YEARS ago, the only recent photo is her mug shot because her looks have deteriorated that much! She won't get better with everyone's "support" and make believing it's not a serious addiction or that she is just better overnight. She will be a heroin addict the rest of her life, even when she's clean it never "goes away". Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

What a complete moron you are.. there are RECENT photos of her on facebook and YES it was a mistake..CLEARLY everything posted on here is a LIE except tha fact that she was charged with possession..INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Everyone makes one is perfect. Take a look at your own life, we all fall VERY short of being perfect. Drugs, lying, cheating..they are all equally bad, none should be held higher than the other in that regard. People need to put there own selves in others shoes, you wouldn't want people posting lies and garbage about you now would u? Everyone has "dirty laundry" and makes mistakes, they can fix things and she has an amazing heart and is a good person, the only one who can judge her is God. Telling a story to open peoples eyes to drug use is fine but ASSUMING things that aren't true and trying to bad mouth a person isn't going to do anything but make you look ignorant and insecure. Were you there when she got arrested? NO. Do you truly know her? NO. So grow up and until you have solid evidence to support your "claims" lol..then don't say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 1:18 which is it? Innocent or She Made A Mistake?

Maybe the truth is she made a mistake, in that case she is not innocent. I don't know about Cedar Posts, but from what I hear she is pretty dammed far from innocent.

You say everyone has "dirty laundry" well I'm not so sure everyone should be included. I'll not judge her, but dating black men just because she is going though a phase doesn't work for me.

I think the reason she was "hooking up" was for the Heroin.

Some people have to fall pretty far down hill before they can turn their lives around let hope she has reached that point.

Anonymous said...

Well it appears cedar you were wrong and so were the rest who made any negative comments .... In this case .... And do were the Cmpd officers ..... As this case was dismissed against ms Simpson on 02-28-2012 ...... How bout that !!!! Innocent till proven guility and in mecklenburg county judge kew agreed !!! You might want to post a blog after the conviction because things are not always what they seem !!! How about that all you haterz !!!

Anonymous said...

Thats my sister i just googled her name and this came up I just wanted to say its stupid she was bailed out by my half sister's dad I think she should have stayed in and learned her lesson she is still doing drugs i walked up stairs and saw her with a needle in her arm my facebook is leah tomlinson dawson and is connected to hers

Anonymous said...

Thats my sister i just googled her name and this came up I just wanted to say its stupid she was bailed out by my half sister's dad I think she should have stayed in and learned her lesson she is still doing drugs i walked up stairs and saw her with a needle in her arm my facebook is leah tomlinson dawson and is connected to hers

Anonymous said...

Thats my sister i just googled her name and this came up I just wanted to say its stupid she was bailed out by my half sister's dad I think she should have stayed in and learned her lesson she is still doing drugs i walked up stairs and saw her with a needle in her arm my facebook is leah tomlinson dawson and is connected to hers

Anonymous said...

Thats my sister i just googled her name and this came up I just wanted to say its stupid she was bailed out by my half sister's dad I think she should have stayed in and learned her lesson she is still doing drugs i walked up stairs and saw her with a needle in her arm my facebook is leah tomlinson dawson and is connected to hers

Mrs_Tommo1129 said...

Thats my sister i just googled her name and this came up I just wanted to say its stupid she was bailed out by my half sister's dad I think she should have stayed in and learned her lesson she is still doing drugs i walked up stairs and saw her with a needle in her arm my facebook is leah tomlinson dawson and is connected to hers

Anonymous said...